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Any Idea's out there?
9/26/2007 #1
Suzanne Mishkovski
When you say figures do you mean people, or statistics? I'm guessing you mean people. I think it kind of depends on the context, though. Could you explain what you are going for? What era, who the person is, what your story is about, the scene? I might be able to help out more that way.
11/5/2007 #2
disused account
People. I guess mid nineteenth century (US history, like Mexican-American war to US Civil War) So I suppose that would be like military leaders, their aids, and senate members. I know the key thing is learn about them and learn how people close them described them. But my question is how do brig to the page, how they talked, what they thought about, how they reacted to people or types of people? Thanks for the help and taking time to reply. LGRB
11/5/2007 #3
Suzanne Mishkovski
If you know the specific people you want to bring to life in your story, you'll probably have better luck. Try finding primary source documents (Ask your history teacher for help with this if need be--they're loaded with random info on this stuff) which will help you understand them as a person, how they spoke, and what they thought on things. Letters are the best and I'm sure you will find more of those than anything. I don't really know any web sites you could look at... try googling for the specifics you want, or looking at the National Archives web site. I hope this helped? I can try and find some links or resources for you if you give me the details of who, and all of that. Heck, I might even have some for you. I have a primary source book for my US history class, so I can look in there and maybe scan something in if I see it of interest. Best of luck!
11/5/2007 #4

Wow, coming in late here...

Anyway, if you have access to college archives and libraries, it's possible to see and read collections of or selections from letters and diaries that the person has written. Also, if it's a well-known person like Lincoln or Lee, people who met them wrote their own impressions of them, and it's possible to read those, too.

Most of the time, though, it's guesswork. Build on what you know--Stonewall Jackson was a schoolteacher before the war, so maybe he had scholarly tendencies or liked to orate on certain subjects in his free time. Feel free to make him your own, because no one who's alive now knew him.

7/7/2008 #5
dbz 77

It is best to stick historical figures into the scene as minor characters, unless you are writing alternative history.


7/10/2008 #6

Well, Jeff and Michael Shaara seem to pull it off well enough.

7/10/2008 #7
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