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Jave Harron
Anyone here into historical fantasy? What I mean by that is fantastic elements inserted into a historical fiction. And no, I don't mean corny vampire/werewolf horror, but rather something like "Jonathan Strange and Dr. Norrel." My story "Triumvirate and Entente" and the sequel "A Covenant of Shadows" are examples of that.
12/5/2006 #1
I LOVE "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell". Although, there really isn't much in the genre that I have been able to find. Though, right now I'm reading one called "His Majesty's Dragon" set during the Napoleonic Wars in an alternate universe where soldiers fight on dragons. Not really up to par with Susanna Clarke's, but rather enjoyable. :)
1/30/2007 #2
I haven't read much historical fantasy, but I remember a book by Robin Jarvis called 'Deathscent' set in an alternate Tudor England. It was fantastic - sadly it's out of print now.
11/27/2007 #3
l. fayette
Actually, yeah. It's [u]Daughter of the Sea[/u], set in the Roman empire but then shifts to Atlantis and then shifts back, which I realize sounds really farfetched but I like to think it's a smooth transition. My greatest difficulty though lies in the daily life of Ancient Romans, so, actually, if someone has a good base knowledge about that, I'd be much obliged! The greatest difficulty though is the fact that it's like writing two stories; I have to have all the historical facts correct and at the same time, create my own world.
2/15/2008 #4

I'm actually writing one right now. It's set in the Warring States era of Japanese. The protagonist can see angels and gradually develops angelic abilities. You find out later why. At the same time, there's a side of the story in a world called Eden. Heaven is a metropolis that takes up about an eighth of Eden, walled off from the rest of the world. Only the souls of humans and the angels who serve God are allowed in. The other angels live outside the walls in their own civilizations, living almost exactly like humans. I chose feudal Japan because the central theme is the nature of evil, and what better time to deal with it than a time of chaos? The protagonist, Hiko, has to deal with his strange powers while he sees good people suffer and evil triumph. When he finds the origin of his power, he asks himself why a loving god would allow this to happen. It's been fun to write. Right now it's called Nanashi, but that's definitely going to change. I have it uploaded here if you want to read.

10/23/2008 #5

I'm writing one myself. Set in Norman England right after William the Conqueror showed up. The fantasy part is from mythology/legend but I can't say what since that will be a spoiler.

7/1/2010 #6
K. M. Howell

I'm currently writing a Historical Fantasy Saga myself. Set in the 1500's Tudor England/Ireland. Shapeshifters, witches, a schizophrenic Bishop and a prophecy handed down from the Morrighan Herself.

7/15/2011 #7
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