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I hope this is allowed. My apologies if it's not. I remember reading a story on this site years ago -- possibly in 2002 or 2003. I hope it was after fanfiction.net stopped hosting original stories, but I'm not sure. I remember very little about the story -- no character names, nothing about the title, etc. All I remember is that it was in the historical section, probably under romance or drama. The story was about a girl who was forced to marry a man she didn't like. She had two sisters married to old men, so she knew she should be happy her husband was younger and handsome. I remember he had a temper. After they married, they left for his home, which was in some foreign sort of deserty land. At the time there were several chapters, but whether it was 15 or 30 or more, I don't remember. I realize this is a very vague description, but I'm hoping it will somehow spark someone's memory. I regret not adding the story or author as a favorite. I would love to reread it. I've tried many, many searches for it on this site, but each has been unsuccessful. Perhaps it's been removed from the site. Thanks, Roxy
12/11/2006 #1
lX Carpe Diem Xl
I believe I know exactly which story you're referring to. The last time I read it, it was titled (I believe) "Noble Duty." I know it started off with a differet title. It was a very lengthy but incomplete story and I believe the main character's name was Soira. I actually tried searching for it (I believe I began reading it on FF.net but finished reading it on FP.com) awhile ago but to no avail. Perhaps you'll have better luck.
12/27/2006 #2
hi! yes, the title is "noble duty" and the author is ealeth. unfortunately, ealeth posted in her profile that "noble duty" is dead. i have tried asking the author to post the story. thanks!
1/24/2007 #3
Hi! I am looking for another story "The Lord of Wulfmoor" but could not find it. This story was added to my favorite stories but it is not there now. I do not remember the author but I would like to read it again. Thank you!
5/19/2007 #4
I'm looking for a story too. I remember it being slightly more like fanfiction than original fiction. It was based on the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, entered into the Historical Section. I remember a reviewer commenting on how the author used much of the film's dialogue and didn't use so much originality. If anyone can find this, I will be very grateful!
11/27/2007 #5
A Beautiful Dreamer

I'm not sure if you're still looking for the story, considering the fact that you posted this ages ago, but I know exactly what story you're talking about, and I actually (sorry if it's illegal) have a copy of it on my computer at home. If you're still interested in rereading it, the next time I go home, I could possibly email it to you or something.

4/14/2008 #6

i would love that! i'm sending you a message with my email address.

4/14/2008 #7
Feeding Ground

Anyones help would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking more so for an author than a story as they have written a few brilliant stories. I cannot remember any of the titles, but they were all set in Scotland. One story, I believe that main characters were called Duncan and Skye, and Duncan had been kidnapped some years prior and was forced to be a slave, before he escaped with his friends (One Irish, One French), who were also held captive, and returned home.

The second story, the main character is called Ian, who was at war with his older brother(?) who was injured and asked him to end his suffering(?). Scarred by these events he returns home, disturbed. I think that he offered to marry some important man's daughter(she's a little flirt, and a real b***), who doesn't want to marry him so convinces her twin sister to stand in her place (her twin actually likes the guy).

Lol. Sorry this is probably all wrong and hard to decipher, but if anyone knows anything I would be very thankful!

7/1/2008 #8

Hi! That would probably be Erin Allen. She has new stories now but some of the stories you described are not in her profile any more. Good luck!

1/26/2009 #9

Hi! That would probably be Erin Allen. She has new stories now but some of the stories you described are not in her profile any more. Good luck!

1/26/2009 #10
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