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I am looking for a beta reader. This is for something that's still totally unpublished, but I can give you a summary.

Victorian London. Two girls on their way to discover what life holds for them. Alice and Minnie. They could not be any more different and they will only meet one short time, but their worlds are about to collide.

This is just a short summary. I can give you more details if you want to. Now some "technical" stuff: I am not a native speaker. My native language is German, which is why it would be great if there was some German-English bilingual person out there. Not because I would want to communicate in German (I am perfectly fine with communicating in English; otherwise I would not be as mad as to write a full story in English), but because those guys might be really good at spotting typically "German" mistakes. If you were not raised bilingually, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am not saying it's a requirement. It would just be a plus. That's all. Don't misunderstand me =) Still, I think you should be good with punctuation, because I have never learnt English punctuation properly.

Also: I already have some other beta readers, but some of them will only reply twice a year or so which is understandable if you have a stressful life, but the thing is: I have been working on this story quite some time now and I want to get it published asap. Therefore I am looking for someone who will be able to help me regularly.

So, if you are interested: Great! I am looking forward to your reply =)

Thanks a lot

Tora =)

1/11/2013 #1
Roka Polaris


Almost the same problem here as above. English is not my first language (yes, it's German as well) , but I have still decided to see, if I can write a story in English. I published a few chapters here at fictionpress (click on my Profile to find it). The first seven chapters have been beta read, but now it looks like am going to need a new beta. Someone who wants to check my grammar, punctuation (which I am terrible at) and can tell me whether I wrote more or less decent English sentences ...

My story is set in France, starting out 1875, it's about a little girl who sees (mostly tragic) events in her family happen before they actually do. So there is that slightly supernatural element too, but it is not very prominent.

So please contact me, if you are interested!

2/21/2013 #2

To both tora and Roka

Both your command of english is perfect.

I recommend that you write your book in word 10 or better and use the grammer checker and spelling in it, they are just as good as some you have to pay for.

good luck to both of you

Maurice Tudor (UK)

6/12/2013 #3
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