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dbz 77
Have any of you ever published or read a story about the Holocaust? Michael
11/2/2006 #1
Yes! The stories 'Angel' and 'You Killed Yoninah' are both short stories related to the Holocaust. 'Unregarded Truths' and its in-planning sequel are less related, but they are set in that time and about homosexuals, democrats and communism fleeing persecution. Stories I've read about it have been many, generally of quite good quality, but I'm often a harsh reviewer, so no one loves me :P
11/16/2006 #2
Lavender Knight
I read a story by one of my favourite authors on this site. Her name is F*** Tragedy. She wrote a short story of sorts on Hitler from the perspective of Eva Braun. It wasn't those cheesy "I'm in love with a killer, help me" type things. Hers was honest and you can almost see what she see in the man. It's titled "When the Music's Over, Turn out the Lights." That would be on my profile under favourite stories.
1/16/2007 #3
London Blaise
Yes, indeed - 'Aniela's Walk' is about a young Polish girl coming to terms with the reality of the Holocaust. 'Captain of Our Souls' is not about the Holocaust, per se, but it is set in the same time period, and I plan to make liberal references to the tragedy because it will prove relevant to some of the characters.
3/31/2007 #4
No, but I have an idea, and I need help with names, Jewish, Russian, and German. Can anyone help me?
8/18/2007 #5
With German names, plenty. I can even tell you whereabouts some of them are from :P Email/private message/ add me on msn.
8/18/2007 #6
ummmm, what's your e-mail?
8/18/2007 #7
lord.of.fools@gmail.com... I think my msn's on my profile page :)
8/18/2007 #8
Suzanne Mishkovski
If you're looking for names, I get all of my names from www.20000-names.com You can do searches by where the name is from, in this case, German, Russian, or Polish. I haven't read anything on the holocaust or WWII outside of nonfiction. I am writing a story on Auschwitz right now though, for NaNoWriMo '07. I'm posting it on here as I go along, so if anyone is interested be my guest and take a look. It is from the S.S. point of view though, so... obviously a wee bit brutal. I know of one very good book on Auschwitz that I read for research of my novel, but I can't think of the exact title or author at this moment...
11/5/2007 #9
Screaming Dean
I have a story called Bateman and Rabin which is related to the holocaust but it's about a guy who's rabbi grandfather foresees the holocaust and puts the idea into him to figure out how to minimize the death toll.
11/30/2007 #10
The Jab

I have a post-Holocaust story up called Bunker in which Hitler survives past the end of WW2. While the rest of the world thinks that he is dead by suicide, he and a few other SS officers work behind the scenes to rebuild the Nazi empire.

2/8/2009 #11
Laney Masaki Jurai

No, I haven't, but I am planning to write something. It is about a little Latvian Jewish girl whose parents send her away to escape from the Nazis and she is taken in by a couple, but they treat her poorly and one day she runs away and ends up in an orphanage. That's all I thought of so far.

3/16/2013 #12
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