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Okay, I found this category and I just wanted to post this....

Hi, I am a new(ish) author on FictionPress. My pen name is Snowlilly31497. I have three stories up; On The Run, The Secret of Fairytown, and The Littlest Frog of All (Olivia's Story).

The Secret of Fairytown is an incomplete story, but is not one I am currently working on, so the updates are going to be slow. I am also writing several novels. Joining the Ranks of the Hunter-Clan is my longest one, and includes a few of the characters from On The Run. (I AM NOT POSTING JOINING THE RANKS OF THE HUNTER-CLAN ON FICTIONPRESS!)

Right now I am working on two writing projects. One of them is called Stand, and the other one does not have a title. Um, I can't post a summary of the titleless story, (I haven't written enough to know where it's going yet....) I'll try to post a full summary of Stand in another message or something.... I'm not really sure how this works, I've only been on FictionPress for like, two months and this is literally the first forum I have ever participated in. (Ever.)

Well, I'm going to end this message now, so goodbye peoples!

- Sarah

11/24/2011 #1

Okay, um, yeah.... What was I doing again? Oh, yeah! Here's the summary for Stand!

Fifteen-year-old Niagara Jones is the last Christian on earth. Or so she thinks. It's 2361 A.D., and Christmas Break has just begun. (Actually, everyone has stopped calling it Christmas, they just call it Santa Claus Day, now.) Not even Niagara's family believes in God. Not since President Stone passed the law decreeing that any belief in, or reference to any God is illegal, and that anyone who worships Him shall be punished. And President Stone's idea of maintaining order is sending believers to concentration camps like in the Holocaust, where they will have a chance to deny Him, and if they don't, they will be executed.

But Niagara knows that President Stone is wrong.

Soon, Niagara meets a boy named Malachi, who also secretly praises Jesus. As their friendship grows, the two realize that they must find a way to spread God's Word. Malachi and Niagara form a secret club and try to find a way to overthrow President Stone. They attempt to spread God's Word at school, but end up being disciplined because of it. Not sent to concentration camps, they're not allowed to do that to anyone under eighteen, but disciplinedenough.

Still, the constant punishment doesn't dampen their beliefs. They keep trying, and end up gaining a small string of followers. But will it be enough to convince President Stone, and the rest of the world, that there is a God? Or will Niagara, Malachi, and everyone else be punished?

So..... How do you guys like it? Would this be something you'd want to read? I'm intending to actually publish this, so I might post a prewiew or something.... (I'm only like, two and a half chapters into it so far....)

- Sarah

11/28/2011 #2
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