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Tell us a little about yourself! Introduce yourself by answering these questions!

Preferred NickName:

Age: (13-17 or 18+)

Fav genre on Fictionpress:

Why you're here:

1/30/2011 #1

I'll go first!

Preferred NickName: Heather

Age: (13-17 or 18+): Alas...I'm only 15

Fav genre on Fictionpress: Fantasy, Romance, DRAMA!

Why you're here: I have always wanted to make a forum like this!

1/30/2011 #2

Preferred NickName: since you can't know my real name, and my pen name is constantly changing, I guess, Captain? Sure, we'll go with that.

Age: (13-17 or 18+) 13-17, I'm not going to tell you my real age , though

Fav genre on Fictionpress: uh... fantasy and I suppose romance

Why you're here: I love roleplay!

2/1/2011 #3

So your a secretive person? No issue with that! As long as you love roleplaying ^_^

PS: How did you find this forum?

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #4

Ha my mom would get mad if I used my real name xD

And I found the forum because you were the first reviewer to my story and I looked at your profile and found the link! :D

2/1/2011 #5

My mom doesnt know I have this account ;)

And I knew that was a good idea!

2/1/2011 #6

Ha, it was! and hm... my mom doesn't know either. Ah, what the heck! my name is Ali. xD

2/1/2011 #7

(I'm gonna reply in off topic. I dont want this to get crowded)

2/1/2011 #8


I'm Jet :) Nice to meet you guys. My real names Jenny but I perfer Jet. :D

2/6/2011 #9

Welcome! =D I hope that you enjoy yourself!

One request though: I have to keep the rules pretty clear, so could you pretty please introduce yourself in the proper format? (such as in the first post) Thank you! :)

2/7/2011 #10

Kk :)

Preferred NickName: Jet

Age: (13-17 or 18+): 14

Fav genre on Fictionpress: Action, drama

Why you're here: Because I love roleplaying ;)

2/7/2011 #11

Thank you and welcome again! Can't wait to start RPing

2/7/2011 #12

I posted over in Diane's diner. :) Thanks for accepting me~

2/7/2011 #13

Your welcome :)

PS: Don't forget to make a second person... Jeez I'm bossy

2/7/2011 #14

No worries, I will :)

2/7/2011 #15

Thanks! And sorry for my bossiness ^_^

2/7/2011 #16

You're just being a good mod. :)

2/7/2011 #17

Aw! Thanks!

2/7/2011 #18

Hello, I'm Felicia or just a weird girl, I'm 15 years old and my favorite genres are drama, psychological, slice of life, friendship, romance (maybe they are too many). I would say my favorite one s psychological. I'm here because I have never tried role-playing and I was really curious about it.

2/27/2013 #19
Okie Dokie, My tuuurn! Name: Riyah :D Age: The big 17! Woop! Favorite genres: Romance, hurt/comfort, Psychological, Humor Why im here: I haven't roleplayed in a while, so i decided to come here :D and i love roleplaying.
2/25/2014 #20
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