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So, do you like pie, cause I like pie. Who likes pie?

=D I can be perfectly off topic!

Anything that has nothing to do with RPing. Or maybe you wanna talk about RPing? Who knows...

1/30/2011 #1

@Alie (LOVE the name) Your a newbie???

2/1/2011 #2

thanks and yeah, at least here. I've been on fanfiction for nearly two years.

2/1/2011 #3

Wow... that's a LONG time. I've only been on here for 6 months.

(Sometimes I'm wary of newbies cause they tend to disapear)

2/1/2011 #4

Yeah, and I pinky promise, I'm not going anywhere.

2/1/2011 #5

Good! I always trust pinky promises... It's legally binding ya know XD

2/1/2011 #6

xD That it is(:

2/1/2011 #7

PS: I'm really happy you made a guy. Romance is soooo much easier that way

2/1/2011 #8

Yeah, it is a lot easier.

2/1/2011 #9

One question though. How awkward are you with actually acting out the romance? I mean if you are playing a straight guy

2/1/2011 #10

Um, I'm not that awkward. I'm actually kind of good at it.

2/1/2011 #11

Awsome! Some people arent. So I was curious. :)

2/1/2011 #12

Oh yea, when you give your characters a place in Housing, you can start RPing. Even if it takes a while to start actually getting somewhere.

2/1/2011 #13

@Jet- I LOVE Jay. He is so adorable

2/8/2011 #14

Hahaha thanks :))))

he'll get more adorable when he tries to "fit in" with the regular people. XDDD

2/8/2011 #15

Your welcome! =D

Do you plan on doing anymore with him in the Diner? Cause I really want to have some romance happen with him and Sierra

2/8/2011 #16

Nah, how about they meet at the school? Maybe they can have a night class together, or on the streets?

2/8/2011 #17

The night class sounds fun. It seems like the type of thing Sierra would enroll in. But what class shall we make them have?

2/8/2011 #18

How about a violin class? Jay is carrying one, and duets are common. :)

2/8/2011 #19

Sounds good! You wanna post 1st or should I?

2/8/2011 #20

How about you post her going into the class room and I'll post in Dianes Dinner with Jay leaving and rushing to his night class and maybe he'll arrive late and make the class laugh or something. XD

2/8/2011 #21


2/8/2011 #22

Hey, where'd you go? Just wondering. You haven't posted for weeks! xD

3/8/2011 #23

Do you want to start an RP with me with new characters in a different thread until our mod gets back?

3/8/2011 #24

Sure why not?

3/8/2011 #25

Which topic would you like to go to? :P

3/8/2011 #26

The bar? Sound good?

And which charries should we use? Because aren't they in the middle of something?

3/8/2011 #27

How about we create new characters ^^ using the same template

3/8/2011 #28

Alright sure. Doesn't the mod have to approve them though? Not to like point out the negatives or anything. xD

3/9/2011 #29
DaCwzy1 I'll create a new forum just for us until she gets back ^^

3/9/2011 #30
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