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A school for the artisticaly gifted

2/8/2011 #1

Angela stood as her assitant opened the doors of the school. Angela had refused to touch such a filthy door herself and walked in with her head held high and wrinkled her nose.

"This place is atrocious" She mumbled to herself quietly. How could Jay stand going to a school like this.

2/8/2011 #2

Sierra walked through the doors, her portfolio in one hand and bookbag on her back. She looked around and smiled at a woman holding the door open. "Oh thank you!" She said, surprised at the woman's kindness... and she crashed right into the girl in front of her. "Oh! I am so sorry!" She exlaimed quickly, gathering her spilled artwork from off the floor. "I wasnt looking where I was going"

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #3

Angela stumbled back and was fortunately caught by her assistants, but when she regained her balance, she was furious.

"Do you know what you just did?!" Angela exploded in Sierra's face. "I could've been hurt! Do you know who I am?!"

2/8/2011 #4

Sierra was rather startled by the sudden outburst, but couldent help but smirk at the opening. She stood up, put her drawings back into the portfolio and brushed off her knees.

"Well," she began, "I didn't know who ya where before but now I know. You're pretty little bitch who doesnt know how to keep her voice down" She whispered the last part and smiled widely

2/8/2011 #5

"Don't you dare use profanity with me" Angela retorted with her head tilted up, looking down on Sierra. "I could have you sued in just a day." She put out her hand towards her assistant. "Hand me my cellphone"

2/8/2011 #6

"What exactly do you plan on sueing me for, princess?" Sierra sneered, "Do you even go here?"

2/8/2011 #7

"Oh sweety, I could own this place in a heartbeat" Angela smirked with an attitude. "You don't want to be kicked out of school do you?"

2/8/2011 #8

"Right... And I could own China" Sierra smirked right on back. Little did this girl know, her foster parents actually did own this place.

2/8/2011 #9

Just then the principal walked down the hallway. Angela smirked at the girl and turned towards her father.

"Hey daddy!" The man walked towards Angela and gave her a quick hug.

"How are you today?"

Angela turned towards Serria and smiled. "Oh, I'm fine, for now"

2/8/2011 #10

"Oh good afternoon Mister Ashton Sir, Have you seen my parents around lately?" Sierra asked, smiling politely

2/8/2011 #11

"They're out front honey, be safe" He smiled and replied in a polite tone; completely different from his daughter.

2/8/2011 #12

"Oh, that's fine sir, but I was acctually speaking with your daughter here about my advanced pre-calculus class. I'm terribly sorry to say that she doesnt seem to get the subject matter." She lied still keeping a prim, polite tone...Yet somehow teasing the other girl.

2/8/2011 #13

Angela grinned and chuckled. "She's just joking daddy, you know I've already taken that class and passed my Calculus BC class, I wasn't raised normally her" She held her fathers hand and smirked towards the girl; emphasizing her superiority.

"Of course sweety" Mr. Ashton chuckled and waved towards Serria as he walked with Angela towards the door. "See you tommorow, get home safely"

2/8/2011 #14

"See you tomorrow sir!" Sierra yelled back, emphasising casualty. She shrugged and walked away, pleased with what she had just done.

2/8/2011 #15

Angela smiled happily as she walked with her father. "I'll get her back for that" She mumbled to herself as she got into her limo.

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #16


Sierra walked into her Violinist class early. She had no idea why the heck she took it, but sat down in the very back and pulled out a scrap of paper to draw onto

2/8/2011 #17

Time passed and slowly the classroom started to fill up with other students, then the bell rang and class began. Everyone pulled out their violins and the conductor had passed out music for them to play when suddenly the doors burst open and Jay burst into the room. He was sweating and panting, but even now he never lost his charismatic quality or formality as he bowed in apology as the class burst into laughter.

2/8/2011 #18

Sierra looked up from her artwork just as the blue-haired boy ran into the room. She couldent help but snicker as he bowed down to the class... and couldent help from grimacing as she relized that the only open seat was the one next to her.

2/8/2011 #19

Jay bowed apologetically again before rushing over to the only empty seat in the back as the teacher scolded him. He sat down and quickly unpacked his things, trying to get ready to play before the teacher started the piece. He noticed the girl sitting next to her and smiled at her before resuming his hurried preparations.

"Hey, hope you don't mind me sitting here"

2/8/2011 #20

"No, not at all" Sierra replied distractedly, putting away he drawing while trying to understand the sheet music in front of her. She heard the music start and put down her violin in frustration, having no idea what she was supposed to do

2/8/2011 #21

Jay finally prepared his violin, it was an old violin, but even with its age it had a aura to it, it wasn't glossy or shiny, but still, it was eye catching. He set the violin on his shoulder, gently picked up his bow and played a beautiful warm up filled with finger plucking, accents, and scales. He noticed that the girl next to him had put down her violin and he put his own violin down and looked over at her.

"Hey, don't just put it down like that. Try something." He smiled and picked up the violin and placed on her shoulder, waiting for her to grip it with her chin. "I can help you with the music if you'd like"

2/8/2011 #22

Sierra flinched back as Jay's hand came towards her shoulder, though when he placed the violin on it she cooperated and help it with her chin. She attempted to play a few notes along with the teacher, but only suceeded in causing a loud screeching sound that cause the entire class room to look at her

2/8/2011 #23

Jay laughed and set down his violin and pretended it was his fault.

"Sorry, I'm out of practice" He gave a small smile as everyone turned around muttering and winked at Sierra, whispering quietly. "I think 'I' need to practice some more, do you want me to help you after class?"

2/8/2011 #24

Sierra smiled greatfully at Jay's antic and laughed.

"Sure" She whispered back" I would love some help"

2/9/2011 #25

"Great" Jay winked and turned back to his own music as he played softly on his own violin. He sat in the back so he had an accompaniment part, but still, his music seemed to have a hidden melody.

2/9/2011 #26

Sierra didnt even bother to pick up her violin again. She hated it anyway, and had no idea how to play. She just closed her eyes and sat against the back of the chair, listening to Jay play. His music really was beautiful. She hadent heard anything so amazing in a long time. Not since her mother had sung her to sleep the night that seemed so long ago.

2/9/2011 #27

Jay played until finally the bell rung through the room and the students started to leave. He turned back towards Sierra and smiled.

"You ready to learn?"

2/9/2011 #28

Sierra shrugged as if she where disinterested, yet had to fight not to smile. "I'm ready when you are"

2/9/2011 #29

"Alright then" Jay smiled as she agreed. "Do you want to use a music room here or are you more comfortable learning at your house?" He wanted her to be comfortable and was trying to be as nice as he could; she was his classmate at his new school, it would be good to make a friend.

2/9/2011 #30
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