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"It's a pleasure to meet you too sir." He smiled and looked past him towards Sierra who seemed to have run off as far into the house as she could. Is she ok...? "It's surprising to know your her father"

2/11/2011 #91

"Oh, I'm not her father" The man answered, his voice not-quite right. "I'm her foster-father"

2/11/2011 #92

Jay smiled at him. "I think a foster father can be just as good as a real father."

2/11/2011 #93

"I suppose one could" He responded concisley. "I'm guesiing You have somewhere to go so it was nice meeting you" And with that he closed the door, trying to hide his emotions behind cold indifference

2/11/2011 #94

Jay couldn't help but let a smile slip onto his face; Sierra and her father were so alike, real father or not. He gave a small bow to the door and went back to the car as it sped away into the darkness.

2/11/2011 #95

Sierra ran into her room and kicked the wall angrily. Jay not only knew who her foster-dad was, but he probably thought that he was such a great guy. Well Ha! Shows how much he knows. She thought, a bitter smile on her face

2/12/2011 #96

Jay arrived at the party just in time and stood at the door next to his siblings and shook hands and bowed to greet every single guest. His parents were inside hosting and he and his siblings were left to attend the guests that were outside, it was like a ritual by now, a boring one at the least. At least he had gotten to meet the head of his school, it would help him with his career in music and especially getting a good spot at the school concert next week.

2/12/2011 #97

(And so the plot thickens... what to do with these two next...)

2/12/2011 #98

(I don't know XD I think they'll just have to meet tomorrow at school again or maybe after dinner Jay can take a walk for a breather and bump into her.. xD idk.)

2/13/2011 #99

(Hmm...Until they know each other better, school is probably the most probable)

2/13/2011 #100

((Alright, I'll wait till it's the next day and for you two to finish in Dianes Dinner))

2/14/2011 #101

(Actually, you dont have to. This is because, it is almost impossible for the different topics to co-exist together. So ussually, we tend to have the characters just not meet if they are from different topics.)

2/15/2011 #102

(Oh, I just thought I should wait because Jay has been in both topics but ok)

Jay smiled at each and every guest as the party finally started to die down and the guests started leave one by one. Finally, when all the guests were gone, Jay slumped onto a sofa, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"That was a long 'dinner' party" Jay muttered with a thick coat of sarcasm covering the word dinner. He turned to find that all his brothers had sat down to take a rest too. "You guys go up and rest, I'm going to go back home now"

"See ya later munchkin" Tae, one of his older brothers, snickered as he made his way up the stairs and to his room. The others followed suit and Jay slipped out of the house before his parents could bug him any longer and started the long walk back to his own house, carrying his original clothes and violin.

2/15/2011 #103

Later that night, Sierra got out of bed and went into the hallway. She hadent really been sleeping, she didnt really do that much anymore, but her movements where slow and quiet. Walking over to Mr. Lamon's door, she put her ear against it to make sure that he was asleep and slowly opened the front door.

The second that the cold wind hit her body, laden in too shot night-shorts and a thing pajama shirt, Sierra tensed up and walked over to the curb. She sat down andleaned back on her hands to gaze up at the sky.

2/15/2011 #104

Jay sighed as he trecked along the roads, he couldn't wait to finally get his drivers license so he could drive alone. The cold engulfed him as he shivered as he walked. He let his thoughts wander and slowly, they went back to Sierra.

She seemed like she hated her parents, but the principal is a nice guy...isn't he? Jay frowned in confusion as he rubbed his arms, trying to keep warm. Maybe it's just because he isn't her real father..who knows.

His mind wandered and soon, to his misfortune, he was too distracted and he got off course. When he finally snapped out his thoughtful trance and looked around, he was lost.

2/15/2011 #105

feeling the cold gravel dig into her palms, Sierra pulled them away and rubbed her hands together. She was just about to lay down on her back to star-gaze when she saw a boy who she identified as Jay. What the hell is he doing out here? She thought, standing up.

"Hey!" she yelled, hoping to get his attention

2/15/2011 #106

His head turned instantly as he heard his name being called and Jay squinted in the dark to find out who had called his name. He walked over to get a better view and was shocked to see who it was.

"Sierra?" Jay walked closer and chuckled as he gave her a smile. "What are you doing outside so late at night? Shouldn't you be inside?"

2/15/2011 #107

Sierra shrugged, too cold to really be embarassed by her attire. "I'm stargazing" She raised her eyebrows at him, "What are you doing out so late?"

2/15/2011 #108

"Um..just strolling" Jay laughed and looked at Sierra. "You should get some clothes on when you're going star gazing, your going to catch a cold. Here" He took off his tuxedo jacket and wrapped it around Sierra.

2/15/2011 #109

Sierra smiled and looked away, "Yea... umm...So, you live around here?"

2/15/2011 #110

"I....don't think so?" Jay laughed and rubbed the back of his head. "Honestly, I'm kind of lost"

2/15/2011 #111

Sierra sighed, loving the smell of...well she didnt really know what was in the jacket, but it smelled good. "Oh, what's your address?"

2/15/2011 #112

"Oh, it's 41411 Kamson meadows. Is it close?" Jay tilted his head as he asked, hoping that it was in quick walking distance.

2/15/2011 #113

"So that's where your family lives... it's a wonder you got a number." She smiled at him, "Jaime and I have been arguing about whether it's41472 or 41443... I guess we're both wrong. It's right down there, take a left on the next four way stop."

2/15/2011 #114

"Oh alright, thanks" Jay grinned and patted Sierra's head. "Just hand me my jacket back at school alright? Don't catch a cold!"

2/15/2011 #115

"Wait!" Sierra looked away, "I can't take this home"

2/15/2011 #116

Jay looked at her confused, "Why not? Your dad shouldn't mind, I'm only lending it to you so you won't catch a cold."

2/15/2011 #117

"I'm not even supposed to be out here" She whispered, not quite knowing why.

2/15/2011 #118

"Well, you already are out here..." Jay smiled and sat next to her. "Alright, then I'll just wait till you're done star gazing, then I'll take the jacket back."

2/15/2011 #119

Sierra kicked at a pebble near her feet. "Sure, if you really wanna... but you don't have to. I do this all the time"

2/15/2011 #120
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