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Spiral Architect

Oh, and reviewed Mundane Day.

6/15/2011 #271

Would a couple people be willing to review my new story: skeleton smile.

Excerpt/Summary: /I asked her why she killed me, mommy. I asked her why she cried and why I could see so much red and now why every color turned me around until I couldn't find myself no matter how hard I tried. I asked her why we were all alone./ Or, death's world.

Rating: M

Sub-catagory: Horror - Supernatural/Friendship

This one is a little spookier than my other stories, but I loved how it turned around. It more takes your mind for a W** moment, to be honest, so I would love it if readers would give it a chance.

6/15/2011 #272

reviewed corruption and skeleton, it was lovely and confusing (sorta like doctor who).

6/16/2011 #273
Spiral Architect

Which one? And thanks for reviewing.

6/16/2011 #274

corruption of thoughts, reading two mindfuckers in a row was something u shouldnt do.

6/16/2011 #275
Spiral Architect

ha, that it was. I read both, and I must say, skeletons was a very good mindfuck.

6/16/2011 #276

I'd like some reviews for the prologue for my story Star-Crossed, please :)

6/16/2011 #277

done the review for charlie's...

6/16/2011 #278

and spiral's

6/16/2011 #279

Reviewed "Mundane" and "Skeleton"

Would like a review for "Farm".

6/18/2011 #280

hey all a special chapter of "a mundane day" is now up on my profile now, please R&R it and guess who the identity of the main character is

6/19/2011 #281

I'd like some reviews for my essay In Defense of Genre Fiction, please :)

And Frap, I need to talk with you (I need your help...)

6/19/2011 #282
Hokuto Uchiha

Reviewed In Defense of Genre Fiction.

6/19/2011 #283
Spiral Architect

Also reviewed IDoGF.

6/19/2011 #284

reviewed In Defense of Genre Fiction. Thank you charlie for sharing this to us all. I learnt a lot from this :)

6/19/2011 #285

I have a new poem, So Go Ahead and Jeer.

6/21/2011 #286
Spiral Architect

Reviewed SGAaJ.

6/21/2011 #287
Spiral Architect

I've got a new supernatural story (hopefully I'll actually finish this one, lqtm (because laughing quietly to myself is the truth, but laughing out loud is a lie. Kinda like the cake)). It's called Human Corruption Virus, and I'd like reviews on the prologue. And Chapter 1, if that's out by the time anyone decides to act on this.

6/21/2011 #288

reviewed HCV for spiral

in the meantime I too have a new story and its my first romance piece so be nice

the name of the piece is called "within the week" and its in my profile so R&R

another thing, sorry for being so demanding but I want more reviews for chapter 8 of "a mundane day". PPL who haven reviewed it please do it now!!

6/22/2011 #289

i reviewed charlie, eilywwn, redx and spiral :).

6/22/2011 #290

Reviewed In Defense of Genre Fiction

Would like a review for the 13th chapter of "Plans of Revenge".

6/23/2011 #291

i review plans of revenge.

6/23/2011 #292

hey guys a new one is up and its called "who was in the wrong", it's in my profile. One thing to note, this piece is about world war 2. This series would also have some controversial issues in it. So if you guys do not want to read it, I would not force you all on this. Discuss your views in the review sections please

6/24/2011 #293

I reviewed japan.

6/24/2011 #294

I'm new onto the website and have just posted my very first story! I would love any reviews and of course they will all be returned promptly since school is done.


A freak accident turned the lives of five local teens around. Now armed with superpowers, they are trained by the government to save the world. However, things aren't always what they seem. Sometimes good is actually evil and evil as actually good.

We have the emo that can make force fields, the cheerleader who can bend herself into a pretzel, the nerd who can read minds, the drummer who can smash a mountain, and me, the jock who can make time stop... How very Breakfast Club of us.

Thanks in advance!

6/25/2011 #295

Just reviewed "Insurrection", which I'm only announcing on here because I LOVED IT! Heh heh. I'm a sucker for superhero/fantasy stories anyway, especially ones about younger people. Anyway, I recommend it.

6/25/2011 #296
Spiral Architect

Reviewed Insurrection.

6/25/2011 #297
Spiral Architect

Chapter 2 of HCV is up, if anyone wants to review.

6/25/2011 #298


So Go Ahead and Jeer (Ch. 1) by Eilwynn

Human Corruption Virus (Ch. 1-3) by Spiral Architect


Within the Week (Ch. 1) by RedX9

In Defense of Genre Fiction (Ch. 1) by surfercharlie25

6/25/2011 #299

hi guys I have a new piece and its inspired by Luna Carn's "google suggestions". The piece is "MYLIFEISAVERAGE" so look it all in my profile. It helps if you are having a bad day :)

6/26/2011 #300
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