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WELCOME ALL TO ONE OF THE BEST FORUMS ON EARTH! OKay, maybe not, but there's a lot of cool folks here and I had to just hire a couple more mods. So come on in!
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Yeah, because a human is the admin here, I could easily overlook something, so please use this place. I'll ask weekly questions and put up poles. I'll try my best to keep this place going, so if I start slacking then let me know. If you have a complaint about something PM me.

2/13/2011 #1
Hokuto Uchiha

I was just wondering about something: To request a review, do you just go to Penny for your thoughts and ask for one, or do you post a link to the story you want to get reviews for?

2/14/2011 #2

Hey welcome!!

Yeah, you just go to Penny 4 your thoughts. Thank you for coming.

2/15/2011 #3

Would you guys like to do a review marathon?

If so what would it in-tell?

2/27/2011 #4

Got another question gang....

Would you guys like a thread for news and debate?

I watch the area news and we can post up stuff that's happening and discuss it. I mean we all know what's going on in Egypt and Libya but what else is going on?

I don't know too much about the plight of those people but the gist of it is they want more freedoms.


Just thinking and figured I'd share. We could call it 'My two Cents'...

2/27/2011 #5

As far as news and debates go...they can get pretty heated. Not to mention the fact that...well I doubt many people here honestly follow a lot of what's going on in the world. I don't mean to be rude, and obviously there are exceptions, but my guess is that if anyone here has heard of the plight you mention, it was only vaguely.

If you'd still like to, though, by all means give'r a shot. Maybe it will encourage people to listen to NPR while writing...LMAO.

(I actually do that sometimes...)

3/1/2011 #6

All right I have a couple of questions about writing.


first question which is about the famous "show it not tell it" policy. I'm always confused about this and I'm want to know about the differences between a story which shows and a story which tells. maybe I could give an example of a paragraph which I wrote and you can tell me if I showed it or told it.

Lorenzo Martinez is 36 years old and he is the boss of Martinez and Partners, a strict law firm which he built up by scratch. Sarcastic, cynical and armed with an acid-tongue, he shows no mercy to anyone in the business. New employees that just entered his company would soon know that he would not tolerate any mishaps and he would fire anyone (even on their first day) even on the smallest of mistakes. He is infamously known to make uncertain interns around him cry and wished that they would never step into his company. Proud, aloof and demanding, he can't stand it when people get into his way. Lorenzo is probably the most disagreeable of a man you could find. Although he has good features, it's a no brainer into why he is still single. But no matter how prideful and rude of a man he is, he is the real deal and he himself has helped countless of clients to win their cases. From the passive ones to the notorious cases, he helped to win them all. Heartless and uncaring to the emotions of others in the courtroom, his ruthless methods have caused families to break apart and hatred to spawn even between the closest of relationships. He is always deemed as the bad guy, with all the despicable and evil intentions. His blood is said to be as icy cold that would chill even the warmest of hearts. But to him as long as he wins it along with the money as well, anything would be appropriate. It's a cutthroat world in his company as friendships are forged and destroyed within the same day.


About the second question. I was wondering whether is too much dialogue is too much? I have a story which I estimated that 70% of it is dialogue. Is it ok if dialogue outweighs the narrative of the story?

3/1/2011 #7

@Red: To answer your first question..."Showing" involves a lot of vivid imagery and description, not just a list of facts, but in the way they are laid out as well. "Telling" is when it seems as if the author is informing you of something. For example, the paragraph you wrote. It tells the reader about the character, and his personality up front. It isn't something that the reader will have to discern through other parts of the story (which is more the showing side).

Answer number two: It simply depends on the type of story. Some authors can indeed write a full story almost exclusively from dialogue, while others prefer to use other methods. If that's how you chose to write it's fine. There really aren't any rules on "how" to weave a story (aside from grammatical ones, but that's not what I'm implying). The only thing is making that method work for you. If you have nothing but mundane conversations as the mainstay of your story, then it would be drab, but if the dialogue shows character depth, description, etc. your good to go.

Hope that helped ;)

3/1/2011 #8

@Frap: I have idea for a thread...while we have threads on here to kinda chat it up, there isn't a "dedicated" section for writing critique/help. Such as the post i responded to. This thread also seems a little broad. Say create threads on either general writing help or tips, or specialized ones. For example Character development, settings, etc. What'cha think?

3/3/2011 #9

Sorry for the late response but yes we can put up a topic for that sort of thing. I was thinking about five all together

1. Character Development - Just what it says

2. Plotting - We can discuss what things you need to do to work on plots and make them exciting and not boring, or know how to work with a very simple plot but make it fresh.

3. Descriptions and Background - These will concentrate on vocabulary that helps with quick descriptions and help with tone also.

4. Showing and Telling - This will help those who like to tell the story.

5. The Point of Views - Here we just talk about the point of views and have people work with what they think would be good for their story.

All in all I wanted this place to have workshops, so that's what we can call them and if you have any other ideas post it up.

Sorry again for the late reply. You know I'm pulled in a hundred different directions at times. I can't remember if I have the filter for topics on, but if you would like to put up one then let me know so I can take it off and let you create it how you see fit. I'll leave it open for a couple of days if you need more time, but then I'll close the topic thingy. I noticed around the different sites, folks make a lot of topics that are merely questions and I don't want the place to get cluttered. drop me a PM or just post it here or at the blitz. If I don't do it through your left shoe at the screen and spin in your chair three times.

LOL XDXD...If you do that let me know.....HAHAHA!!

By the way if anyone else has suggestions by all means put it here.

3/5/2011 #10

I also was thinking about having a RP here but for the reasons of letting writers flex their fingers at what they are weak in. I hate commas so when I do a bit in the RP, I'd hope someone could see me messing up and help me correct it. Or just have one for the fun of it....Thoughts.

3/5/2011 #11

Yeah I'm not allowed to create threads which is why I asked about those in here lol. I think those would make for a good starting place for a "workshop".

As far as RP goes...well, they are always fun, but you may want to take a poll from the peeps here and see what kind of setting they would like to use and what types of characters, etc!

3/5/2011 #12

Good idea. I'll do just that, when I figure out how to set up a freaking poll. Do you mind monitoring the "Workshops". As you can tell I'm so late with this reply, I almost forgot What we were talking about.....LOL.

I shall remove the topic thingy so you can create away. And thank you.

3/7/2011 #13

Hey Tegh, what do you think about having a topic for just brainstorming. I got some ideas and sometimes, I just need to chat it out to see if I can get some help with setting and other logistics. I think it would also be of some help for others. Thoughts?

3/7/2011 #14

I like it! I've been tossing an idea for a Western thriller around in my head for a while and I have some ideas, but there's only so much I can do on my own, so, yeah!

Brainstorming is my favorite part of the writing process; well, that and rewriting.

3/7/2011 #15

Glad you think so too. I'll pitch it to the other crew members and see...

3/7/2011 #16

Frap: I don't mind monitoring the writing sections. I figured I'd be living there after to manager to make them anyway lol. Plus, that' honestly why i came to FictionPress for in the first place ;)

As to the Brainstorming idea, I think it'd be interesting to see what'd come up there lol.

3/7/2011 #17

Then why are you chatting with me sailor....Get with it those topics....Heh. (:

3/7/2011 #18

On a side note...i think word is auto correcting my typing to the worst thing it can find. Either that, or I'm still tired from yesterdays. I'm guessing a combination lol. So if my grammar comes out a bit fuzzy...i blame everything else but me!

3/7/2011 #19

Grammar....It is my nemesis...I can post little tips from the books I have here that helped me. They're so old I don't think they even put them in Google...LOL. The fi=r=-s[t

first lesson is proper use of Commas. That blip is from my off spring that is gnawing on the laptop and my shirt, while trying to stand and play with my hair bonnet.

3/7/2011 #20

No offense...but did you ever finish reading chapter 1? lol

I learned how to write simply by reading soooooooooo freakn often, that the language became ingrained in my head. Some of it I don't honestly know, by the book per say, but it just comes naturally.

3/7/2011 #21

Hey do you guys think we need a Topic named Dun, dun duuuuuuunnnnnnnnn.....


I have two things I want to chat out and see what folks think. I know my characters and plot and all can go into the other categories but I just wanted to talk it out.

Alright, I'll be bouncing all over the place here and so if I don't come back my llama's gone a missing.

3/9/2011 #22

By all means, throw it up there lol. It's always nice to have a place to just bounce ideas off of other people.

3/9/2011 #23

Maybe this isn't the place to post this, but I'm not sure. . . .

Is there a way to get to this forum quickly? Currently, I have to go to MY profile, call up the profile of someone in this forum who has reviewed one of my stories, use her profile to get to Frap's, then go to the forum. Is there a way to skip all the run-around?

Thanks for any help you can give. ;-)

3/10/2011 #24

Yes, Ma Lady, there is....Go to Forums then click Fiction and we are now at number 6! With a couple more posts we will be at five. That's the easiest way or you can log on and go to forums in your profile that you are subscribed to and just click the link.

Hopes this helps.

3/11/2011 #25

Yes, it does help. Thanks! ;-)

3/11/2011 #26

**Tips hat**

Glad to of service... (:

3/11/2011 #27

Okaaayyyy....Well I also was wondering what were you guys reading....Some of you have posted your favorite works but would you like to discuss those books? Something like an online book club. I have so many old books and few new (Only because I've been picking up stuff from the library over here) and I figured I'd like to share things that I've been reading with you guys. I mean I'm not sure if anyone has read or will ever read Hearts of Darkness by John Conrad. It's based upon the Ivory trade in 1890's and well, it has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm writing, but I figured I needed to just read up on some other works and give my stories a real concious break.

With that said, I also realize that fresh vocabulary is to be found in these other stories also. At work I'm reading Gift for Artemise by Coolridge.

At any rate, I was wondering would it be a topic you guys would like to have and/or participate in? Those of you who have to read stories for school, it would be great if we read along with you and possibly give our two cents, to help you along.

Just a thought and suggestion since I'll be reading the Tanglewood Tales to my daughter and the first story is the Minotaur.

Thoughts, Concerns, yes, no....maybe so? I'll await answers from you guys.

3/21/2011 #28

I love that idea! May I suggest some books, maybe for later on:

-I'm about to start reading The Catcher in the Rye for the first time (not for school, either; I just want to see what the fuss is about), so we might not be able to do that one, but I can hope :)

-I felt almost bad for demeaning James Dickey's Deliverance last night, since, even though it's not the best written, it's still a great suspense/adventure story. I currently have it on hold on the library to re-read and I think it might be fun if, at one point, we might read it together. Maybe, after that, we could arrange a way where we could all see the movie at the same time :)

Just a couple of thoughts, but, yeah, I like that idea :)

3/23/2011 . Edited 3/23/2011 #29

Here's an idea that probably won't work, but it would be fun to try: reading down this list together:

Time magazine's 100 best English-language novels of all time:

I know it wouldn't work out, but it would certainly help us all as writers, and it wouldn't hurt us as members of the human race, either (in regards to the ideas in the novels)! :)

3/23/2011 . Edited 3/23/2011 #30
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