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What ever list you would like for us to look at to do sort of an online book club is cool with me. Heck it IS a writing forum, and other than write we must READ!

And I have the catcher and the Rye. I would love to read it again with you. I don't always have someone to discuss stuff with. I love to find others' opinion on works.

Go ahead with the list also. If you can copy and paste it that would be great also. Make the topic for Novel's of all time. Thank you for volunteering.

3/23/2011 #31

Okay, done, but it needs to be re-formatted :( I'll start doing it :)

3/23/2011 #32
Technical question (ugh): How do I complete my moderator-ating ness?
4/11/2011 #33
I thought I needed help...Okay just go to the forum section when you log in and there is a place for you to put your code in. When you do so Viola! you get a shiny shield...
4/11/2011 #34

argh this is ridiculous, now I cannot access my stories! does any one have this problem? or is it just me alone? I swear fictionpress hates me T_T i hope its the 404 error and nothing else

5/15/2011 #35
Hokuto Uchiha

@RedX9: This 404 thing's been happening to me, too, when I tried to update my historical fiction. I hope it's just an error, and I hope it gets resolved soon.

5/15/2011 #36

Welp, it would seem in my ole mind this place is still stagnant and I need to breath a bit more of life here. I'd like a faster pulse. So I was wondering about changing the name of the entire forum.... My suggestions are the following.

1. Club Blitz or Bliss 2. The Orb 3. Writer's Nook 4. F. T. W. (For The Writer's) (Corny but hey...) 5. Review Madhouse - we don't really have too many folks devoted to giving reviews, but I'll be working on that in the near future.

Or if none of these fit your fancy please throw out some names. I want us to have a sort of building feel to it. There's already a roadhouse/ bar, a lounge, so I was also thinking about taking on the persona of a gaming room.

The other part is we need something to help us stay connecting, like I expressed before that we could have a movie theater and we critic what has been chosen. Surfer seems to be able to find some really neat things to look at so I figured let's also discuss that. I was thinking more of a place to also bring in other things to chat about. Not to totally take place of the chat room, but we can invite folks to join us at the movies and see what we get.

We can have questions and stuff and just find other ways to connect with other writers.

Lastly the idea of having a more established academic place to go. There are some folks in school (Hell the majority here) that may need tips on Nouns, sentence structure, punctuation etc. We can make this topic to have links to places that can assist the writers. Like Writers help or something.

Please leave your thoughs here and discuss this. I know this is a lot to think about but I'm going to delete parts of the forum that are just waisting space. I'm thrilled that the Sing it Baby is doing well and brainstorming, so we just need to get something else to do.

Also, I'd like to know how everyone would feel if I asked you to invite two new folks to FP to come to the forum. I'll make a topic just called You're Invited where members can post people they have sent some sort of invite to so I can follow up and give reviews to those stories and also a personal email to them to say thanks for taking the member up on the invite. This will help us raise awareness and build stronger relations with those who come here new that need the patience of the folks that reside here in cyber space. Okay, I've chatted long enough but this should be enough for you guys to chew and digest. Please leave a reply I need to know what folks think.

Frap out!

5/19/2011 #37

I'm liking the sound of this so far :) I really like the movie theater idea; I've been thinking that a thread like that would be pretty cool. Of course, we'd need to iron out details and so on, but we can do that.

I think my favorite new forum name is Club Blitz :) It makes the whole place sound like a Copacabana-like nightclub or one of those 1960s-style lounge-lizard clubs, the types where you've got guys in suits and ties or tuxes and women in evening gowns, with nicely-dressed maitre d's, jazz playing in the background and so on :)

I also like the idea of the writer's help thread. I wonder if one can find Strunk and White'sThe Elements of Styleonline; maybe we could post a link to that. The book is the most concise and simple book ever written on the subject of writing well and using good grammar. Every writer should have some kind of access to the information in that book :)

I like the idea of the invites, too; I've already got one person in mind :) I do think it'd be a great way to get some exposure for our forum :)

EDIT: Oh, and whatever happened to our book club?

5/20/2011 . Edited 5/20/2011 #38

have a poll!

5/21/2011 #39

Glad you like the ideas. Feel free to brainstorm rules with me here or by PM and any of us can set it up. If you want me to make the topic fine, but you guys can do that as mods. I'm trying to let you guys have some room to help out. I've never done a poll Rose so have at it, but we only have a couple of folks so I didn't think we really needed that. Maybe we can send out a message to our members that we have a poll so they can all vote. What do you guys think?

5/21/2011 #40

For names I like Writer's Nook. Review Madness might mean we get more traffic, because everyone wants reviews and that will show this place is review oriented, so either of those two could work.

As for establishing academic help for writers, I think that is a really good idea. To set the ball rolling, I have a link on my profile page to a punch of rants by Limyaael, which give brilliant advice for fantasy writers in the form of "rants". They are incredibly helpful, insightful and funny and you don't have to be a fantasy writer to be helped by them. I think the review game has a page dedicated to this with a huge amount of links that you could also use. It might be prudent to ask the moderator if you can use them as well, but it probably isn't a problem because it is links in the public domain.

5/21/2011 #41

Thank you for sharing and thanks for the info. I'll have to send the Review Game Admin a PM. But you're right, it IS public domain.

As for the names, your choices are so noted. Thanks.

5/21/2011 #42

Ok alright, I think do whatevr u think is best, but i cant help with grammar lol.

5/21/2011 #43

LOL! Man that's two of us with grammar issues.....Guess that's the first site I'll look to add...LOL!

5/21/2011 #44

good idea.

5/21/2011 #45

@Dazer: I read a few of those "rants" and they aren't helpful. Well, aside from pointing out a few cliche's and allowing someone to gripe... A vast majority contradict themselves, but simply stating "I don't like when this is done poorly, but when it's done well..." Of course we all dislike poor attempts at writing, that's why they are poor attempts.

Anyway, I'm down with the blitz idea...makes sense since i post there more frequently then anywhere else lol.

5/21/2011 #46

I totally disagree. Not only does she point out the common clich├ęs that litter stories, and therefore helps you to avoid them, but offers quite a lot of things that could be done well. And you do need to learn what not to do before you learn what to do. I felt my writing had improved significantly after reading through them. Where are the contradictions? I've read most of them over the past year or so, and didn't find any. Plus they're a good read.

5/22/2011 #47

Don't mean to argue with ya mate. Too each their own! What you may find useful others may not etc. Yes, it may be helpful to point out a few flaws/cliches in the genre, but that's not to say that a person can't use those same flaws or cliches to create a great story. Most of the rants just state annoyance on how they are done and a few things to look out for. It's also personal opinion, and not really writing critique. While the things they point out may annoy or bother them, obviously some people enjoy them, due to the fact that most of the references are published works. Editors liked it, and they sold well, so while it may not be to your taste, over used, etc. they worked for someone!

5/22/2011 #48


I'll be sending out invites and such. So anyone that would like to do the same.....Join me! (:

5/24/2011 #49

hehe just wondering, why club blitz?

5/24/2011 #50

its named after the blitz..we all use a lot.

5/24/2011 #51

And it just sounds cool :)

5/25/2011 #52

You really want to know? I'm a football fan....Blitzkreig baby! (Course I know I spelled that wrong, but HHOOYYEEAAHHH!!!!) LOL! And I liked the sound.

5/25/2011 #53

Mmmm... I feel like an effective mod... I just invited an author to check out our forum! We'll see what happens...

5/27/2011 #54

me too actually, the author writes very good subjective descriptions but she don't have that much reviews :( so I just have to invite her as she deserves her reviews!

5/29/2011 #55

So, I was thinking, we should have a movie watch-a-thon! We could maybe put together a ballot of five movies and we could choose one out of those five, arrange a night we could all watch it on and then get together on a thread specifically set aside for the topic and discuss it!

I was also thinking, since we're all writers here, maybe we could specifically nominate movies that we think are well-written, with techniques and things that we feel we may take from the film and apply to our writing to make it better :) We could all nominate, say, ten movies and maybe some kind of board of a few of us could select the five from everybody's nominations :)

I think this could be a lot of fun, but we need the admin's approval :) Frap? And what does everybody else think?

5/29/2011 #56

Yo, you're a mod.....RUN WITH IT!!!

I'm the admin, but I picked folks that I didn't have to babysit. Create what you will. I think you and Rose pretty much know I'm easy going.

But IF you just have to have my okay, then.../.

OKAY! (:

Oh and Red thanks for inviting someone. That helps.

5/31/2011 #57

NOOOOOOOOOO! I love yoga cat FRAP!

5/31/2011 #58

I do too, Red, but if anything was to replace Yoga Cat, I'm glad it's Rihanna :)

5/31/2011 #59

I thought it was Rhianna,when charlie said something.

5/31/2011 #60
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