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yeah i liked it more when i was eight lol, i was just watching it again for oldtime sake. I also watched kim possible too.

I will stick with my little house on the prairie.

5/22/2011 #1,771

Haha! Little House can be good :) It's certainly not saccharine, I'll give you that :) In fact, in the later seasons, it almost became "Catastrophe on the Prairie" because there always seemed to be an earth-shaking disaster every episode (like Mary going blind, Mary and a pregnant woman getting caught in a wagon rollover accident, Isaiah Edwards being crippled for life in a logging accident).

I love the show anyway, though, don't get me wrong :)

5/22/2011 #1,772

i like the midget episode myself lol. But they always get better too, ur forgetting when Laura loses her newborn son too haha.

gah my skin and hair arent cooperating for my date later.

5/22/2011 #1,773

Oh, that's right :) I'm a big 70s TV buff, so anything you want to talk about in that regard, I can sit down and have an intelligent conversation with you about :) I'm just sad I missed that movie about the making of "An American Family," the 70s documentary TV show that was really the first reality show ever :)

Oh, my skin and hair never cooperate :) So don't worry, you're not alone :)

5/22/2011 #1,774

oh im sure u can find it somewhere lol. But he's really cute...its not fair. i had the perfect outfit too and apparently im a bad gf for not knowing exactly what kind of jewelry i want lol.

5/22/2011 #1,775

Just found out why I missed that movie; apparently, it was an HBO TV movie that came out last month, and I don't get HBO :) No wonder I never saw it in theaters :)

Haha! I can understand how he feels; it's always awkward to not know what to get a girl for her birthday or whatever :)

And maybe your perfect outfit may need to become another perfect outfit to fit your hair and stuff better :)

5/22/2011 #1,776

I told him nothing fancy, it will just sit in my room. I dont need something fancy...i would nvr wear it. This makes me odd. he had to go into a store full of girls to purchase said items. he's a trooper.

5/22/2011 #1,777

Sounds like it :) A lot of guys, when girls say "nothing fancy," they don't believe them. You have to make sure that he knows that you're serious.

5/22/2011 #1,778

I did lol, it was just amusing...retailers didnt understand me. where i would where something really fancy? Class? Exactly!

5/22/2011 #1,779

Haha, definitely :)

SO BORED... I'm wondering what to watch... 70s horror sounds good... maybe NIGHT GALLERY...

Friends sounds okay, too, but I don't know how social a mood I'm in right now...

5/22/2011 . Edited 5/22/2011 #1,780

Nice,i just got back from volunteering.

5/22/2011 #1,781

It kinda scares me when people can sit down and chat about particular episodes to TV shows from 40 years ago. Guess it just goes to show how many hours are lost to humanity now, all due to some blinking lights on a screen lol. How often do you see people grouped up talking about the most recent book they read? Damn near never...most likely you'll get "Hey did you see the last episode of the Event?"

Sorry gripe session over lol. Carry on!

5/22/2011 #1,782

haha nice tegh..

in other news i had a date today.

5/22/2011 #1,783
Souffle Girl

Tegh you have a point.

But, on the other hand, I think most everyone on FictionPress is probably an avid reader. :P

5/22/2011 #1,784

what is ur definition of avid?

5/22/2011 #1,785
Souffle Girl

Enjoys reading? Engages in it often?

I probably read about a book a week, haha.

5/22/2011 #1,786

i watch doctor who once a week.

5/22/2011 #1,787
Souffle Girl

Well, I do that too. I love Doctor Who, haha.

5/22/2011 #1,788

watching the new one right now, the flesh is creepy?

5/22/2011 #1,789
Souffle Girl

I know! D: It's not as bad as the Weeping Angels though. I have to fear any DW villain as much as those damn statues.

5/22/2011 #1,790

i hate those weeping angels. i watched it at midnight too.

5/22/2011 #1,791
Souffle Girl

That was a TERRIBLE idea.

5/22/2011 #1,792

Yeah it didnt turn out well and i was afraid of my downstairs for a few days, but liked hearing about river.

5/22/2011 #1,793

Wow Rose...thanks for proving my point so well lol. "What do you consider avid reading" turned into Doctor Who...priceless!

5/23/2011 #1,794

@Tegh: In my own defense, I must say that I've been limiting my TV watching lately, and I don't watch hardly ANYTHING new (with the exception of shows on AMC, like The Walking Dead or The Killing). The only reason I know so much about old TV shows is because I'm an avid reader, because that's one of the things I enjoy reading and learning about :) Besides, Night Gallery is wonderful, and anybody who enjoys horror at all (as I do) should watch at least a few episodes :)

And my definition of an avid reader is somebody who really enjoys reading as much as they do watching TV or any other form of entertainment. I think we all fall under that category. Oh, and by the way, I'm a fast reader, so my rate of reading is a book every few days or so :)

5/23/2011 . Edited 5/23/2011 #1,795

Whatevr was doctor who nite...last night. The rebel flesh were really creepy. especially at midnight, i narrated the episode to poor james.

I dont watch a lot of shows just a select few to be honest, but if u leave me bored in my house,i somehow ending up watching sex and the city...

5/23/2011 #1,796

Haha! Can't say I'm a big fan of Sex and the City... :)

5/23/2011 #1,797

my girlness failed me lol.

5/23/2011 #1,798

Haha! Idk, to me, Sex and the City just seemed to be just a bunch of rich women sitting around and whining with each other about how "hard" their lives are :) Maybe I'm wrong :)

5/23/2011 #1,799

the writer couldnt have been rich...maybe the others. They do whine, but it can be amusing sometimes lol.

5/23/2011 #1,800
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