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This is just what is says. Since this forum is based upon writers wanting reviews and getting feedback, more so than just folks going to read some stories leisurely, this game is much like the other review catch games.

The twist is, I will go and do the review madness. I'll set a number of stories that I will read and try to do that number within a time limit. If you want to up the bet you can dare me to read a certain amount within a set time limit. Since this is fairly new and hasn't really been discussed better rules can be added later. I plan to read at least (50) stories for the weekend or more so that is my first goal.

If you'd like to cheer me on just post your cheers.

I'll also choose what genre to concentrate in so I think I'll do fantasy first.

The reviews have to have two things I like, two things to improve, and mention of the characters in some way, More details can be added but just for the moment that's what I got so far and it is also my way of promoting this place. Any one that would like to join me come on, I'm always open for a challenge. I'm working on food now, but I'll post the stories that I complete if anyone wants to make sure I'm staying honest in my work. Hope this is something that can catch on. Frapulicious out!

5/26/2011 #1

hi I'll give you a warm-up.

1) all the "mundane day" chapters which you have yet to read and review

2) a new story which I wrote and it's a fantasy piece. (Though the first chap may make you think of it as a horror genre) but its fantasy piece nevertheless. Here's the link

deadline? I'm fine with anything maybe one or two days starting from now?

5/28/2011 #2

Mr. Modest has challenged me. Love your little line "...which you have yet to read and review." (Cute)

Sorry for the start date dude. Life got in the way, but guess I'll have to slam you with some review love. Cross my heart and hope to live long enough to win a million dollars...LOL!

5/31/2011 #3

good luck! there are some motherly themes in there which I'm sure you can relate to

5/31/2011 #4

Ahem....Now begins my madness....Red so THOUGHTFULLY decided to give me a warm up with a SHAMELESS plug....LOL. But hey, gotta love Mr. Modest. (:

As I finish I'll post them here along with a tally.

1. (Chapters 2-5)




5. (Chpt. 1 and 2 but 1 was just an intro)



Total reviews = 11

(Okay I got to get some sleep. I DO have to go to work in the morning.)

5/31/2011 . Edited 5/31/2011 #5


5/31/2011 #6

Feedback for review madness.

thanks frap. tenses are truly one of my grave weaknesses in writing. Well if you have lived in singapore for 2 decades like me you should know that almost everyone there is hopeless in english especially for tenses.

you seem to read my mind over and over again! I absolutely loved chap 3 of mundane (felt that that was the best chap in the series) and to be honest chap 5 was the reason why I stopped the mundane series though I did mention that the series went downhill after chap 3. I will continue it in the future. But for now its tense polishing time!

5/31/2011 #7

Hey, Frap, I've got two stories that I'd like some reviews from you for (LOVE your reviews): Memory and Summer Storm. Feel free to review any other of my stories that you haven't honored yet, if you're so inclined :)

6/1/2011 #8

Dudes, you can do your requests at the penny....LOL!

But yes, I love both of your work, and I'll give it a look see.

6/1/2011 #9
Spiral Architect

Hi, could you review The Topaz Machine? I'm trying to get a lot of people's feedback on it, and it's proving very constructive. Thanks.

EDIT: TTM has come to a grinding halt, so this is no longer needed unless you want to give me 10 reviews for one story. That's be a new record for me, double digit reviews.

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #10

hey frap Red aka Mr modest here. I hope your still doing RM. I have been planning for you to read one of my stories. Don't worry is a simple and short one. The name of the piece is called "ronald riddle's life in 500 words" and its in my profile already. This is the only piece which I want you to review, the name itself is self-explanatory isn't it?

now here's the catch...

the review itself must be 12 (proper) or more sentences have fun!

6/17/2011 #11

Wow, what a subtle hint....LOL!

Got parties, and programs the next couple of week ends so I'll let you know when I do another run. I can put you on the top of the list though.... (:

6/17/2011 #12


6/21/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #13

You guys are misunderstanding this thread which is sooooooo freaking funny.

The review run is a way to get more members here by giving NON-FORUM members reviews and telling them where to go to get more.

Now it seems you guys think the number is how many I gave, possibly? I don't know, but to review your OWN work is a request....LOL!

So, here's the deal. Since you want me to review and you guys want specific points then I challenge you to do the same for a NON-MEMBER of the forum and put up what person and story you dropped the review love on. If you can do it for a stranger than I'll give it to you double.....Sound fair? I will worn you....I will check and count to make sure you abide by the rules.

So anyone up for that? I'm really working on having time for myself this weekend so I can actually drum up biz for the place. That is the whole scheme behind the Review Madness. LOL! Your request are funny though so thanks for the smile. (:

6/22/2011 #14

Ooops. I feel sheepish now :) **pulls blanket over head**

6/22/2011 #15
The Last Epic

I could use a review.

7/27/2011 #16
The Last Epic

For my story to hell and back that is...

7/27/2011 #17
Hokuto Uchiha

Reviewed Chapter 20 of "To Hell and Back".

I'd like a review for either "Oy Vey" or "Knicker Frenzy".

10/18/2011 #18
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