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(This thead comes to you courtesy of Spiral Architect)

1. Open you library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Players, ipod, etc)

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that's playing. The questions are: Opening credits, Waking up, First Day of School, Falling in Love, Fight Song, Breaking up, Prom, Life is just...O.K, Mental Breakdown, Driving, Flaskback, Getting Back Together, Birth of a Child, Wedding, Final Battle, Death Scene, Funeral Song, End Credits.

5. When you get to a new question, press the next button.

6. Don't lie to pretend you're cool...

As soon as you're done with the game, post the answers in this topic! (I changed that from in your profile)

Opening Credits

Waking up

First Day of School

Falling in Love

Fight Song

Breaking up


Life is just...O.K.

Mental Breakdown



Getting Back Together

Birth of a Child


Final Battle

Death Scene

Funeral Song

End Credits

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #1

I'll start us off:

Opening Credits: One by Three Dog Night

Waking up: Baby, I Love You by The Ronettes

First Day of School: Go Where You Wanna Go by The Mamas and the Papas

Falling in Love: Come A Little Bit Closer by Jay and the Americans

Fight Song: Joy to the World by Three Dog Night

Breaking up: She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel

Prom: Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp

Life is just...O.K.: Walk Away, Renee by The Left Banke

Mental Breakdown: The Times They Are A-Changin' by Peter, Paul and Mary

Driving: Walking in the Rain by The Ronettes

Flashback: Bootleg by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Getting Back Together: My Generation by The Who

Birth of a Child: Superstar by The Carpenters

Wedding: One Headlight by The Wallflowers

Final Battle: Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

Death Scene: Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf

Funeral Song: All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix

End Credits: A Famous Myth by The Groop

6/22/2011 #2
Spiral Architect

Aww, no mention? Oh well, it doesn't bother me that much.

Opening Credits: Lost in Cold Dreams (Rhapsody of Fire)...bad start.

Waking up: Out of the Cradle (Rush)...pretty good, actually.

First Day of School: Fields of Despair (Dragonforce)...s***.

Falling in Love: Break the Emotions (Thunderstone)...ipod, w**.

Fight Song: Take This Life (In Flames)...YESYESYES

Breaking Up: A Farewell to Kings (Rush)...change that to Queens and it's perfect.

Prom: Arriving as the Dark (Excalion)...decent.

Life is just...o.k: Once in a Lifetime (Dragonforce)...I hope so.

Mental Breakdown: Crystal Moonlight (Rhapsody of Fire)...God, this makes it seem like I've only got like ten artists on my ipod. But this one's good.

Driving: The Wax Walls of an Empty Room (Still Remains)...good.

Flashback: Gravitational Lensing (Solution .45)...good.

Getting Back Together: Ceiling Unlimited (Rush)...good.

Birth of A Child: Vicarious (Tool)...damn.

Wedding: Soldiers of the Wasteland (Dragonforce)...ok.

Final Battle: These Walls (Dream Theater)...assuming my final battle is with a coma, fantastic.

Death Scene: All This Time (Frogg Cafe)...decent.

Funeral Song: Heartbreak Armageddon (Dragonforce)...AWESOME

End Credits: Disconnected (In Flames)...ok.

6/22/2011 #3

There you go; you're mentioned :)

6/22/2011 #4
Spiral Architect

Thanks :D

6/22/2011 #5
Hokuto Uchiha

1. Opening Credits: Over the Hills and Far Away (Nightwish)

2. Waking up: Tiny Toons Opening

3. First Day of School: Freek-A-Leek (Petey Pablo feat. Jermaine Dupri and Twista)

4. Falling in Love: Coming Undone (Korn)

5. Fight Song: It's My Life (Bon Jovi)

6. Breaking up: East Jesus Nowhere (Green Day)

7. Prom: Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Verka Serduchka)

8. Life is just...O.K.: Land of Confusion (Disturbed)

9. Mental Breakdown: Hot in Here (Nelly)

10. Driving: Indestructible (Disturbed)

11. Flashback: Diary of Jane (Breaking Benjamin)

12. Getting Back Together: Last Resort (Papa Roach)

13. Birth of a Child: Rude Boy (Rihanna)

14. Wedding: Wishmaster (Nightwish)

15. Final Battle: Enter Sandman (Metallica)

16. Death Scene: You Drive Me Crazy (Britney Spears)

17. Funeral Song: The Hell Song (Sum 41)

18. End Credits: U Can't Touch This (MC Hammer)

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #6
Spiral Architect

Yeah, Nightwish!

Good taste.

6/23/2011 #7
Hokuto Uchiha

Thanks :)

6/23/2011 #8

Let me do this again and see what I come up with (hopefully something besides oldies; no promises, though, I have a TON of oldies on my iPod):

Opening Credits: Don't Give Up (Petula Clark) - I guess that's an appropriate message for an opening credit sequence :)

Waking up: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen) - I can actually see this fitting fairly well for a 'waking up' scene, because of its beat and light feel.

First Day of School: You Send Me (Sam Cooke) - The title sounds good (send me to school), but this is actually one of my favorite love songs, and I'm not in love with school :)

Falling in Love: I'm Happy Just to Dance With You (The Beatles) - This is very appropriate :)

Fight Song: A Wonder Like You (Ricky Nelson) - Uh, no. This is, like, the total OPPOSITE of a fight song :)

Breaking up: Make Me Smile (Chicago) - Breakin' up makes me smile? Okay.

Prom: (Your Love Keeps) Lifting Me Higher (Jackie Wilson) - The content works, but this song always reminds me of Ghostbusters 2 (this is the song they make the toaster dance to) :)

Life is just...O.K.: Moving in Stereo (The Cars) - OH YES. Totally right for this section :)

Mental Breakdown: Suzie Q (Three Dog Night) - Suzie's drivin' me nuts, babe!

Driving: Lonely Ol' Night (John Mellencamp) - This could work :)

Flashback: Galveston (Glen Campbell) - How appropriate, since this whole song is about a flashback and a guy missing his girlfriend :)

Getting Back Together: Little Bitty Pretty One (Bobby Day) - This song is just fun :), so it's just right for right here :)

Birth of a Child: All Summer Long (The Beach Boys) - This is one of my fave Beach Boys songs, so I'm totally down with it being here :)

Wedding: You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi) - This is gonna be MY wedding song :)

Final Battle: Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who) - Perfect. This song BELONGS here.

Death Scene: Kiss Me Goodbye (Gary Puckett and the Union Gap) - VERY appropriate :)

Funeral Song: Fire and Rain (James Taylor) - Since this song is all about death, this is just right for here :) I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose :)

End Credits: Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles) - Perfect. That's all I can say.

6/23/2011 #9
ztraceno v prekladu

Ooooh, boy. This is probably going to be all Eminem, Bad Meets Evil, D12, etc...

Opening Credits: Stan by Eminem (told you)

Waking up: The Reunion by Bad Meets Evil

First Day of School: Brain Damage by Eminem

Falling in Love: My Darling by Eminem (that song's frickin creepy)

Fight Song: Not Afraid by Eminem (that's not a bad fight song, really...)

Breaking up: Under the Influence by D12 (Ooh-kay...)

Prom: Space Bound by Eminem

Life is just...O.K.: Above the Law by Bad Meets Evil

Mental Breakdown: Lighters by Bad Meets Evil

Driving: Stay Wide Awake by Eminem

Flashback: Talkin' To Myself by Eminem

Getting Back Together: Hello by Eminem (that's twisted. just twisted.)

Birth of a Child: I'm On Everything by Bad Meets Evil

Wedding: Puke by Eminem

Final Battle: A Kiss by Bad Meets Evil

Death Scene: 3 AM by Eminem

Funeral Song: Welcome 2 Hell by Bad Meets Evil

End Credits: No Love by Eminem

7/1/2013 #10
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