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This is the puzzle thread topic, where you solve riddles and stuff ..yeah i hope that description works.

So solve away.

7/3/2011 #1

Thank you rose I will take it from here

Here are the rules for Puzzles and Games

I will give a puzzle and state the deadline of it before I give the answer, and a new one will be posted. Reply to the question if you want to answer it. If you want to answer any old puzzles, feel free to PM me

have fun solving!


7/3/2011 #2

Ok so since this is a new topic. I will give everyone an easy one to start with.

Imagine the eiffel tower in front of you. A giant huge colossal structure made with tons and tons of metal pointing to the heavens. With such a huge structure in front of you, there is a way to make it disappear with only two coins, how do you accomplish this feat?

DEADLINE: 3 days (if everyone seems to know the answer, I would reveal it quicker)

7/3/2011 #3

oh one :( I guess everyone's busy. Let me extend this to 3 more days then

7/6/2011 #4

You put the coins over your eyes :)

If I'm right, can I post a puzzle? I've got a good one :)

7/7/2011 #5

ahaha your right, told you guys its an easy one!

ok you may post it :)

7/7/2011 #6

Okay :)

Okay, so you're walking down this road. It's pitch black, you can't see a thing. Suddenly, you see two lights coming right at you. You can't see anything around or behind them. How do you tell if it's a car or two motorcycles?

7/8/2011 #7

hmm I'm also quite an idiot on puzzles as well lol but I'll try on this

Is it the sound of the vehicles? to my knowledge motorcycles are always screaming through the roads while the cars are more quiet.

7/10/2011 #8

No, but good try :) Try again :)

7/10/2011 #9

the height of the lights lol? is this one of those common sense questions?

7/12/2011 #10

If any one has a puzzle in mind feel free to post it!

ok a simple one from me

3, 4, 5, 2

one of this four numbers is the odd one out, which number is it?

7/13/2011 #11

I'm braincell impaired at the moment for both of those...Sorry, but hopefully someone will get them.. C'mon forum....guess.

7/15/2011 #12

Really nobody wants to answer to the questions? aww man :(

7/28/2011 #13

@charlie: Actually two things strike me. One is that a car has two stable points of light, where as motorcycles would fluctuate. The other is the size of the lighting. Motorcycles have smaller lights that are pointed at an angle toward the roadway, where a car's go straight out.

@Red: 5 (I picked that purely based on what you said lol, the First ODD one out. 3 is odd, but it's not 1 out from anything, where as 5 is odd and 1 out from the end lol.)

Here's one: A rich man needs 'it.' A poor man has 'it.' But, if either of them were to eat 'it' they would surely die! What is 'it'?

8/24/2011 #14

its been a long time since I saw you here tegh so welcome back.

good observation, but its not the right answer, its really not that complex.

Hmm I guess "it" has to be an object, you can't eat happiness and you can't die from happiness lol. Hmm maybe The rich man needs a "life" for earning too much money without enjoying it? a poor man has a "life" because although he is poor, he has character and everyone loves him. But if they eat their "lives" they will die...yes I am CORRECT!

8/24/2011 #15

Alright if not 5, then 2.

You're close...but one could easily argue that a rich man and/or a poor man would have/need a life lol.

8/25/2011 #16

@Tegh: Nice try, but no. The answer really isn't that technical or complex.

8/25/2011 #17

sorry its not 2. Well at least your options have been divided into either 3 or 4.

Argh I can't think anymore. I spent at least half an hour on this question of yours just thinking about this. Is "it" objective or subjective? I have to play twenty questions now because "it" can be anything

8/25/2011 #18

@Charlie: Alright then...stand in the middle. If you're was a car. If not, 2 bikes lol.

@Red: With only 4 numbers, and no noticeable makes it odd. So guess i shall. 50/50 odds so (*drum roll*) 4. The other 3 are primes.

Also, a very large hint to my question: "It" can't be "anything," but "it" might be the opposite. lol

8/25/2011 #19

@Tegh: **applauds** Good job!

I'll have to work on yours...

8/25/2011 #20

yup the correct answer if 4. 2, 3 and 5 are all primes

8/25/2011 #21

Sweet...the two questions that the thread was stuck on! Woot! lol

Another quick one, I'll give the answer to my other question after another guess or two, but this one's easier.

Car A is going down the highway at 60mph. There is a Bee in Car A. Car B is going the opposite direction at 40mph. How fast is the Bee going when the two cars pass?

8/26/2011 #22

hmm is it no speed at all lol?

8/27/2011 #23

I have a new one...

He is a neat freak with sloppy eating habits

He likes to flirt around with anyone he sees

He is also into necrophilia

Who is "he"

8/28/2011 #24

@Tegh: I'd guess a good solid 60 mph :)

@Red: Hmmmm... Hannibal Lector?

8/28/2011 #25

@Charlie: Yep. 60mph give or take flight.

The answer to my earlier question, since no one seemed to get it, is "nothing." A rich man needs nothing, a poor man has nothing, and if either try and eat it...well it won't end so well for them!

8/28/2011 #26

@ charlie: no, and "he" can be anything not just a human

@ tegh: lol makes sense and darn I was about to guess 60 as well but I thought it was a trick question

8/29/2011 #27
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