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What makes you different from everyone else?
11/16/2006 #1
David Lovato
The fact that I'm me and no one else is.
11/16/2006 #2
You're boring.
11/16/2006 #3
I am unique and smart and weird in a good way and a little pretty (I guess) and I'm Filipino and I'm short and I have dark brown THICK hair with big round dark brown eyes and I like singing and music and writing and running and school and I love math (it's my favorite subject and I am still a kid and I LOVE California 'cause that's where I'm from (to be specific, San Francisco! :) ) and I hate homework and I find school rather easy and I love watching movies and TV and reading books and I ramble on a lot whether it be in writing or speaking and I go on the computer a lot and I love eating and....
11/17/2006 #4
Charming Dice
I'm Dice Freakin' Darwin. Enough said.
11/17/2006 #5
Wow, Chuchu, you must've had a lot of sugar.
11/17/2006 #6
Royal Bliss
I was asked to leave the Slash forum.
11/17/2006 #7
Wow. Well, pro'lly 'cause you said twincest is f**ked up. Only because it is. I'm in a destructive mood. That is what makes me unique. I'm whiny and b*tchy. And cursy. And my canines are sharp, like fangs. The Queen of All Depression, Devastation and Meaningless Life
11/17/2006 #8
Royal Bliss
No it was because I proved that the forum owner was lying...and then she got mad and asked me to leave. I don't know if she'll find this and freak out at me again. It was funny as hell though.
11/17/2006 #9
Sounds like it. *head thunks on desk* I can see your day has been going nicely.
11/17/2006 #10
Ad Hector
i'm a christian satanist/objectivist who is against death penalty yet pro-choice yet non-political, angst-ridden, promiscuous yet not really into sex, too lazy to achieve anything worth achieving. and i'll be dead in a year.
11/18/2006 #11
I'm sarcastic and gets on people's nerves with it?
11/18/2006 #12
Dead in a year?
11/18/2006 #13
Jesus Christ, really?
11/19/2006 #14
Royal Bliss
Wait... is It implying that it's going to off Itself in a year...?
11/19/2006 #15
11/19/2006 #16
Royal Bliss
Wow yeah it does... Uhhh... Hmm... someone should do something about that.
11/19/2006 #17
I have no flipping clue what you're talking about. I'm really, really confused and it's my birthday and I hate being confused!!!!
11/19/2006 #18
Royal Bliss
Alright I don't want to openly say it but the like... alert shit isn't working. Let me just say it.... "I'll be dead in a year". I first read that and was thinking "oh... not too pleasant ... sounds like a plan" and then I read their profile. And yeah... not sure what to do now. I don't like when people act that way...
11/19/2006 #19
Ohhh... weird. (sorry for going all whiny on you.... was having an odd moment.) Me neither.
11/20/2006 #20
Royal Bliss
o.O you didn't sound whiny at all
11/20/2006 #21
Well the whole hating being confused thing... *cough* well sorry for whatever it was. Just... read like a tantrum to me. I hope he/she doesn't off itself. I happen to like the world being filled with living people.
11/20/2006 #22
Royal Bliss
Yeah... I don't know why you'd put that up there if you were planning on it anyway. I'm not going to have a countdown or anything.
11/20/2006 #23
Yeah. I love life. ToT
11/20/2006 #24
Ad Hector
it's something i always say to lessen the possibility of it happening. u get what i mean?
11/25/2006 #25
Actually, I kind of do. But... If you don't really want to die, then why do you plan it like that?
11/26/2006 #26
Suddenly I've gotten very confused here!
11/26/2006 #27
Ad Hector
ok here's the thing. if there's something that i want more than i do writing, it's dying. i know this sounds dramatic, but if i die, i'd rather die through self-induction than of some illness or of some other tragedy out of my control. but i don't want to die this soon. i do find living meaningless, but there's still this inexplicable urge to achieve something. and i find that if i talked about it to anyone random, the less likely i'd be doing it. there was a point when i kept this all to myself and i came really close - what lacked were resources. i had attempted an explanation through my work here on FP, but i believe i'm failing. although i'm still keeping at it to see if i do get to explain this successfully. i know it must be annoying for most of you to hear someone wanting to kill him/herself. but i really feel it's something u have to keep an open mind for. as sylvia plath wrote: "dying is an art / like everything else." and i hope you won't dismiss this as some sort of teenage phase that lasts. i'm not a teenager, and if this were a phase, surely after ten years or so i should've gotten past this. no, this is rather an obssession. like the way other people obssess about TV, or books, or love, or sex. i'm obssessed with dying.
11/26/2006 #28
.............Can't pretend that I'm a bit suprised by that one! Kinda freaky in a way though, no offence intended either by the way. Hell, I'm a bit obsessed with trying to solve conspracies! Hope to God I don't get in trouble though...
11/26/2006 #29
Of course life has no meaning! Frankly, nothing can be achieved by creating little midget children who will then make other little midget children then die. If there is a God, he's playing silly boogers with us all. Let me ask you this. If you kill yourself, what makes it different than being killed by some other force? Would it make you feel like you have more control over your life? Frankly, you were born by other forces than yourself, and it doesn't make a lot of sense that you wish to prove yourself more controlling over your destiny by ending your own life. No one has complete control, and, in my opinion, there is a lot of shit to live for, even it may seem pointless. Sure, death is an art, but it should be experienced when it's your time, not when you feel like having more art in your life. I don't think of this as a phase. I understand what you're going through, and I'm not just going to shove depression pills down your throat and say it'll all be better. Because, ultimately, I have no control over whether you die, and a pile of meds doesn't, either. Yes. You DO have the power to end your own life. But you also have the power to do so much else.
11/26/2006 #30
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