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Does anyone ELSE get that sometimes?

(403 Forbidden instead of the page they want)

I've been on this website with multiple computers, and each time this seems to be my problem :/

is fictionpress having a mental breakdown or is it just me?

4/30/2009 #1
Defenseless Warrior

I have that problem, but I get 404 forbidden.

But I do get 403 forbidden, too.

5/1/2009 . Edited 5/3/2009 #2

yeah i get it. I just hit the refresh button

5/4/2009 #3

Yeah I get it too. I hit the refresh and it works. But it gets a little annoying after a while. lol

5/4/2009 #4
Defenseless Warrior

I wonder what it does...

5/4/2009 #5

i don't get story alerts anymore

that's happened after i got the 403 forbidden page a couple hundred times!

what's going on?

5/14/2009 #6

I am so sick of it. I cannot do anything on Fictionpress anymore. Sometimes I cannot even read anything because of this stupid error!

it makes me mad, and until it stops I won't review anything or even be on, because I cannot check anything at all. Not even reviews! (I disabled emails too!) it makes me never what to get on Fpo anymore! GRRR!

(rant over)

5/14/2009 #7

yes!! I get it all the time, it's so annoying!!!

5/25/2009 #8

yes!! I get it all the time, it's so annoying!!!

5/25/2009 #9

I get that a lot too, it also bugs me when they make you type in those codes to prove you're a human, NO I'M A MOOSE BUT I LEARNED HOW TO TYPE.

5/27/2009 #10

I used to get it, but lately i have been 403 Forbidden free! Touch wood...

7/23/2009 #11
fears up side

hey, i dont remember the authors name but someone wrote a story about the 403 forbidden, it was frikin hilariuos


1/9/2010 #12
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