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Okay, I'm kind of new to fictionpress, so i don't know any of you people. So the best way to get to be friends is to answer wierd questions...

1. Is it strange that I read the last page or sentence first?

2. When you post a story, can people already view it?

3. What is your most embassing moment?

4. Are you more awake during the day or night?

6/2/2009 #1
Rose Valentine

1. No, dear, it's not strange. It's just the way you do things. Not strange at all. In fact, I find it very interesting.

2. Yes, when you post a story, people can already view it. Even you.

3. I have a few of those, I'm sorry. :)

4. Night. I sleep at around 11 - 2am and am awake at around 6-7 am. Yeah, weird body clock

6/11/2009 #2
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