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Did it rock? Did it suck? Did it involve crazy relatives or mild eating of McDonald's?
11/24/2006 #1
Charming Dice
I fell asleep early in the afternoon. Missed most of it. I have faint memories of someone giving thanks for one thing or another. Not much happened beyond watching football. So you know, McDonalds chicken is really pigeon meat and their hamburgers are from random roadkill. Also, their ice is frozen toilet water. But that's recycling at its finest, right?
11/24/2006 . Edited 11/24/2006 #2
Moko Emaki
It sucked... My relatives are total weirdos... They belong in the 'Wacky Shack' as my sister calls it... My stomach hurts because of the massive intake of turkey. Pepto-Bismol tastes horrific. I'm cranky. I woke up at 12:38 PM today...
11/24/2006 #3
Moko Emaki
Plus, dog food contains roadkill. So we're eating puppy chow when we go to McDonalds! That meat stuff... That's the roadkill. The kibbles aren't...
11/24/2006 #4
Well, cereal companies are allowed to put 9 milligrams of rat shit for every 1 gram of oats they put in their cereal....... and that, my friend is scary. *still eats cereal*
11/25/2006 #5
Moko Emaki
Thank god I don't eat breakfast...
11/25/2006 #6
Royal Bliss
That sounds kind of fake.
11/25/2006 #7
Moko Emaki
Well I dont!
11/25/2006 #8
*shrug* I don't put it beyond them.
11/25/2006 #9
Burnt Bread
Rat shit... I'm not eating anything with oats anymore. They don't have Thanksgiving in Australia. What exactly happens? Is it such a boig deal?
11/27/2006 #10
You eat turkey till you can't eat any more, then you sleep for a long time. That's really the full extent of it. I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, but I love cranberry sauce so it's tolerable. To a lot of people it is, but to me, it's just eating a lot. I had Honey Nut Cheerios today.
11/27/2006 #11
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