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hi i'm new and have no reviews. I'm wondering if anyone will read my works or tell me how i can get more people to review?

6/16/2010 #1

Hi, I read your poem "Inside My Mind". Perhaps you could review my story?


Summary: I should've known that my name would bring me trouble. I mean, what do you expect when your last name is an Atlantic fish that tastes, well, strange. Curse you, Casey Brown. Curse you and all your undeniable sexiness. Not that I like him, or anything.

Rated: T


As for how to get more reviews, just advertise yourself on alot of forums, and review alot of stories. The authors will usually check out who reviewed their story, and in turn, possibly reviewing something that the reviewer wrote. Appealing to the masses is another way. Trust me, you write Romance of FP, and you get ALOT more hits and reviews faster than any other Genre on here. :)

6/18/2010 #2

Hi ToxicallyYours,

It's actually a lot easier than a lot of us (especially me) think it is! There is a forum (The Roadhouse), that's number two on the general forums and they can seriously help you get more reviews. They're awesome and I love them. :) Just go to "The bar" and ask for a review, add the link, and then go to their sites and review their stuff. It's actually a lot of fun! I hope it helps!


7/15/2010 #3

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7/29/2010 #4
Momotami Nanako
Oh I'll read your work but please read mine it's called The World Of Magic By Sawanatsu Kotone Please give me a review!
11/29/2012 #5

Hi, even I too wanted reviews....

Well, I need to know...., how to post to forums

Am new here, and I don't know how to post, whether click on reply or any way?

I asked it here, cuz I didn't get any other to ask in other forums

Hope, you answer me......:)

1/9/2013 #6

Please visit my profile, I have written 5 stories

I think you like story 'Dear Meow'....

I can't exactly remember the address of it

1/9/2013 #7
Alex The Dragon

Hey is just began here on fiction press and actually just started writing, but I'm not really getting any attention from anybody and i really want to improve my writing and story and if anyone could review my first chapter of my story: A Dragons Legacy

it would be very awesome

Story summery:

When Alex a fifteen year old lightning dragon receives a letter from his father and an invitation to Sky academy his life will change for ever and heads out to The city of Haven With many questions to be answered. Can Alex solve the mysteries surrounding his father's disappearance and the clues and riddles he left behind for him? Has he what it takes to be a guardian?

lets find out.

And of course i would review your story in return.;)

1/18/2013 . Edited 1/18/2013 #8

Hey, I am kinda new here. Please review my story master of destruction and I'll review your story thanks, yours truly Koda

10/10/2015 #9

Hello, I was just wondering if maybe you could take a peek at some of my stories? Links are on my profile.

11/15/2015 #10
Imagination Persona

Hello. Would very much appreciate some reviews, no matter if positive or negative, on the stories on my profile. Thank you very much.

4/19/2016 #11

I understand that was like. I've been posting on another writing website for years, reviews are hard to get. They really do help when writing a story. I started posting on her expecting few reviews because this site doesn't seem to get much traffic in general.

2/4/2017 #12

Please help! need reviews!

7/14/2017 #13

Hi! I'm new too and don't have any reviews. Would you be interested in reviewing my work? I'd love to review yours :)

9/15/2017 #14
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