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I opened a jelly jar that had never previously been opened with my bare hands on my first try!
12/5/2006 #1
Royal Bliss
Woo! That's my Fenfen. Conquering the world one jelly jar at a time...
12/5/2006 #2
You changed your UN! *glomp*
12/5/2006 #3
Royal Bliss
Yeah.. I gave my sister the link to FP to see if it would work in Utah and she was looking around and I thought she'd find me if I kept my other UN so I changed it.
12/5/2006 #4
Well, it's cool. ^_^ Why'd you replace the L with a J though? *tries to open a coke* Aww hell.
12/5/2006 #5
Did you change your middle name? ^^ ^^ ^^ It is very cool though. Don't fear, Saki-fen! Perhaps superstrenght is not your power! Have you tried looking through walls?
12/5/2006 #6
Yes. T_T I think I could have mental powers, though... I was playing Big Brain Academy for Nintendo DS just now and I got a brain weight of 1694g..... which is friggin' huge.
12/5/2006 #7
. . . that's pretty cool. But wouldn't that make you the evil supervillain? They're generally the smart ones. I don't think I HAVE a superpower. T_T When I was much younger, I read this book, 'No Flying In The House,' and in it, there were fake instructions on how to fly, which mainly consisted of holding your breath and kissing your elbow. (???) I remember, I went through several hours trying to do that, until my mother asked me if I was constipated or something.
12/5/2006 #8
Royal Bliss
[q]Why'd you replace the L with a J though?[/q] R.L. was based off of one character. I wanted to keep R.L. but it didn't sound very appealing with Matador tagged on so I went with the first letter of another character's name. I'm a dork.
12/5/2006 #9
Royal Bliss
[q]When I was much younger, I read this book, 'No Flying In The House,' and in it, there were fake instructions on how to fly, which mainly consisted of holding your breath and kissing your elbow. [/q] There's this one book called "The Zombie Survival Guide". It's cool as hell. I now feel fully prepared for when they walk the earth....
12/5/2006 #10
We just checked out the ZSG at the library. My little brother read it and got terrified... hahahahaha. My sis and my mom love it, though. Of course you have a super-power, Kummie! You like, have awesomeness powers!
12/6/2006 #11
Royal Bliss
The best funny kind-of-book I've read was "The Alphabet of Manliness" by Maddox. It's awesome.
12/7/2006 #12
Hee hee. I just read another good one. "Tough guide to Fantasy Land." Diana Wynne Jones. It made me chuckle.
12/26/2006 #13
David Lovato
I totally had a zombie dream last night. I'm going to use it for the basis of a short story or even a novel. It should be pretty cool, it's not your every day virus-causes-zombieism that's been done a hundred times or so. I mean, I love Resident Evil and I love 28 Days Later, but seriously. It's getting old. Zombies were made by voodoo, not any virus.
12/26/2006 #14
Yeah! And vampires were made when corpses' fingernails and hair grew after death, and they gained weight, so people thought that they were still alive. Yippee.
12/27/2006 #15
The only thing I really know about voodoo is the thing about wax figurines, and I'm not even sure that's real. I'm so uncultured. T_T
12/29/2006 #16
It's okay. I'm uncultured too. My mom's just a vampire freak.
12/30/2006 #17
Oh, that's cool! My mom's a craft's freak. I love her anyway, though. ^^
12/30/2006 #18
Mine is also obsessed with teeth. She orders huge boxes of toothpaste and stuff... it's weird. I have a rechargeable toothbrush with a built-in timer. ^_^
12/30/2006 #19
Burnt Bread
Obsessed with... teeth. My parents want me to become a dentist, but I don't think I could bare to touch other peep's teeth. I've touched some dirty stuff before, but teeth just gross me out. About voodoo dolls, I don't think that wax is the exclusive medium to use. I once read that dolls were once used to trap people's essence in some way. So i guess you could do both good and evil with that. There are many natural objects with powerful magical potential. I guess you could carve a doll out of wood, bone or rock - those would be my personal choice if I was to make a voodoo doll of someone. They have much more potency than wax. You could probably sew a voodoo doll... a particularly frightening doll I've seen once (that i swear could have been a voodoo doll) was made from cat hide, sewed with human hair, with bones, rocks and dried pigs blood as filling. Yeah... that was... disturbing. On an interesting sidenote, did you know that people have actually died thinking that they were dying? There was this experiment where one person was blindfolded tied to a chair with his wrist slit with another person watching. The first guy died of blood loss, evidently. Then they tied the second guy up, blindfolded him and pretended to slit his wrist. Then they made the same dripping sound behind him that he had heard when watching the other guy died and guess what? After a while, the second dude died as well. It's freaky, but shows that there's definately some mind over matter going on. What you think can definately influence the way you behave, and I've seen firsthand some strange things that would suggest the existance of the supernatural. So I can't stand paranormal horror films... Having said that, Resident Evil is one of my favourite movies. Milla Jovovich is a babe bomb.
1/3/2007 #20
[q]My parents want me to become a dentist[/q] Dentists make MAD money. But dental school's got to be the toughest thing on the planet - I know a lot of dentists and they never shut up about their tooth-pulling misery. Wow, that's creepy. Are scientists actually allowed to conduct experiments like that? I've seen some pretty creepy stuff, too. One of the things about being a writer is a twisted perception of everything. Resident Evil? That movie was fun. But they killed off my favorite character in the first half hour, then I got over it and they killed off my second favorite character at the end. Freaking sucked.
1/3/2007 #21
I don't watch too many scary movies, (I know wimpy) But I read EVERYTHING, no matter if it's thundering outside late at night with cayotes surrounding the house. Which is strange, because you can just stop watching the movie, but with a book, it's in your head. Maybe it was during the holocaust. They did all sorts of nasty stuff like that. I actually think the inhumane things they did were almost as bad as the genocide.
1/3/2007 #22
Burnt Bread
The holocaust? Man, I have stories about that, but no, it wasn't from there. I'm not certain when/where the particular experiments were done but I am definately sure that it's not one of a kind and that such experiments are continuing today. It's all underground though and I won't go into the details. So, how did a talk about jelly morph into something ugly. Herm, a superhuman feat I've done recently is leap across a gutter 1.5 meters wide. I know, it doesn't seem very hard, but try it. It is.
1/5/2007 #23
A superhuman feat I've done recently is tolerate my little brother.
1/5/2007 #24
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