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Sable Queenie
I just joined the forums last Thursday and at first when this problem started with editing my profile I just attributed it to my having to wait until I gained uploading privileges. But, when I got them I noticed the same thing; I can't space my lines in my profile or when I go to edit chapters. Not even the Shift + Enter combination works. I also don't have a toolbar that lets me bold, italicize, underline, etc in the text. Also there is no Preview button in the Document Manager section. I emailed FP about it yesterday but haven't heard back as of yet :-/ Anyone else with this problem?
4/4/2011 #1
Regrettably, you're not the only one with this problem. I keep encountering the same problem whenever I try to edit documents.
4/6/2011 #2
I've been having the same trouble. I haven't updated my story because I can't edit the document. I hope what ever is wrong will be fixed soon.
4/10/2011 #3
Ashia Blue
I also can't upload mine. i've been experiencing it!! i wish that FP will fix it soon because they already wish for my chapter two. :(
12/17/2011 #4
My doc editor is all messed up, too. Just a block a text in a tiny box with no options.
2/8/2012 #5
I'm having the same issues. It's been going on for months now. There's no point in emailing support. They never email back. We're just going to have to wait until they get around to fixing it.
2/9/2012 #6
I don't understand. This has been going on since April? I haven't posted anything on this site in over a year, but back in the day I recall it having a good amount of users with pretty regular support and updates. What has happened?
2/14/2012 #7
Angelic Visage
i asked about but not everyone seems to have the problem, it's why some people are still able to publish stuff.
3/4/2012 #8
People we have an alternative that answered half of our prayers!!!

This is from taerkitty. Not ME!

In FP, we can't edit our documents worth a (bleep), but it's working fine over in FF land.

0. This assumes you've already created an account. If not, see above.

1. Create a text document. Or Word, or HTM, or OpenOffice, or whatever the Doc Manager (Upload) over on says it will accept. The content is irrelevant - we just need a throwaway doc in our Doc Manager (Upload) screen.

2. On, open the doc you wish to edit. Lament at the alphabet soup of HTML code.

3. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy all of it to your clipboard. Mac users, you know to substitute the Ctrl with Command, right?

4. On, open the throwaway doc. Delete everything in it. Marvel at how clean it is. Click on 'HTML'.

5. Just like above, a new window will open. Ctrl-V to paste your clipboard into the HTML scree.

6. Click on 'Update', and it should, in all its former FP glory, be in the View/Edit Document window over on

7. Edit to your heart's content.

8. Reverse the process. Still on, click on HTML, select all, copy to clipboard.

9. Back to, click on the document you wish FP was unborked enough to allow you to edit, if it's not already open. If it's all HTML gobbledygook, delete everything in the window.

10. Copy the contents of your clipboard ono that doc and save it.

3/18/2012 #9
Hey thanks to you and Taerkitty, bud. Finally got a story I've had sitting around published and properly formatted. I suggest everyone does this until FictionPress fixes the problem. If they ever.
3/21/2012 #10
Who knows when they are going to fix it. This is the best method we can do for now.
3/22/2012 #11
I'm a little shocked. Just joined this site a couple of days ago and now, able finally to post the story I've been working on all week, I find I can't upload a copy with any formatting at all? Can't even edit in line breaks, italics/bold? Even the Fanfiction copy method mentioned here doesn't seem to work as the formatting isn't saved. It reverts right back to a jumbled mess again. Obviously everyone isn't experiencing this or I'd see a lot more complaints, considering I'm seeing new stories pop up pretty consistently on the site. But this problem has been around for at least year now? Really? I have to say, I'm more than disappointed.
4/15/2012 #12
Actually, it does work Anonymouser. It reverts back to the jumbled mess, but the jumbled mess will revert to your original story once you post New Story ^^ Taerkitty's way is wonderful. We're all pretty darn disappointed -3- It's been so long yet it's not fixed yet.
4/19/2012 #13

Hmm. Well, now I don't know how to feel about this. I was deeply disappointed, enough to be a little offended, but it seems to be working now. Haven't tried it exactly, you understand...but I suppose if I were going to harumph and kick the furniture before then I should give it a go now. I'll upload a chapter or three and see what happens. If it works, then I'll go ahead and claim credit for everything, of course. Because I'm awesome like that.

That aside, thanks for taking the time to respond! It's very much appreciated. ;D

4/21/2012 #14

Yep. It seems to finally be working now.

4/21/2012 #15
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