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Hi everyone :) Every time I upload a document and go to edit it, there's just this tiny box... and all the tools are gone. Any ideas??? -Inso.
4/10/2011 #1
Hi :) I am having the exact same problem and so are some of the other members. I emailed FP about it. I don't expect an answer though. No one ever responds. I guess we'll just have to wait patiently for someone to fix the problem.
4/11/2011 #2
Thanks for replying ~ I'm sorry to hear that! I wish it wasn't a site-wide problem. Who knows how long it will be before they fix it... *waaaits*
4/11/2011 #3
Did either of you ever figure out how to fix it, or is it still happening??? :( its been so long since i've been able to load a chapter without that error....
2/28/2012 #4
It's still happening. I don't know when or if it will get fixed.
2/29/2012 #5
Yeah, just uploaded a new poem but I'm deleting it. The format isn't right for the poem and because the tools are gone and everything seems to be stuck in html mode I can't change the stanzas. Now it's just one big block of text and it's not nice to read. Wish they'd fix it.
3/9/2012 #6
yeah.... i hate that text box. I have been rewriting a bunch of chapters on my story, but i cant update them since that format hurts ur eyes when try and you read it!!! i have too many words, and they are all too close together so its not worth it. and the sadist part- i only have one chapter to go before my story is complete- but i have to wait for the DM to be fixed so that i can post it.... *sigh*
3/9/2012 #7
People we have an alternative that answered half of our prayers!!!

This is from taerkitty. Not ME!

In FP, we can't edit our documents worth a (bleep), but it's working fine over in FF land.

0. This assumes you've already created an account. If not, see above.

1. Create a text document. Or Word, or HTM, or OpenOffice, or whatever the Doc Manager (Upload) over on says it will accept. The content is irrelevant - we just need a throwaway doc in our Doc Manager (Upload) screen.

2. On, open the doc you wish to edit. Lament at the alphabet soup of HTML code.

3. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy all of it to your clipboard. Mac users, you know to substitute the Ctrl with Command, right?

4. On, open the throwaway doc. Delete everything in it. Marvel at how clean it is. Click on 'HTML'.

5. Just like above, a new window will open. Ctrl-V to paste your clipboard into the HTML scree.

6. Click on 'Update', and it should, in all its former FP glory, be in the View/Edit Document window over on

7. Edit to your heart's content.

8. Reverse the process. Still on, click on HTML, select all, copy to clipboard.

9. Back to, click on the document you wish FP was unborked enough to allow you to edit, if it's not already open. If it's all HTML gobbledygook, delete everything in the window.

10. Copy the contents of your clipboard ono that doc and save it.

3/18/2012 #8
Is anyone else still having this problem where editing a document is in HTML code?
4/17/2012 #9
Yes! And it's driving me insane! I've been using the method JRockFan describes above, but it's far (furtest) from ideal. Not only that, but look what the mods posted on the frontpage a few days ago: "•Doc Manager: We have more than doubled the performance of the Document Manager resulting in a smoother uploading/editing process." Are they completely oblivious to what is going on? Or is it a problem only a few of us face? If you're reading this and are not facing the same problem, will you please let me know? (Edit: Great... now I can't even add line breaks to my forum posts anymore, sorry about that! ... Sigh!)
4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #10
I think it's a site wide thing... But I've emailed FP support twice and they haven't replied! I'm seriously thinking of moving to another site...
4/19/2012 #11
I still have the problem.... and i have had it for over a year and a half. Which means i havent uploaded in that amount of time (chapters too long- would be total chaos). And i've already moved to another site- There they allow me to design a cover book picture, longer summary, and have more of an actual book. But i'm still loyal to my fans here- so i dont want to remove it from the site. Thus, still waiting till the end of time. (p.s- i've emailed them four times)
4/19/2012 #12
Yeah... I've decided not to email them, because that would be a waste of time. It's a shame the Moderators only pay attention to 'improving' the website, i.e. adding stuff nobody can use, because of the failing document manager (and traffic stats in my case). They should take the time to read the bloody emails... Ristay, that site sounds awesome, I will check it out!
4/19/2012 #13


I'm Shocked and amazed! It actually works again (for me at least)!

To the mods: THANK YOU, sorry for complaining!

4/21/2012 #14

Yeah mine works too!! :) I feel bad now, I was moaning on my blog about this... Oh well!

Thanks FP team! Sorry for harassing your email :S

Danny (squillink93)

4/21/2012 #15

THANK GOD!!! same here!!!! but no need to feel bad about our concern; we had every right to be upset. BUT IM SO HAPPY ITS BACK UP!

4/22/2012 #16
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