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Welcome to the place I will be frequenting every other second of my life.
12/9/2006 #1
Moko Emaki
I am back from a total abyss... Well, half-abyss. Right now i'm typing in the middle of a school day and im probably going to get kicked off clean... plus there's all these kids looking over my shoulder...
12/15/2006 #2
Moko Emaki
There's a phrase that keeps repeating in my head over and over. "It's magically delicious" From that stupid commercial...
12/15/2006 #3
Royal Bliss
Hopefully you're talking about Lucky Charms... that's the only quote I can think of that's in a commercial. Except it's "they're" not "it's". But yeah. Lucky Charms kick ass.
12/16/2006 #4
I'm really dissapointed with that cereal. I've eaten it many a time, but so far nothing magical has happened. Not once! I'm going off to sulk.
12/17/2006 #5
Moko Emaki
R.J. Matador... You changed it even with our disagreement. I'm in a disagreeing mood... but... I'll agree with it! Anyhoo, somebody made the post long again. I wonder who... I think it was me. All these kids can talk about is the 360 and PS3. There's this snoot who's sitting two seats away from me and he keeps talking about the game systems and it's getting a little annoying and i'm going to kill some*body* by strangling *them*. *panting* Ok... that was a little overreacting. They keep looking over my shoulder and now they're complaining... *-* I kick ass in BattleFront II *Star Wars* although I utterly despise George Lucas and that other weirdo writer... (That wrote the movie, you know... what's his face...)
12/18/2006 #6
Moko Emaki
Aha! You did it, R.J... I didn't really care about the post, but i'm truly bored.
12/18/2006 #7
[q]All these kids can talk about is the 360 and PS3.[/q] It's the Nintendo Wii in my case. My little bro won't shut up about it.
12/18/2006 #8
I've got to say, Wii is the worst name for a video game system . . . "Gaar! I'm such a video game addict!" "I know, man, it's like, all the time, I gotta wii!" "I was talking about videogames. That's disgusting!"
12/18/2006 #9
I know. They should've stuck with Nintendo Revolution.
12/18/2006 #10
Royal Bliss
Wow...My friends and I were freaking out about me getting Gears of War for christmas... Hah....*cough*
12/18/2006 #11
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