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Hello! I am trying to locate the following story that I read a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, I do not recall the author name but I do have most of the summary, as follows: The prologue involves a rich girl named Angelique (I may have misspelled the name) who is visited by a raven, and then a demon, who calls himself one of the Sins (reference to Pandora Box legend). The demon stays the night but Angelique ends up pregnant. A half Sin half human child is born who has the ability to control fire and he is given to an elderly doctor gentleman who raises him. I think the setting is post apocalyptic New York. The boy is named Sebastien (called Bastein) by the mother who tells the doctor to tell the child he was loved. Bastein needs blood of humans to survive like the other Sins and is quite fond of apples. He is halfway captured by a human demon hunter girl and ends up in a contract with her. It is hinted that Bastein is constantly also followed by a raven, supposedly the one from the prologue. The above was the original version. The next time I visited the story, it had been modified with the changes as below: Angelique is actually a princess? engaged to a neighbouring prince, when she is impregnated. The marriage takes place but never consummated, so the prince knows the child is not his and only half human. Angelique calls a 'physician' and gives up the child in order to protect him as the prince hires assassins to kill the cursed child. I would be grateful if someone could please tell me if this story seems familiar or if this was taken down or something. Even the author's name would help. I have tried searching on fictionpress, mibba, quizilla and even Google but have hit no results. I would therefore very much appreciate if someone could please help. Thank you for the help in advance.

6/21/2011 #1

You searched for it, right?

7/4/2011 #2

Did you find it?

7/2/2012 #3
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