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Ivan The Editor

This is a topic to POLITELY argue about religion (by politely, I mean don't curse anyone out, don't call anyone an idiot, don't assume crap about anyone. You know that suicide is actually FROWNED upon in Islam? Don't think every Muslim blows themselves up, they don't) some information about myself, I'm a protestant Christian, who does not generally believe in miracles. I think that God designed the world to naturally do these 'miracles', and we just couldn't explain it at the time. Example: The Red Sea gets annual winds that have the potential to split it completely, try this experiment yourself, in the bathtub, or sink. Fill up some water (a good 3-6 inches) and blow at the water as hard as you can, what happens? The water moves... My case and point.

7/17/2011 #1
A Fire Rose

Haha, but Who blows on the water? "And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters." -- Genesis 1:2c The Hebrew word for "hovers" in this case indicates moving back and forth.

I'm also a Christian, but God is a God of miracles, and we can see that in the Bible as well as every day life. Look at all the miracles Jesus performed!

8/25/2011 #2
Ivan The Editor

I see and believe what you're saying. I believe that God designed the Earth to naturally do these things, he guides them to happen

8/25/2011 #3
A Fire Rose

May I ask, how would you define a miracle?

8/26/2011 #4
Ivan The Editor

An event that is impossible, that happened. Mostly caused by God or some other deity, typically, to be general.

8/26/2011 #5
A Fire Rose

Isn't our very salvation through Christ a miracle?

8/26/2011 #6
Ivan The Editor

Yes. It is a miracle because it is one of the physically impossible things that God makes it possible to happen to us

8/26/2011 #7
A Fire Rose

So why are you a Protestant who generally doesn't believe in miracles?

8/27/2011 #8
Ivan The Editor

I do not think that God would go outside of the rules he designed time and time again. It's wasted effort, though it's effortless to him. I just don't think it makes sense. Plus, I think that when people are all like "I put a Bible to her and her cancer instantly stopped!", are

A. Exagerrated?

B. Those stories do not turn atheists into believers. Atheists generally do not believe those stories because they find them unprovable, and non-scientific. People, to convert those who do not believe in God, need to step down to their level. You need to have the same standards of believing in God that they do, so that you give them evidence they respect.

8/27/2011 #9
A Fire Rose

You believe that our salvation is a miracle, yet you don't believe in miracles?

And, healings I've heard of and seen are because someone prays for another. Do you believe God answers prayers?

8/28/2011 #10
Ivan The Editor

I believe in miracles, I just think they happen very infrequently.

I believe God answers prayers, I don't quite understand why he'll answer some and not others...

8/28/2011 #11
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