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Hope I'm allowed to post this here. It looks like a fun forum, so I decided to place my topic here! :)

Okay, so the story follows protagonist Max, a typical border collie with four siblings. There is nothing extraordinary about this dog, in fact, his problem is one that many dogs face; his siblings have been sold and his family separated. Depressed and alone, poor Max struggles to find the smallest of happiness left as he grew into adulthood, the last to live with his master. Unexpectedly, his mother and her new master are invited over, giving Max a new sense of hope. Though their visit came to an end, more surprises awaited Max. On a normal car ride, he realizes they are on their way back to the farm Max and his family once resided in. His moment of spontaneous joy soon vanished as he saw nothing but a human subdivision in the farm's place. Just when he thought his mother was the only one he could hold on to, strangely familiar border collies begin to appear in his life. Will it really be easy to reunite his family? What made this perfect canine family separate in the first place? Those are only the first questions. Just wait until the mysteries arise.

It's a family friendly story from an animal's point of view. All I need is a name! It is unfinished, but some chapters are done. I'm planning on it being the length of a 100-200 page book; that's still undecided.

I usually name my stories something sentimental to where you must read the whole story to understand the deeper meaning. In this story, there is a river that tends to pop up multiple times; this place represents Max's old life. He dreams about this place, nostalgic. In the end, it (SPOILER ALERT!) is where they all reunite.

I'm thinking about using the river in the name, but I still can't come up with anything!

If you could make this river into a good name or come up with something else that's unique and catchy, please suggest something! Thank you in advance!

8/3/2011 . Edited 8/3/2011 #1


well this is just a thought but...

why not call it something like "Dog days" lol or maybe "My days as a dog by the river" lol you could even call it "Days i spent chasingmy tail" lol naa that last one was just for giggls but the first two might work.

i know its not that good but it might work for now until you think of somethingbetter, anyway i hope i helped ^_^

8/28/2011 #2

Those sound cute! :3 I like Dog Days, but I'm still open for options... I'd love to title it soon and post it. ^^ It's unfinished, though.

8/31/2011 #3

hahahahhahaha im glad you thought they were ok

well you could still post it and just re-name it latter so that way you can at least get reviews while your thinking of a name.

well how about "The dogs" or.... maybe somthing like "Returning to the nest" you know becuase he gets taken away from his family then goes back to were he was born and finds them ^_^

well these are just random thoughts if i think of something i'll tell ya and if you got time i would love a review on Tamer of Madness but of cource you dont have to after all i dont like forcing people to review my work ^_^

need help with anything else except name? i might be able to help

8/31/2011 #4

Yeah, I might post it. As I write, I usually find that perfect name as I go, but that part of my brain must be broken right now. XD Lol, I'll go see your story!

8/31/2011 #5
Thank you! I defenatly look forward to your review :) Ooooo don't forget to go to roadhouse and this other forum that ends with mcdonalds lol I'll get you it's name soon. It's got cool people who will review your story :)
8/31/2011 #6


its been so long since ive been on lol

anyway i just started going onto today and i thought i would thank you for your review so, thanks! ^_^

while im on here i might as well help you with the name, (If your still looking)

since the river is important could you tell me what the river is meant to be called, (if it got a name)

anyway you could name it something like

"The dog that waits by the river" "Maxes doggy life style" "If Dogs were human" this one might not make as much sence but at the same time itmight since you see everything from the dogs point of view and since you have all these touching scens, the reader will often end up trying to relat to the dog as if he is human so this titile could work. "The Lonely Puppy by the river" (by the sea might sound better) or simply "The lonely puppy"

anyway hope that helps ^_^

10/5/2011 #7
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