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Greetings. I am new to this site- just got on a few days ago- so I am sorry if I am doing this wrong or in the incorrect spot, please forgive me. I am working on a novel and am in the early stages of writing and Im running into trouble with Point of View. I started out in 1st person, because every story I have ever done has always been in 3rd for the most part. But Im running into trouble when it comes to giving information and action about the other characters when they are not with my main character narrator. So right now what I have is a chapter in 1st person character narrator and then switching to a 3rd person omniscient narrator. Can this be pulled off effectively? What are the major areas I need to watch out for? And if this arrangement wont work, how do I go about switching to either totally 1st or 3rd person? Any help or ideas would be appreciated! Thank you and again I apologize if I have done anything wrong by posting here.

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A Fire Rose

Maybe have a narrator in between chapters, or at the beginning of each chapter? Generally, a character narrating his or own story would only know as much about other people as you would your friends, or by looking at strangers.

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