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What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
10/23/2006 #1
polka dots and addictions
*rolls around laughing* aah, thats a classic xD die? but then- hhmmm. that question will be bugging me for *ages*
10/23/2006 #2
Well you probably do die, unless you're like a Siamese Twin, then you'd be, like, one and a half, so you'd be 2/3rds dead. Gee, we're giving this far too much thought.
10/23/2006 #3
The Intelligent Designer
Ha Ha Ha, I don't know. Seems to me there might be some regenetive property of the human mind/body. I've been scared half to death about 1000 times, so Im 1000/2s times dead. That' a werid one.
10/23/2006 #4
Burnt Bread
I don't think that you'd die if you got scared half to death. Say you're 18 (ok, well, I'm 18) and I get scared half to death. That means, I only have 9 years of life still in me. Then, I age for 5 years (so I'm 23, but really, only 14). Then I get scared half to death again. I'd then have 7 years of life left in me. And even if you keep halving that, a half of a number can not = 0, therefore, you will never had 0 amount of life in you, therefore you can never get scared to death. Easy. What I would like to know is: What happens when shit REALLY hits the fan? That's one thing Mythbusters must get onto.
10/23/2006 #5
Well, as we all know, Adam is 'the shit', and they did send a ballistics gel mold of his head and torso into a fan. So we know that when the shit hits the fan, it will be some severe gashes cut into it, and its glasses will be sent flying.
10/23/2006 #6
Nice theory, Bread. Probably the best one. And since I've only seen a little Mythbusters (3 or 4 episodes), I only vaguely can tell what you guys are talking about.
10/23/2006 #7
Burnt Bread
Who is Adam? Anyway, what I was getting with that was: I'd really like to see someone throw poo at a spinning fan cause that could be funny. Once, in the classroom, some people (I insist that i wasn't part of this group) put chalk powder on the fan blades in summer before class started (naturally, i had nothing to do with suggesting this idea to anyone) and closed all the windows so it got really, really hot. When the teacher came in (making some excuse about going to the toilet, I walked out), she turned on the fans and guess what? Christmas come early. Ahhh, those were the good days. Children should cherish their high school years... I feel so old. Give me back my youth.
10/24/2006 #8
HA! that is hilarious! do you know what the teacher did? omg! now think, as the dust is falling, throw poo at the fan! haha! teacher wil be scared half to death! have only half of life left! ha!
10/24/2006 #9
Adam is the main dude from Mythbusters, with the really light reddish hair. Wow, that's hilarious. My siblings and I used to go and stick stuffed animals on the fan blades and then turn on the fan and watch the stufties hit the walls, but now I have a little more morals. I love my stufties!!! *hugs*
10/24/2006 #10
The Intelligent Designer
I'm assuming that the shit is fresh, in which case it will most likely stick to the fan. If dry however, duck, cover, and close your mouth!
10/24/2006 #11
*cracks up*
10/24/2006 #12
polka dots and addictions
OMFACKKKK When i go back to school next Monday I am SOOO trying that chalk thing!! mind you, its nearing winter here. I'm not sure if our classrooms have fans in any more.
10/25/2006 #13
Burnt Bread
... the chalk thing was fun for all of three seconds. Cleaning it up wasn't. And for the record, I'm not advocating such acts, ok? Bad children. Don't prank your teachers. Teachers are... er... your friends? Don't bake teachers a cake with that laxative chocolate mixture you give to children. Then, don't stretch cling wrap over the teacher's toilet bowls. If the chance ever arises, do not blindfold your principal infront of a school assembly and make her find objects on the stage by asking the crowd to scream 'hot' or 'cold' as she stumbles about. And never ever sneak condoms and other adult novelties into their pencilcases and between their text books and watch their faces turn red instantly. Just don't do it. It's wrong. Indecent. Don't waste the best years of your life taking the piss out of other people. Though, having said that, I still got appointed to a position of relative power in my senior year... what did they think? That I'd grow up? Pfffft. Mmmm... I'm thinking, even with wet poo, a fan on high speed would fling it off.
10/25/2006 #14
I don't think I've ever really pranked a teacher / principal. When I was in public school, I was a real suck-up. I never did that kind of stuff. Except once on April Fool's Day in fifth grade, me and a couple friends arranged a couple of the boys to stage a "fight". It was kind of a dud of a prank.
10/25/2006 #15
Sadly. the worst I've done is lock a teacher out of the room, and that was half on accident. The obvious way not to have poo stick on the fan is to put something slippery, like oil, on it first! Or at least that's what I think. I don't really have any experience in this feild.
10/26/2006 #16
misterfuzzums EXTREME
[q]What happens if you get scared half to death twice?[/q] Well, as we all know, the laws of fractions state that there are two halves per life. Therefore, if you get scared half to death once, you lose one-half of your life, or a half-life. Carbon, as we all know, is known as the "element of life." Therefore, one might say that carbon and our destinies are intertwined, and that our half-lives are the same as Carbon-12's, 5730 years. Since we thus lose 5730 years of our life when scared half to death once, it would be mathematically unsound to say that a person does not lose 11460 years of his or her life when scared half to death twice. Therefore, it makes sense to say that humans have the capability of living around 11 millenia, but no one has done so yet because everyone has some idiot older brother who pops up from behind a corner and yells "BOO." I've always hated you, Kyle... Mom said it's your fault Dad left... and now all this... And as for the conundrum about the addition to fecal matter to a fan... I tried that once, only with one of those huge outdoor fans with spinning blades instead of a ceiling fan... it wasn't the most fresh cow dung either, and it sent quite a spray around...
10/26/2006 #17
Burnt Bread
Ah-hah! Finally an answer to my lifelong question. I am fulfilled. My life is complete. I can rest easy now. Though, i'm up for 11 millenia. Bring it on. Thankyou Mister Fuzzums... fancy seeing you again here.
10/26/2006 #18
You guys are giving this waaaay too much thought.
10/26/2006 #19
Oh, good one...buuut impossible. Unless you're already dead. Or this is all a dream. Or...ah screw it. I give up.
11/2/2006 #20
What the hell do you mean, "even"? GET OUT!
3/1/2007 #21
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