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Hey guys! It'd really really really make my day if you read the first chapter or two of my co-op with my cousin, Firefly Orain Xi-Wang. We've been working on it since Sept.! You don't have to, but if you don't, I might poke you.
12/12/2006 #1
Royal Bliss
I'll read it.
12/12/2006 #2
Thank you! *hug*
12/13/2006 #3
Underground Constellation
I don't mind looking it over. As long as it isn't too long.
12/13/2006 #4
Hey, thanks.
12/14/2006 #5
I will read it. Did you have fun writing it? (I love co-authoring. ^^)
12/17/2006 #6
Moko Emaki
Yep... I'm reading it. I just read all of the Tom Clancy books and I feel as though i've been drained. Drained of an innumerable wealth of knowledge. He writes so stupidly. Layman's terms stupid. Use some adjectives, man! I'm going to go burn these stupid shiny books. It's a sad thing, they made all his books into shooting games. Ha! I'd be mortified if my fic turned into a shooting game. Sort of mortified. It's a mixed feeling, Happy Mortification. What an oximoron... Happy - Mortified Anyway I'm going to stop babbling and read your story once and for all.
12/18/2006 #7
Thank you so much guys... you don't have to read it anymore. I'm sick of begging, and all self-righteous and whatnot.
12/18/2006 #8
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