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the story is complete but i cant remember the tittle or the author.

what happens is theres this boy whos a werewolf and has a pack but he is also a lone wolf. he meets a girl at school and there basically mates. the girl has siblings who are twins. the boys dad finds out and keeps the two away from eachother. then a group of new kids come to the school and it turns out that there werewolves as well. the new kids kidnapped the boy and the girl in order to do test about how a lone wolf acts around his mate. in the ends it turns out the the boys aunt was behind it all.

as i said, the story was completed and there was a sequal up. please help

10/19/2011 #1

I was also wondering if I could get help finding a story. Its about a girl who is forced to become engaged to a prince because of her father. They hate each other but they eventually end up falling in love, but the girl and her father get kicked out of the kingdom for being horse thieves. I think it was featured on SKOW but I am not sure. Thanks.

11/25/2011 #2
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