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I'm having this problem for some time. Everytime I open the editing manager and click on the preview button, it comes out in a coded version in a small text box that doesn't have any text features for you to use.
12/22/2011 #1
E. F. Kingsley
I'm having the same issue, and have had this frustrating ordeal for about a month now. In addition, the traffic option - for me - is refusing to work. I hope the problem can be solved quickly, because I have a feeling there are more people experiencing these problems.
12/22/2011 #2
Is there any way we can report this problem??
12/26/2011 #3
I'm also having this problem! It's happened before, but usually they fix it ASAP. People are trying to contact them but nothings been happening. I'm annoyed, but I guess we'll all have to wait it out :\
1/4/2012 #4
People we have an alternative that answered half of our prayers!!!

This is from taerkitty. Not ME!

In FP, we can't edit our documents worth a (bleep), but it's working fine over in FF land.

0. This assumes you've already created an account. If not, see above.

1. Create a text document. Or Word, or HTM, or OpenOffice, or whatever the Doc Manager (Upload) over on says it will accept. The content is irrelevant - we just need a throwaway doc in our Doc Manager (Upload) screen.

2. On, open the doc you wish to edit. Lament at the alphabet soup of HTML code.

3. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy all of it to your clipboard. Mac users, you know to substitute the Ctrl with Command, right?

4. On, open the throwaway doc. Delete everything in it. Marvel at how clean it is. Click on 'HTML'.

5. Just like above, a new window will open. Ctrl-V to paste your clipboard into the HTML scree.

6. Click on 'Update', and it should, in all its former FP glory, be in the View/Edit Document window over on

7. Edit to your heart's content.

8. Reverse the process. Still on, click on HTML, select all, copy to clipboard.

9. Back to, click on the document you wish FP was unborked enough to allow you to edit, if it's not already open. If it's all HTML gobbledygook, delete everything in the window.

10. Copy the contents of your clipboard ono that doc and save it.

3/18/2012 #5
KJ Cales
I can't seem to create a new story. At choose category, I have nothing to choose from and the button does not work.
4/3/2012 #6
Maybe it's just a temporary glitch because I tried to do that to see if I have the same problem and it seems fine to me.

Check again later to see if it works.

4/3/2012 #7
KJ Cales
I've tried for 2 days now and nothing. Could it be because I am using firefox?
4/4/2012 #8
I think that might be it. I'm using Safari and it works fine.
4/4/2012 #9
KJ Cales
It works in IE, ty for being a sounding board for me.
4/4/2012 #10
Lord Slayer
This still doesn't do anything about the problem with linebreaks not showing up.
4/13/2012 #11

I'm having the same problem!

The text box is tiny and it's all coded and for some odd reason all my text runs together, there are no line breaks

It's very frustrating

5/10/2012 #12

hi i was wondering if there it a way of seeing how many people have read your fiction/story/poem/essay ect ?????

5/20/2012 #13
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