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Not meaning to go all sissy-girl on you, but cockroaches have invaded my house. They're living behind the stove and breeding, and I'm really hungry, but every time I try to get food I see their babies crawling everywhere. They're also in the bathrooms, and it's really really really creepy. I feel like I can't get off this chair for the rest of eternity, but I really need to pee...
12/14/2006 #1
Burnt Bread
That's... that's... nasty, that's what that is. You need gloves, and some spray. Or you need the pest-control person. You need to kill the roaches somehow. Maybe it helps if you think of roaches as food - i mean, technically, they are. You can probably deep fry them and have them for lunch. That would definately solve the problem. I've heard they taste like prawns. Mmmmm.
12/14/2006 #2
Actually, that food thing kinda helps. They probably would taste pretty good if I, like, melted some chocolate chips and dunked them in it... it'd be like chocolate... but crunchier.
12/14/2006 #3
Royal Bliss
Oh that's kind of messed up, I would call pest control or something unless it's common where you live it might not matter? Not sure, if that were in my house I'd probably like... leave.
12/14/2006 #4
Moko Emaki
One day I was in my house and it was stinky. QUITE STINKY. I wondered what it was, and looked around. After that, I found a whole fungus colony growing on my old sneakers and around it, it was all blue and green and fuzzy... To this day I don't know what caused the growth because my shoes don't usually sprout fungae... Possibly because of the overwearing...
12/15/2006 #5
Moko, you have athlete's foot. Don't worry, its common. Saki-fen, you have cockroaches. But that was obvious, I suppose. This is not common, but you're right, they do make nice snacks. I had one at the air/space museaum. Why astronaughts would need chocolate covered cockroaches, I have no idea.
12/17/2006 #6
Ewwww, finally home and I step inside to reveal.... a nice, twitching, freakin' huge roach sitting at the door.
12/18/2006 #7
GYAAARG!!! You STEPPED ON IT?? Poor, poor, Fen-fen . . . -pats on the back sympatheticly and hands tissue to whipe off feet- Go take a nice long shower or something . . . try not to think about it . . .
12/18/2006 #8
I didn't step on it. Besides, I was wearing shoes.
12/18/2006 #9
Ah. Okay. Still disgusting, tho.
12/18/2006 #10
Yeah. We swept it off the second story. Bye-bye, naaasty....
12/18/2006 #11
Burnt Bread
fungus colony? ahahaha. My cousin once looped behind his couch to find a full grown muchroom on the floor - it was just growing there. Crazy. It's funny what you find in strange places though. I was in the book room once and noticed this totally rancid smell. I checked everywhere, and behind the curtins, I found a green frog the size of my hand. It was just sitting there, and I thought it was still alive, so I reached out to catch it, but when my hand touched it, it squished and there was rotting crap in it... that was nasty stuff. But the big question was - how the hell did the largest frog I've ever seen get into the house? I don't have cats or anything, the only animals I use to have were chickens and some native australian marsupials that looked like mice that invade the kitchen sometimes, but are endangered, so I let them do what they want. Sometimes if you have dirty neighbours in an apartment building, you get their roaches.
12/19/2006 #12
You are obviously sending out a phermone that smells like female frog, thus the loathsome invasions. Borrow Moko's stinky feet, that'll cover any smell. Your cousin has an emo anime character inhabiting the house. (You know . . . when ever an anime character get's depressed, they go into the courner and cultivate mushrooms . . . or maybe that's just in ouran . . . I can never remember . . .) He should just move out. XD As you have probably noticed, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about and sugary candies has currently turned me into a raving lunitic. Well hopefully, you noticed. I've been told I don't act too different. For other awful news, my alerts are down. T_T
12/21/2006 #13
Burnt Bread
[q]ou are obviously sending out a phermone that smells like female frog, thus the loathsome invasions. [/q] What an interesting perspective. I'm not sure how to reply to that other than I promise to use soap the next time I wash. Ouran? You mean Tamaki in that episode where the host club goes to Haruhi's house? Ah, that was funny.
12/21/2006 #14
Yay! Another Ouran fan! You really don't have to reply to anything I post. Nothing I say makes sense anyway. Two days till christmas! And Chanukah was yesterday! Happy holidays, everyone! ^_^
12/23/2006 #15
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