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Seen in Shades of Gray
About two or three years ago, when I was making a habit out of reading things on fanfiction and fictionpress deep into the late hours of school nights, I came across a story that wasn't quite finished. I read the parts that were already up, and fell in love with the story, but forgot about it before the end was posted. I remembered it when I read a book similar to it recently, but I could not find it again. Perhaps someone has read it and can tell me it's name, and if it's still up. It's about this girl who lives in an institution for genetically altered children. Her power is that she can talk to animals, and she likes to sneak around the institution after curfew. During one such time, she finds a boy who can control electricity, and is confined in a special cell. She agrees to break him out, and if I remember correctly they escape, but they are captured by a scientist (perhaps from the institution? I don't remember.) who turns out to be the lightning boy's father. The father wants to make a super-army and messed with the genes of the girl and his son for this reason. He also made a boy who had no emotions, and was extremely strong. The boy made sure that the girl and lightning boy didn't escape, but the girl got him to change his mind, and the three of them escaped together. I don't remember exactly what happens after that, but it has something to do with a love triangle where the lightning boy finally wins the girl's heart, and the realization that they fulfill some prophecy from a tribe they find in the woods. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I can't seem to remember the names of the characters, the name of the story, what section I found it in, or anything else that could be useful for it's relocation.
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Seen in Shades of Gray
Also, it would be K-T and in English. I don't read anything M rated.
3/15/2012 #2
Fira Wolf-Hunter

Oh my God! I read that too, once! Ugh, if only I could remember what it was called! Anyways, I think it might be under the Action section... I'm sorry- that's all I can remember, and I'm not even sure if I'm right about that...

8/22/2013 #3
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