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I read 2 stories on here before i made an account and my computer crashed on me. When my computer was finally fixed and I came back on here, I couldn't find the stories! :( Please help.. The first story was about this head cheerleader who liked this athlete but her friend got to him first and she plans to kill her friend? I think the summary was talking about embracing her dark thoughts/side? Also, in the story she stalks her friend and the athlete on some of their dates, the plotting girl has two older siblings, one sister and brother. She takes a roofie from her older brother's room in her plan. The second story is a MxM read, where this orphan boy goes to this prestigious boarding academy and is picked on by this gorgeous still-in-the-closet guy who bullies him and stuff with his 2 friends, a girl and boy. But ends up falling for the orphan. The story had lots of chapters, with mentionings of abuse the orphan took by his uncle, how the guy's friend, the girl, suspects him of being gay when she caught him staring at another guy's butt. The summary was kinda like "he wasn't supposed to fall in love with the small boy..etc" Please help, these stories were really good and I want to finish reading them! Many thanks!
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