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Okay, so I have been looking all morning for this story, but I still can't find it and it is driving me insane because it was such a good story! I read it ages ago and for some strange reason I stopped reading it halfway through and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was called?

The most I remember is that I think it is a romance and a supernatural/ sci-fi.

I think the opening chapter is about a woman who is a trained fighter, or something like that, and is assigned to keep a young prince safe, but when he wants to go outside the castle walls to explore he goes into a bar and she sees this man who has a black cloak on with another younger boy. I think that the prince she is guarding gets killed so she flees, but later on she comes across the black cloaked figure, from the pub, and somehow they begin travelling together.

I think both the female and male (Black cloaked figure) are some sort of trained fighters or possibly demons, something similar to that, and there is also the other young boy who the black cloaked figure is training.

As the story progresses the female and male fall in love and I think that when the male does eventually take down his hood, because for some reason he always keeps it up, he has very, very dark skin and is some sort of ... demon? Something like that, I can't remember...

I think that at some point in the story they go onto this boat where they have to stay for a few nights and they go to this dance on the ship...?

I know that the story is M rated, but no matter how hard I have tried searching for this story, I can't find it so I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out.

Thank you:)

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