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My story appears to have published OK and is available on the site, but it doesn't appear to have indexed. When I search for it - using search terms pretty much unique to my story - it doesn't appear in the results. I'm getting a little traffic but I have no idea how these people are finding the story!

I have tried deleting and resubmitting the story, same thing happens.

I have tried emailing support but no response...

Quite prepared to believe that it's just me being incredibly dumb. I have other stories I want to submit but I'm not going to until I can figure out why my first story isn't searchable.

Would be very grateful for any pointers!

9/10/2012 #1

I think the problem is that no new stories are showing up in search results. Do a search using a word that would commonly occur in summaries, click advanced, and order them by publish date. There newest ones listed are from August. Ordering by update is kind of screwed up too, with latest update dates skipping around August and September erratically.

So yeah, I came here to ask about this too. Does anyone know how long the search feature has been screwed up, and if staff are aware of it/trying to fix it?

Search feature is working fine on, though, so I'm not sure why it's only fictionpress.

It's quite annoying! I just posted a new story and was confused about why it was getting so few views compared to stories I've posted in the past.

9/13/2012 #2

Thanks Spud! It's not just me, then.

That's kind of encouraging, in a way. I was wondering what to do next and ideas included resumbitting the story as plain text and even the drastic step of deleting my entire account and recreating it in case there was a problem there.

My account is actually on FanFic and I log in to FP using my FF account and was also wondering if this had anything to do with it. Maybe not.

I'll try pinging an email to support again. What I'd really want to know is if, when they fix the problem, all of the new stories that haven't been searchable will be swept up in a reindexing of the entire database?

- K

9/14/2012 #3

Nah, it's happening to all stories, so I don't think it can have anything to do with your account or anything like that.

I assume when they fix it it'll be fixed so that everything's as it should be. There's over a month of new stories in search limbo.

I really hope they plan on fixing this promptly. Apparently last year some time the search feature was down for months before it got fixed. I'm not sure how long it's been messed up this time, but I'd guess at only a few days since in my search for answers I've only seen a couple of people mentioning similar issues, and both in the last few days.

Hopefully emailing support will get some attention put to the problem, though FP support tends to be rather unresponsive.

9/14/2012 #4
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