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Avoid debts they say now that the economy is deteriorating and people are worried about their jobs, everyone is finally thinking about debt load. Sometimes using our credit cards can be so tempting without realizing that we are actually spending more whenever we use these little plastics. With credit cards so convenient it was so easy to drawn into huge amount of debts but so hard to get out of it.

Focus on the Prize. Motivate yourselves by looking at the reward, seeing the numbers go down is a huge motivator. Post it somewhere that you can often, maybe in your computer monitor. Also it will serve as a constant reminder; reducing debt is a long journey that takes discipline. Setting a constant reminder will help, like maybe setting an alarm on your phone or anything that can trigger your mind to remind you of the bills that you owe.

Whichever method you choose from paying the highest interest rate first or paying the smallest loans first, debt snowball works because you are concentrating on one loan.

Do not settle on your primary job and get a side job. Side hustling is still the quickest way to make more money. Also take ownership, stop complaining and start doing solutions to the problem. You must understand that is it actually a problem, no one will continue to lend you money forever and stop thinking that the problem will go away on its own.

Using credit cards have its benefits but certainly these cards are not for everyone to use. If you have a hard time keeping yourself from splurging, just freeze them.

Talking and being open to your family about the debt would be a great help. Have a Regular Meeting about Debt, Schedule a monthly meeting with your family and figure out ways so that you can help one another. Talk about your plans, dreams and goals.

Understand That this is a Problem – No company is ever going to keep lending you money forever and ever. Stop wishing that the problem will just go away by itself and start dealing with the situation. Debt is a problem. Start reducing what you owe immediately and stop thinking that you should drag it out infinitely.

Stop being lazy, read and pay attention to the fine print when we take a loan or apply for a credit card because those details. Take some time to understand those documents and save yourself from a possible disaster. This will save you.

Instead of thinking that it is just a dollar, it won't hurt. Mind small fees, if saved it will be thousands and thousands of dollars each year. Save them up and use it to repay your loans.Stop Paying Minimum Payment, your credit card company is just collecting money off of you. They actually want you to pay in minimum. Most of all, start a budget, it is necessary to know where your money goes and how you will be able to use them wisely.

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