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Hi, I'm looking for this one story that I've read ages ago. I had it bookmarked on my computer but it crashed and I just remembered reading it just recently and I've tired looking for it but no luck thus far. But here's what I remember:

The book was in a series, I believe there was 4 of them

I think it was slash pretty sure.

The first book took place in this kingdom that was really close to the sea and it was about these two brothers (who happened to be royalty) that were twins, however in this country twins were considered cursed and thus killed and the mother, the queen saved one of the twins and the twin grew up not knowing that the price that he served was his twin. It wasnt untill later that they discovered that they were brothers and ended up on the run away from their father because he thought that the bad weather (at that point there were were really bad storms happening in the kingdom) was a result of one of the twins still being alive. I recalled that one of the brothers fell in love with this person who turned out to be a dragon god of some sort (he was posing as a pirate I think but I can remember for sure) and the guy tells them that the humans have sealed the gods away and placed them into a deep sleep and now there's a dark force aiming to take over the world and the twins along with the dragon god set out to wake the other gods after the twins turned into gods themselves and the story just ends there.

The second is about a the phoenix god, that was murdered and everytime he was reincarnated and discovered they killed him. I believe in this book he was reincarnated with little to no mempry of his preivious lives and became a priest of a temple and hid in the temple untill he was discovered. The third was about the basilisk god.

The first book in the series was called, book one: the three storms, or something like that I believe.

This is all I can remember about the series, I know its not much to work with but I remember really liking the story and I would like to read it once again! If someone can help me out I would really appreciate it and Im sorry if Im not really clear in my explanation! :)

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