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Start deleting - alerts are back and they're torrentin' in!
1/4/2007 #1
Moko Emaki
I think I've just been through five multiple shocks...

*female computer voice*

You have... four.. thousand.. unread messages.

"Oh.. Well that's pretty normal."


"Hate mail, hate mail, hate mail, hate mail... oops! deleted friend's email! oh well... hate mail, hate mail, hate mail..."

"Ah, fuck this. I'm deleting it all."

*Click delete*

*image of a toliet appears and a spiral flushes a letter icon*

"Now... how to unsuscribe! Ooh... this will be quite a task... "

1/12/2007 #2
Lol... my inbox quit. He's on vacation with his girlfriend. I've got a stand-in inbox for now.
1/13/2007 #3
hee hee . . . that's funny. ^^

Mine hates me. It continuously sends emails to people I don't know but apparently have similar email adresses as my friends. Several of them currently think I'm an internet stalker.

Mine came back a while ago. 1207. But that's because the first time they got lost I didn't bother going through them.

1/13/2007 #4
Moko Emaki
Okay I deleted 100 emails and now they got restored within the time period of two days...
1/14/2007 #5
Charming Dice
I got about 10 e-mails. A few months back, I turned off all alerts except the ones for stories and reviews. My inbox is quite happy.
1/16/2007 #6
Moko Emaki
You lucky little biI'm almost done deleting! Yay!
1/16/2007 . Edited 1/16/2007 #7
And now here they come again. We sure can talk a lot! -___-
1/16/2007 #8
Moko Emaki
You betcha.
1/16/2007 #9
Psh, I took off my alerts...You can do it, when you log in...
1/16/2007 #10
Moko Emaki
Wow I've been very stupid. Thanks for the advice....
1/16/2007 #11
No problem ^_^

I need to think of a nickname for you...

1/16/2007 #12
Ah, the famous nicknames! I want to see this.
1/16/2007 #13

Did I make a nickname for you too?

1/16/2007 #14
Me? Nope. Any nickname I've aquired like dust - it just sort of settles on me. But now I have to go! Toodle-pip!
1/16/2007 #15

I need to make up nicknames then.

1/16/2007 #16
Moko Emaki
I'm ahou-san!
1/16/2007 #17
Moko Emaki
Or seiteki-san! but that's a little off the chart...
1/16/2007 #18
No, I have to make up my OWN nickname for you...or it doesn't count!!
1/16/2007 #19
Moko Emaki
Oh...go use if you can't speak Japanese. *Boasting*
1/16/2007 #20

don't need Japanese...

I'm tempted to call you Moko-cup.

or MC for short ^_^

1/16/2007 #21
Moko Emaki

What's this 'cup' thing? It's very suspicious... hmm..

1/16/2007 #22
It's cause Moko slightly reminds me of I added 'cup'!

^_^ I thought it was cute...

1/16/2007 #23
Moko Emaki
Oh yeah! It is kinda cute. I thought you were talking about... hum... *Evasive* nothing important!

^-^ Cute faces kick ass.

1/16/2007 #24
YAY, Moko-cup!!!

*tackle hugs*

1/16/2007 #25
Moko Emaki
*Hugs back* I'm officially honored.
1/16/2007 #26

Now all I need is a nickname for Kumquat, RL and...Raven? If she wants one?

1/16/2007 #27
Moko Emaki
Kummie, Rab, and, uh... Crippled Birdie. (I'm very bad at making nicknames.)
1/16/2007 #28
OH, RL's 'RAB' ?!?!

HUH? then...

Naaahhh...I need something with more SPARK! and randomness...

1/16/2007 #29
Moko Emaki
Incredibly Crippled Birdie.
1/16/2007 #30
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