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no it's ok I figured it out. like to put a post onto "are there any teens on here?" you reply to the post of someone who's posted onto the topic ^_^

7/9/2008 #31

yaya! Im 16! but i havent wrote anything here yet.... T.T

7/9/2008 #32
Jean Russell

I think... The majority of writers here are teenagers. I'm sixteen and have been on forever but I've not gotten around to posting anything yet either. Even though I've got, like, ten things lined up for it. D:

7/9/2008 #33
Lilium Lied

Yay. Teen power. So, how's y'all doing? :D -gets shot for idle chat-

7/10/2008 #34

I think... The majority of writers here are teenagers. I'm sixteen and have been on forever but I've not gotten around to posting anything yet either. Even though I've got, like, ten things lined up for it. D:

Haha that's me to a tee, right now . . . I've started going on Livejournal a lot, suddenly, for writing, and this place feels abandoned.

I'm good. We won't shoot you for idle chat, only trolling. ^^

Actually, I'm sort of wondering . . . FP was basically dead for a year, until it was slowly re-birthing. Suddenly it's alive and raging again . . . are there any new advertisements on Fanfiction or Gaia or other major sites, to explain the sudden flood of people again? Or is everyone just coming out of their shells? Just curious. =D

7/11/2008 #35
Hard Cor

Id b one of those coming out of my shell. ive been on here for a year and im just now showing up in the forums

7/11/2008 #36
Jean Russell

Livejournal is nice in the sense that there are communities for posting your writing, and that you can make your own journal or comm specifically for your own work. But it's not quite the same. There's a certain charm to fictionpress that I've missed in the several months I've been gone (not to say that livejournal doesn't have charm. They're just different sorts of charms). Of course, I'm just showing up on the forums now too so there's not a lot I can say about it as a whole. Nice so far though, and I guess that's mostly what matters. But then, of course, I also (obviously) wouldn't and don't know anything about fictionpress' short demise; I wasn't here.

I ramble too much.

7/11/2008 #37
Lilium Lied

Haha. We all ramble at times. I would like to get a live journal, but I don't know anyone in my list of RL friends who have one. I didn't even know fictionpress had a demise. I took a couple months off for school. :\

7/11/2008 #38

Live Journal? Well FP should add a blog for writers...makes life easier instead of people cramming their profile like one, and so others can reply to it.

7/12/2008 #39

I totally know what you mean. It's not the same at all. I really like a forum-based system rather than a blog-based one, for talking at least. It seems less hierarchical somehow. But blogging is really useful, especially story wise. What you need really is a healthy balance of both.

I ramble too much.

No, rambling is good! I have a problem in real life where I rarely talk as fast as I'm thinking, so people get occasionally lost. Well, not really a problem, everyone does that sometimes. ^^;; It's just been happening more often lately. I connect random things and people don't follow me. Rambling, therefore, I have no right to complain about. ^^

7/12/2008 #40
Tily Everly

Wooo! Teen writers . . . yeah TOTALLY random teen writers . . . yeah!!!

My profile is sooooooooo random . . . so well I would say don't ask but hey then I would have no one to talk to!! Yeeah stories, imagination it's all up here . . . somewhere

7/12/2008 #41
Shadow's Eve

I'm a teenager. But anyway, (this is a bit random) i'm a little confused as to what all of those defintions mean. I know what lemons are, but what the heck is fluff supposed to be? Is that just a bit of eroticism? Sorry, I'm still learning the nicknames for all of these types of things. I just learned what yaoi and yuri were a little while ago. I guess you could call me an idiot in certain categories. And I'm not trying to totally get off track with this post topic. I'm a teenager! Sorry I don't speak my actual age; I'm a little cautious about that kind of thing. You people get where I'm coming from, though. ;)

7/22/2008 . Edited 7/22/2008 #42
Lilium Lied

Shadow's Eve: A fluff is a "soft" and usually short (one-shot) romance story. Usually, there's no sexual innuendos (in the ones I've read, at least). The writer also avoids angst, so the story is always happy and sweet.

7/22/2008 #43
Shadow's Eve

THANK YOU!!! Suddenly, my mind is CLEAR! That question has been eating at me for a while now.

7/23/2008 #44
The Black Jester

Not only am I new, but I too am a teen writer! And yes, most of the writers on sites like this one and are in fact, teens!

7/29/2008 #45
Melancholic Marionette

Kind of a newb...*has had an account but has never posted on a forum* And I'm a teen writer, having turned 15 last month.

7/29/2008 #46
The Black Jester

I think its cool that sooo many teens enjoy writing more than playing video games!

7/29/2008 . Edited 7/29/2008 #47

I'm not 13 but I still feel young (not that old really :()

7/29/2008 #48
Melancholic Marionette

I think its cool that sooo many teens enjoy writing more than playing video games!

Rawr, I suck at video games anyway. XD

7/30/2008 #49
The Black Jester

Though I very much enjoy certain video games, I'm not totally absorbed in them! Oh ya, except Twilight Princess!

7/30/2008 #50
Dark Mockingbird

Me!! I just got started here and wow everything is awesome. ^^

7/31/2008 #51
Pandora Caspian

I am a teen..I have written a lot of stories, though most of them are on paper so they are not up yet since I just made this account...I have only written one on here so far.

8/24/2008 #52

Cool most people here are fourtenn! I'm 14 too! yay! So if anyone cares I have just one romance story that needs a bit of attention! And will someone please chack out my fanfiction stories? Here are too urls so check them out

And those who support a gay Dumbledore and rock can pay a visit to my brothers blog in this url


8/30/2008 #53

Hey i got a question HOW DO YOU UPLOAD A STORYY!!!!! please help me !

9/20/2008 #54
Will Sachiksy

May I direct you to the mod's thread "HOW TO POST A STORY?" Quite useful. If you want another explanation, here it is (this explanation assumes you know how to upload a document):

1. Go over your document one more time. Once you turn the document into a story, you'll have to replace the whole chapter with another document if you want to make any changes.

2. On the sidebar at the left side of the screen, click "Stories"

3. Toward the upper right corner of the screen, below the bar with your username, there should be a "New Story" Link. Click it.

4. A message will appear. Click "Guidelines" at the bottom of the message.

5. Read the guidelines, scroll down, and click "Yes, I agree..."

6. Click "New Story" again.

7. Click the "Click to Select Category" button. A pop-up will appear.

8. Select the appropriate categories and click "OK"

9. A form for your story will appear. Fill in all the appropriate information (Title, Summary, Rating, etc), and click "Submit Story."

10. You're done. The story should appear on the site within two to five minutes.

9/21/2008 #55

Im pretty sure more than half the people on here are teen writers.

I'm 12, though.

9/30/2008 #56

I thought most of the authors on this site were teen writers. Well, whatever, I'm 15, so that makes me one of them.

If someone would be willing enough to read and review my only story, The Visitors, I would really appreciate it.

10/2/2008 #57

18. I like to think I'm a decent writer, even though I just joined here and haven't uploaded anything yet. I really should and all... I write fantasy, by the way, occasionally sci-fi.

10/11/2008 #58

Yupp, I'm a teen writer. But I've always been wondering, are there any guy writers on either this or fanfiction that you know of? I've always wondered that...

10/15/2008 #59
Will Sachiksy

Representing the male tribe, here.

10/15/2008 #60
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