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Haha, sweet. You're like, the only one I know of. Pretty cool. :D

10/15/2008 #61

I'm 16. I was under the impression most users were in their teens.

I wonder if there are any like eight year old writers :p

EDIT: And I'm a guy.

10/16/2008 . Edited 10/16/2008 #62

I'm a teen as well. Though I don't write like one?

10/17/2008 #63
Bam-There You Go

teen here, age 15. will be 16 in december, yeah! and then I will finally be able to drive by myself - halelujah! Ive been writting for about a year, but have written almost non stop since. started out on FanFiction/Naruto and then found out about FictionPress. I have a super cool C2, 500 PLUS: Extraordinary Stories with Extraordinary Reviews, and have several good stories and poems posted!

10/22/2008 #64
Link Broken

i'm a teen too. but here in america, i'm not sure if i count as a teen because i dont own an ipod, so sad

10/24/2008 #65

Here in America? Try the whole world.

10/26/2008 #66
Burnt Bread

Wow. If the government was looking for rogue teen writers, I could make a killing out of selling this happy list of names!

11/1/2008 #67
Will Sachiksy

Hey, Bread! I haven't seen you around here in a while. Still remarkably busy?

11/1/2008 #68
Burnt Bread

Let me answer that question with another question: are humans still eating bread? :D. But I have a massive holiday coming up after the 12th! Looking to get back to things after that.

11/1/2008 #69

Yup !! I'm a real teen .. Uhmm.. I am not sure with my opinion .. but here in fiction press ... I think there are more teens joined here than 30 yrs. old and above people here ... Am i correct ?

(My stories are coming soon .. maybe on Nov. 20 the first chapter will be first released in fiction press.. thanks ..)

11/10/2008 #70
Princess of Morum

*is very much a teen*

11/11/2008 #71

..... Yeah .. very much teen..

11/17/2008 #72

I'm 18, though some people say this makes me an "adult" I'm still waiting for 20. I'm also new and just posted a bunch of my work (mostly English work from the past few years) on my account here. Now happily waiting for some reviews. :P

11/17/2008 #73

there's actually alot of teen writers :O i began writing for fictionpress when i was 12 on a seperate account :}

11/27/2008 #74

teenager too.

but are we seriously just going to make one huge strand of "im a teenager"?

i mean, if you're replying to the question, you're either a teenager or someone with a qualm against it.

12/16/2008 #75

Me... I'm a teenager...

12/23/2008 #76

I'm kind of a teenager...I'm 19....

12/26/2008 #77

We can barely be teenagers together! :D Even though I'm 17.... I think I've been through more than other people, and that makes me feel like an old woman a lot of the time.

12/27/2008 . Edited 12/27/2008 #78

Yes, I am sixteen, but most think I am in my twenties. I act like it, and my word choice when speaking is advanced. My ideas seem older and what I like is rare to teens. I don’t know much metaphysical, and epistemological teens. God, most teens think I am borring and a know-it-all.

12/28/2008 #79
Tily Everly

A boring know-it-all? Hey if we didn't have people like that then who would we have smart people? (That didn't make sense . . .) I'm still a teen, although I swear that I am a six year old in my head . . . 14(whoop, go me . . .)

I used to be a boring know-it-all, but then I got bored with myself. It's all about balance. I might go and get A* on my maths, science etc and then walk into a door (hey I do tha!) But my point is: people don't think I am smart, but it is ALL smoke and mirrors you see. I'm not being someone else, I'm just being me (hey that rhymes!) and it just helps me to live without being constantly asked the answers etc . . .

I said Hey! three times . . . I need to stop doing that . . .

(But appartently I have a good vocabulary for a 14 year old) (And I make people cry with my stories) (Mainly the Apple Tree and My Shadow and Me if you were wondering)

12/29/2008 #80

You sound very interesting.

I am still boring, but I am trying to be a less know-it-all. You know the student that wants to answer all the questions, asks all the questions that other people don’t ask, talk about what I know constantly and for a long time (students always have little comments for me when I raise my hand to explain or is in a group and is explaining *good way to draw nasty comments to oneself*), and talks in hard terms. I am trying to work onmy communications skills. In some ways, It’s good and in some ways it’s bad.

12/29/2008 #81
Sunshine Faire

I'm a teenager. High school student, woo. Fourteen. Wow, I'm so young, but I feel really old right now for some reason D:

And the people at my school are so effing materialistic they have no appreciation for those of us who like to write. That basically means I just shut myself away from everybody socially and focus on my dream of becoming an award winning novelist and shoving it in everybody's faces. Which is where my age shows through. n___n

Either way, I probably feel old because I write about stuff that I probably shouldn't. I suppose we all do, eh? :D

12/31/2008 #82

Matterialistic isn’t all that bad. I am a capitalist and most would call me greedy or selfish because I want so much, mostly in terms of money and benefits. I am very materialistic, and there isn’t anything wrong with it.

You mean carefree and mediocre right?

No, I don’t write things I am not suppose to, I write stuff that no one seems to care about, though. A lot of people would call my stuff “pointless Shit” or “bull” just because it’s the trivial things that explains life and it’s causes. Oh, also it’s different, so it’s not appreciated, Haven’t you noticed, people that are different gets to be the scapegoat?

12/31/2008 #83
Sunshine Faire

Materialism isn't all *that* bad in itself. It's mostly for me when it get's to people's heads... and like you said, make a scapegoat out of people who aren't.

I notice that all the time, especially with my relationship to the other student population. They really do seem to think I'm something to avoid. Oh well, I guess, I shall stereotype myself with the loners. Woo!

12/31/2008 #84
Tily Everly

People! Come on, stop saying that everyone in your schools are like that, because I'm betting you that some of them aren't.

One of the many things humans still have (from their animal days) is their survival insitinct. People hide behind the 'materialistic' facade to make sure that nothing comes back to bite them. Everyone knows that people watch others getting bullied, because they are scared that if they say anything they will be the ones being bullied. No matter how much we care for people, we will always put ourselves first. Who else can you be 100% honest with?

The truth is, the popular girls are the ones who manipulate without even meaning to. They speak to someone, who takes an instant liking to them, who then feels completely at ease with said person. I used to be a loner, then I got my friends. We have been named the 'cool geeks'. We get visits from random people at lunch who are all somehow connected to our group.

The thing is we all write (when I say all, I mean four/five(unless you count the gay ladybird story as writing) out of eleven of us). So we have someone to talk to about that. We are also very close (me and my friends). We like to think of ourselves like hotels. The closer you are to a person, the closer you are to your room. (or if you are really close, they own the hotel). BUT one of my friends (who hates hugs!) doesn't like getting close to people (MWHAH!!!) she won't tell anyone anything (except me, she feels like she has to tell me everything, which ends up with her running away from me) so I am at her front door, waiting to be let in, others are still downtown stuck in traffic. She isn't a cold person, which some would think when they first meet her, she just has a HUGE barrier, protecting her from everyone else.

So people only avoid you because you let out that 'vibe' just blow it off. Laugh. smile. FORCE THEM TO LIKE YOU!! (sorry got a bit carried away there)

1/1/2009 #85
Sunshine Faire

Ahh, the great facade.

Now obviously not everybody at school is materialistic or hiding behind a curtain. I know I'm not, and I know that a lot of my friends aren't (that sounds incredibly rude, so please forgive me; that wasn't my intention). That's a start, obviously... I'm sure the one thing that we all really do is exaggerate a bit.

My writing, for starters, has helped me figure out a lot about what kind of person I am and what kind of person I want to be. For that kind of attitude I also thank my grandma (who I used to be embarrassed going out in public with, but now it's all just silliness), and one friend of mine who is one of the most astounding people I have ever had the luck to meet - in his own words, "If somebody told me to conform or die, I'd say: 'Two shots should do it.'"

A lot of teenagers really seem to be unsure about themselves and who they really are/what they really like/want to do. I'm pretty sure that most of us have felt pressure to act/be/think a certain thing/way, but I have the most admiration for those of us who can stand up to "hiding behind an image" and really showing everybody who you are.

For example: the first test I took in history, my seventh grade year, was the same school day and same class period that I made it very apparent to the class I liked the RMS Titanic. A reputation soon followed because I went around, jabbering about the Titanic and making a nuisance of myself (god bless the things obsession and passion do to my brain... 'biggest self-admitted hypocrite' is quite correct).

Then, eighth grade started and, guess what else got in the way of my Titanic reputation (which was so infamous amongst certain circles of people in my grade that I was the otherwise nameless face of 'Titanic Girl' - and, even now, two, three years after this all started, I am still getting 'Titanic Girl' nonsense) was my novel! Of course - fabulous, wonderful Jason Levine had to now get up in everybody's faces. Of course, nobody was okay with that; Jason Levine was the guy that came out of 'Titanic Girl's "craziness" and threatened to dethrone the perfect, flawless, underdeveloped character of Edward Cullen.

Yet, the point is that even now when I make it very clear what I'm all about ("Hi, I'm Kate, I'm obsessed with the Titanic, I love Jason Levine, I'm a pissy romance novelist, self-admitted hypocrite, etc., etc."), people continue to stereotype me into those categories; they crush down what I believe is a broad, beautiful picture of interest and make it: "Oh. She likes the Titanic - pssh, ew, she likes history!", or everybody's current favorite "Jason Levine is so gay lol."

They stereotype my interests, and in a lot of cases, stereotype me as the loner that hangs out with weird people and acts kind of funny. The most pathetic bit that I find is that they seem to do it:

1) Their self-interests, yes. They put down another student who is "different" in order to be accepted and liked from the other students. The sad part: those same people have admitted to me that they watched the film adaptation of Titanic and liked it. Sure, it's romance; but there is a huge historical connection there as well. The deal: they just won't do it in front of anybody else.

2) Because they are insecure about themselves. Going back to this: people at my school, perhaps yours, perhaps not, tend to fit into mainstream trends, "materialism", acting superior, etc. Why? Well, first of all, our parents are coughing up millions to live in this area and send their kids to school here. Unless you've been here for the past 30 years like my family has, it's expensive, and the schools are competitive. There is a BIG value on self-image; and maybe some of these kids really are spoiled beyond belief, and have lost any sense of common sense and value for "the simple things in life". People who have lived here forever couldn't afford to buy their own homes. The people who are moving here (and a lot of people are, or at least were, before we went and screwed up our own economy) have money. We all know what money does to people.

So, "conform or die", I suppose. "Die" can be interpreted how you like. At least for me, I die socially because I don't listen to what everybody else expects from me. Bless those people who actually think they have control over others, who think that some of us even care (I know this is the case for me).

And... Congratulations to anybody who knows themselves well enough to be able to show their true colors. Wow, that was long. (Also congratulations to anybody who got through that and understood that, I have too many strong opinions and I don't quite type fast enough to get them all down...)

1/2/2009 #86
Sunshine Faire

Eh, double posted on accident...

1/2/2009 . Edited 1/2/2009 #87
Tily Everly

Aaah you live in one of those areas.

I am different.

For a start I live in the UK (trust me totally different culture)

Second: my area = where the nightclubs are, or where the CHAVs live, or where students live to go to University in London, but can't afford to live in London.

Third: My school = Not the best school in my area, but certainaly one of them (and all girl, whoopie)

I only discovered my self in year nine (which is erm . . . eighth grade?) well technically the end of year eight, beginning of year nine. This was when I found my group. I had all my current friend, and dragged six new ones in and volia! A brand new group. This lead to me being completely opened. I stopped caring what others thought (kinda) and basically had fun. We act like seven year olds. We spin aroud thirty times and try to walk in a straight line. We laugh 90% of the time.

I only started writing last February (admittedly after reading Twilight, I am sorry I am a Twlighter and proud of it! Also fan of Edward, just not so much the film it was crap, like beyond after you re-read the book), so I wrote a series (which was sooo twilightish I am slightly ashamed), then a single story in the middle of it (one of my favourites where I got my pen name from), after I had done that I started My Shadow and Me (which after editing got up to 50, 234 words! Yay!!), now I am doing a competion in which I have to write at least 10, 000, it has to be in thrid person, be a happy story with a happy ending BUT the main character has to die at the end.

BUT my stupid inspration centre killed me last night by giving me a nightmare (OMG it was horrible). So I had to write that down. My nickname is Gayman . . . (I'm not gay or a man, to clear that up) Don't ask me why, it just is.

OF COURSE PEOPLE ARE INSECURE (That was just enphasis, not shouting), most people don't like what they look like, or sound like or anything. Everyone has a flaw.

In my area half my year (bearing in mind I'm in erm . . . nineth grade?) aren't virgins anymore, possibly more. Most smoke, most drink (all the time) and there is a never ending stream of fights.

There are drug dealers and people get stabbed, but that is just life. It isn't scary because it is only rare. (Although I hate walking in the dark on my own, I was once followed, I ran all the way down my road to my house -shudders-)

You have to let everything roll of your back, or well, you will break down. Learn how to be a dog, but don't become one. Of course I was once upon a time. (Horrible time gah!)

Our group is considered weird, but most people like us. They just find us hysterical or very (very) smart. We do well in school because we encourage each other, although I didn't get a single predicted A* in my report, which I am shocked at! I will prove them wrong and get all A* on my GCSEs just you watch!

(My friend got predicted A* in most things, damn her)

Oh and the titanic thing? When I said I hadn't seen the film I could have been shot. It was like I was an alien, so honestly people don't find LOVING the film shocking.

My sterotype is a cool geek (who loves disney! AND PROUD!). So I like HSM, it's fun to jump up and down and sing along. I don't understand everyone's wish to grow up so fast, I don't want to grow up. Why should you become a boring dull I sit at home and watch Maury all day person. I'd much rather laugh and enjoy life, acting young. (I do act my age when I have to, but when I'm with my friends why should I bother?)

=D (Wow that was a rant and a half)

1/2/2009 #88

You mean making a scapegoat out of who is? I am materialistic. Come on, I am an ayn Rand supporter, how much more materialistic can you get? No, I am not an objectivist. If I was I’d probably not be on here.

Yes, I hate conformity too, and I am an individualist.

It was a week before Christmas break and they were doing a Jane Eyre assignment for those who read it. The teacher discussed me after she counted the students, decided we were all girls and told us that because we were all girls we must now write the letter we were suppose to write from Jane’s point of view. I am sorry, but I don’t approve of it. Yes, I am a girl, but to assume I like to write from a girl’s POV? Disgusting. So, I raised my hand (felt like standing up, but didn’t) and clearly asked if I could do it from a male’s POV. I told her I’d like to do it from Edward Rochester’s POV.

So, yeah, that’s my little bit about being individualistic.

You know materialistic people don’t necessarily conform. To start, I don’t, and I know Objectivists do not either. Not all materialistic people are snobs either, I know this man that’s just the sweetest gentleman you can find, but then he loves his treasures and he is materialistic, and oh, he doesn’t really conform either.

1/2/2009 #89
Sunshine Faire

I personally don't understand why it is that I'm getting the impression you think I can't stand people who are materialistic, and I'm sorry, sorry if I'm wrong. It's perfectly within my reasoning that people are all different and some act in different ways than others.

I don't necessarily connect materialism and conformity as an 'always together', but I can recognize that your case is likely. My mom's a great example of that. What I'm trying to point out is that materialism has a tendency to go along with conformity and conformity has a tendency to go along with materialism (at least in my school, and in the people that I know). For you, it may be different.

Tily Everly - Wow! You've written that much of a story in not that long. That's pretty cool.

I would *like* to call myself somebody who has written a novel, but I'm really sort of a "wannabe novelist". In total, I've written through about five or six different notebooks with the same Jason Levine related crap ('Nuuuu! Faye! STFU stop being a bitch kthnx!'; 'Jason, you suck! If you kept your pants on we wouldn't be in this mess!'... etc...). One notebook is half-filled with about sixteen different beginnings to the novel. The next one is filled with 120 handwritten (oh god, so much cramping...) pages of the sixteenth beginning's version of the book (aka, 60 pages), and now the seventeenth official version is about 3 paragraphs long. It used to be about 30 pages, which in my planning would be about a tenth of the novel so far (but I wasn't done writing that tenth, so maybe more)... a 300 page book. Yay! But then I changed the beginning and now I have terrible writer's block. I get inspired for stories very easily (I have five of them. Three are supposed to be novels eventually, two are more short little things that may/may not ever venture into being a novel. Our Blood, Witch Hunt, Mannequin, Falling in Mississippi Gullies and Clockwork).

Too many! D: A lot of times I feel like writing has become a chore for me. Then again, that's probably what I should expect - I built the entire finished sixteenth version of Our Blood off of a "chore" as a little something for my friend. Now she hates me, I started hanging out with a girl I had previously hated all through that former friendship (and as a result of it... really), met my awesome friend through her, and now I'm stuck sort of in a state of unrequited affections for him (who is a complete troublemaker, I may add...), and I'm in LULZY emo state of mind.

Fun shit! All because of Jason Levine! Who knew?! Yeah, Our Blood definitely changed my life. Definitely.

1/3/2009 #90
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