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Tily Everly

I get inspired easily by music, I have lots of stories waiting to be written. First I have to re-write MSAM (again) after Iz (my lovely friend who likes to edit crap) has finished it . . . (two weeks! She hasn't done any of it!! She was painting . . . gah . . . her and her art)

Back to school on Monday, which means less time to write (yay)

Still have to write my speech on Karma . .


I'm quite happy at the moment, looking on the bright side and all that =D

1/3/2009 #91
Sunshine Faire

That's good.

There's only one reason why I want to go back to school on Monday (coincidentally we go back that day too). I think I get to miss Spanish on Monday for an orthodontist appointment.


1/3/2009 #92
Tily Everly

Nope, no good reasons


1/3/2009 #93
Loki the Jackal

I'm a teen.

I just haven't put anything up ^^;

.... yet XD

1/10/2009 #94

Yeah being young is cool. That's why so many stories are about teens as well. Don't feel that young sometimes though. Oh well.

1/12/2009 #95
Fabricated Nightmare

Fifteen and in love with my pen. :]

1/14/2009 #96
August Falcon

I'm seventeen, but I try to ignore that fact as much as possible. Sometimes I feel that youth is an inherently unfortunate condition.

1/15/2009 #97
Tily Everly

Why? I feel like people are dismissing their youth before they have had their chance. You can only doing certain things whilst young without people thinking you're insane . . .

1/16/2009 #98
Julia Wall

Yep. I'm 14. i haven't posted anything yet (I'm too lazy).

1/16/2009 #99
Julia Wall

Plus, my closest friends write too. (well 70% of them) I don't care if I'm popular. People at my old school used to make fun because I said that i was writing a book, but now that I'm in high school, my new friends think it's cool. Even the ones who don't write will read our stuff and help us out. Funny thing is, I feel older, but half of my friends are 12-13. Bye. I realize that this was utter ramdomness.

1/16/2009 #100

Yep yep! I'm seventeen!

1/19/2009 #101

I'm a teen, Though I haven't published anything yet.

1/20/2009 #102

Teen, here. Have yet to post since, as you can see, I'm new. Haha

2/5/2009 #103

I'm still technically a teen (though mentally I was born middle aged) though not for long. I'm 19.

2/5/2009 #104

I'm teen!! Are you teen? I'm teen. Not telling what age of teen am I, but I'm Teen. (I really can make sentences messed up, can't I?)

2/9/2009 #105

I'm 18, so I don't have much further to go, but I think I'll always be a teen at heart.

2/20/2009 #106
The Last Muse

It's the same here, I'm 18, which is techinically a "teen" until I hit twenty.

I can't say I'll always be a teen at heart because I've always been a good five years older than I really am. Don't ask how that works, it just does. haha

3/2/2009 #107
Claudia Cobain

I'm a teen! XD

By the looks of it more than a half here are teens actually. ^^

3/3/2009 #108

I'm a teen writter.. Even if I've been writting since I was 12 :D

I'm thirteen... Hm.... Most people on the internet in general think that I'm at least 18 or so... Its a bit freaky because I'm not.. And my looks don't help either...

But I love to write poetry and fanfictions :D

If it hadn't been for people on there, I wouldn't have found out where I can post my original stories XD

*goes and types them*

Even if I've yet to do it yet :l

5/4/2009 #109

I am a new author on here and I am a teen :3 . Check out my story The Garden and see if it is suitable for your taste. ^_^

5/8/2009 #110

I'm 17 now :D last I posted in here I was 16.

I see you all talking about how much you hate being teenagers but honestly, I miss every year that goes by. I miss being 14/15 when everything was so simple and I was so naive yet still mature enough to handle myself.

7/24/2009 . Edited 7/29/2010 #111
la Belle Luna Claire

I'm not yet sixteen. I've been writing since I can remember (though I'm sure that no one would call what I wrote "original". More like fanfics of exisiting things with names changed). And now I'm planning to write a book that I'm going to get published. Self-published, but published. I just need to sit still for more than five minutes to get anything done...

8/7/2009 #112
L.A. Clearwater

Definitely a teen..............and starting out...............well,if someone could just help me make my writing better by reviewing any of my works,I'll be glad to review back.Thanks!!!

8/8/2009 #113
L.A. Clearwater


I almost forgot.....I would just like to suggest,what if we produce an org. or assoc. of teen writers like us? I could help by making the site!!!:)

8/8/2009 #114
Maria Midnight

I'm a teen writer. =D I'm 13.

My friend inspired me to write. On, she is Happymystery12. Here, she is Midnight-Crea-Tei. =)

I myself have been writing since she told me about a story she wrote when she was in first grade. That is what inspired me to write.

And, the teen writer ong. thing sounds pretty cool. You have a member! =D

8/12/2009 #115
L.A. Clearwater

Hi to everyone!!! It's nice to be back here at FP! Anyway, thanks for the interest, Maria Midnight! Please Pm me your bio so I can include you to the list of members..............and to those who are interwsted, you could PM me too!!!( don't forget to add your real and full name, birthdate, interests, etc.)

8/13/2009 #116

I'm teen too. I was just born with an 'old soul', whatever that is... sweet sixteen, in fact.

9/5/2009 #117

I'm a teen

fourteen, but my friends says i talk as if i'm eighty :D

Most writers are old souls, that's why a big community of them is so fun

9/12/2009 #118

Yeah, I'm a teenager (unfortunately); 16 years old. (:

11/19/2009 #119

Well... I was a teen when I started writing... but now I'm an ol' gal of 21! :D

11/21/2009 #120
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