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Well, you could always start up a teen community on this site (we're all too lazy to make a half-way decent website/webpage...) I reckon it would be pretty big, but there might have to be some guidelines... but meh, was your idea.

11/28/2009 #121

Fifteen year old female reporting in.

1/1/2010 #122

I'm a teen. Thirteen to be exact. My english skills is you know... crap (Am Swedish) so my stories may have a little grammar breakdown here and there.

1/2/2010 #123
Alexandria Greene

Yeah, I'm one of those.

1/16/2010 #124

There are plenty teen writers out there. I, for one, am included, though my stories don't have tooo much dialogue. I prefer writing about actions.

1/18/2010 #125
Awkward Situation

I'm a teen. 17 this year =) Been writing since I was 9, but I still haven't mastered the art of novel writing, sighs... oh wells, read Girl Becomes Boy! or Tell Me Where it Hurts if you feel like it.

1/27/2010 #126

I'm a teen! I'm also new here, and I just posted my first story a few days ago. I'm really grateful to my mom, because she's the one who told me about this site and encouraged me to post my story on here. I'm glad to see that there are so many other teens on fictionpress! :)

2/15/2010 #127
Anna Cate
I'm pretty sure most of the writers on here are teens. The older you are, the less likely you are to post your stories online, it seems.
3/14/2010 #128

IMMA TEEN!! 17 here! ^^

im curious, cos it seems like there are only girl teenagers on here, you rarely see any guys posting stories..but, maybe its just me.

love Rise xx

3/28/2010 #129

I've been writing actively since I was nine, I'm now eighteen. (though most of my high school years I went on hiatus [age 14-17 mostly aside from stuff for school])

3/29/2010 . Edited 3/29/2010 #130

I'm fifteen. Been writing since I was eleven.

4/23/2010 #131

Yeah, I think I'm considered a teen

5/4/2010 #132

I'm a teen too. Just turned 17 last May :D

6/12/2010 #133

Well, maybe people from 13-16

6/12/2010 #134
Sarah A. W

I'm 18 so I'm a teen in her final days xD

6/12/2010 #135

Yup. I'm 15, but shhh! Don't tell anyone! ;)

7/15/2010 #136

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7/29/2010 #137

I've been getting email notifications about this thread for several years now, haha.

I posted when I was 16, when I was 17, and now I'm posting while I'm 18!

But no matter how many times the Earth revolves around the sun, I'll still be male. I have also observed that most teens on FP are female.

7/29/2010 #138

I am very much a teen! Under twenty. I started writing when I was six--when I was finished writing out my school work in class, I'd pop open my dog-notebook and write about a talking dog and his adventures.

Am I the only one that played Barbies because of the story part? I didn't have much friends because I'd force them to continue the story we'd previously worked on, A.K.A, my Crayon Buddy. =)

7/29/2010 #139
Ebony Gray

Yeah I'm a teen. 13 and I hate it. Life sucks right now and No! I'm not emo!

Just wondering, if you just write just to write but you feel like you could publish one of your stories that are posted here... Is that like... not allowed? Cuz sometimes I feel like the story I'm workin on could be a book.

9/26/2010 #140

Yeah.. I've heard of people publishing their stuff as e-Books but I'm not sure as to whether you could charge for it unless you could prove that it was solely your property.. there's some copyright issues (I think) if you want to try and get it professionally published by a publishing house. Try talking to a lawyer about it?

9/26/2010 #141

I'm 13 :D

3/16/2011 #142
Yup! Moi. I'm actually writing a novel.
8/6/2011 #143


Im a teen, well im 17 so i wont be a teen for long so ill just enjoy it while i still can lol

im so happy to almost finish school, Time to get a job ^_^

anyway sound like there are some cool people on this fourm so nice to meet you all!

and i know i sound like a noob but i like to take the chances i can get so here it goes:

if there are any of you that like anti-hero books then please check out my "Tamer of Madness"

or if you just like heros that got to make hard choses then please review "Light That Grows Within Eternal Darkness"

Any tips would be epic.


you guys know anymore good and safe sites that i could publish my books on?

thank you for your time ;)

8/28/2011 #144

Inkpop is a very safe site :)

8/29/2011 #145

ME! I'm a teen writer. :3

8/31/2011 #146
Lizzy Goldfish

yup but i just got here :P

9/11/2011 #147

Me! I'm sixteen.

9/11/2011 #148
Kay Hinkle

I'm in my mid-teens, and I'm a brand new member!

9/13/2011 #149
Lizzy Goldfish

yesh u should totally try and publish it! there may be a few copyright flaws but u might be able to pull through!

9/13/2011 #150
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