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Yhup! Proud young teen writer here! (:
11/7/2011 #151
all the lonely people

hiya:) hope you don't mind me joining in!

i've wrote a couple of stories but i can't publish them til tomorrow D:

i'm fourteen btws (: x

11/11/2011 #152

15 and proud teen writer! I'm totally new to this, I would love if you guys could check out my stuff when I can post them tomorrow, it would mean so much!

11/12/2011 #153
Eden Ellegory
Im pretty sure im younger than most of the people on here im 13
12/8/2011 #154
Eden Ellegory
Smut is practically mature while slash i dont know exactly but i think it means FXF MXM
12/8/2011 #155
Eden Ellegory
Im random to my dad was talking about stores so i thought of the family dollar in my town, then i thought of the chinese place next to it then i asked dad "Do you like crab rangoons" and he just sat there and then hes like, "Yes. Yes I do like crab rangoons." And then we just sat there.
12/8/2011 #156
Hey yup I'm a teen... Does anyone else get writer's block often? > < Do read (and or) review Drama Queen under Young Adult fiction if you please eh (: My first story (:
12/16/2011 #157
I'm 15, and I've been on here since I was 14... My little brother and sister both have accounts as well, and they're 11 and 9-1/2. My brother has not posted anything yet, (let alone completed more than 3 pharagraphs of any story...) but my sister has something up. She's writing a book series called "Confessions of the Super-Secret-Spy-Club President". The first book is called "A Typical Day in the Life of Belle Peterson". It's about this girl who's going into fifth grade, and she likes this boy named Jacob, who's going into 6th grade. Her best friend's name is Jayden... (There's a full summary on her profile page.) Here's the link to her author account:
3/15/2012 . Edited 3/15/2012 #158
Who really cares about my name
Yes. Yes there are. I myself am 15 and my friends also post stuff on this site. (And ff.n, but that's different.) Do you really need to ask?
4/2/2012 #159
Princess of Promise

Most definitely. I know of quite a few exceptions (because, really, when are there not?), but yes. I am. . (i have nothing to do with my time and random ideas start flowing)

5/28/2012 #160
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