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just wondering...

6/2/2008 #1

Yep. I'm a teenager.

6/2/2008 #2
Will Sachiksy

Yep. I though most writers on here were teens (though I know a few exceptions). There are at least two besides you in this thread.

6/2/2008 #3

I am 14.

6/3/2008 #4
Sugar Duck

congrats! I'm a teen as well! I think that a lot of people on this site are teens

yes, I'm new to this forum. Let me spam you all for a sec and then I'll get back to talking...


PLease check out my forum. It's fun. Or not fun. Whatever.

6/4/2008 #5

I'm only going to be a teen writer for another month now! Means I've been a teen writer on fictionpress ever since it opened, and back in the day before that, when it had a section for 'original writing.' *sighs* Ahh, memories. It is funny seeing how much my writing has changed. I doubt it's going to change miraculously overnight when I stop being a teen though.

6/4/2008 #6
Exuberant Lemon

I'm a teen writter and I need a review to inspire me to write more stories! Review for a review even?

thnx. ^_^

6/6/2008 #7
Will Sachiksy

I need a review to inspire me to write more stories!

Really? I doubt that. If you have more stories in you, you'll write them whether or not you get reviews. (Which makes me wonder why I haven't written anything in a while... I hope it was just school stress or laziness.)

But what the hell. I haven't read anything on FP in a while. I'll take you up on your offer.

Edit: Please don't review Watch Them Flicker. That's either too easy or impossible to do, depending on how you look at reviewing.

6/7/2008 . Edited 6/7/2008 #8
Bri Neves

Yep. I'm a teenager.

But what the hell.

-Gasp- I can't believe you said hell, Will! :o

6/9/2008 #9
Burnt Bread

Waaa, Willy doesn't normally swear? That is golden goodness right there! I'm not a teen anymore, which is why I didn't post here, but teenagers are overrated! From what I remember, most of the teenage years are spent carless, emotional and did I say without a car? And teens these days have to decide whether they want to go through that emo stage or not... And hormones reduce people to puddles. The 20's are much better.

6/10/2008 #10

I'm glad to hear that cos I am careering towards twenty at an alarming rate and I feel so old. Although maybe this panic is the last of my teenage emotions squeezing themselves out :)

6/10/2008 #11

Yup. 15 here.

6/10/2008 #12
Annamarie Claire

does anyone know what slash and smut mean??? and are there other terms on here that i should know about??

6/10/2008 #13

If I remember rightly slash is a story with gay romance, isn't it? I think it came from fanfiction when you would tell people which characters got it on in the summary, like "Ash/ Pikachu" (I'm sure it's been done.) People used to call it yaoi as well, and yuri if it was lesbian, but that'd be the Japan-based manga/RPG market. I'm not sure how gender/sexuality-specific 'slash' is because people used the slash between names for any sort of pairing. And if it was graphic... it might even have been 'lemon'! :)

Smut I suppose just means that the story is smutty. But I don't know what level of graphic it would be. All you can do is read them and find out. I haven't seen so many of these terms on here, back on they had a handy Japanese word for EVERYTHING!

6/11/2008 #14

Well, how old is this website? Most of us are only teens or early twenties, myself included. (Sorry, still vaguely paranoid about my age on the internet! I don't even put it up on my facebook!)

I think Slash just refers to two gay characters. No mention of the smuttiness of the situation.

6/11/2008 . Edited 6/11/2008 #15

Me. I'm 17, but I've been writing since, literally, I could hold a pen. I wasn't really any good until I actually became a teenager, though. :)

6/23/2008 #16

Yeah, I'm a teen. I've been here since March, and I really, really need reviews on some of my stories. I hate to say it, but I'm desperate for attention!!!!!

6/27/2008 #17
Forever Dreams

I am a teen but i do not write stories i just ask questions........

6/29/2008 #18

Yeah, I've just got here.

Give me a review if you will? (;

6/29/2008 #19
Riley Pickett

Yup. I'm a teenager... and slightly paranoid about telling people more than that on the internet.

6/30/2008 #20

i'm fourteen (:

6/30/2008 #21
Annamarie Claire

it's sad how we actually have to be scared to give our name or age. this world is sadly getting worse by the seconds. can we use forums to advertise our works for reviews??? just wondering if there was a rule that said we couldn't or something.

7/1/2008 #22

Ah, it's generally frowned upon. Makes you look like a noob. =( There are forums on this site that are only for the sake of getting reviews, if you want to check out some of those.

7/2/2008 #23
Lilium Lied

Yo, fellow teenager here. D: Am I the only one who gets mistaken for an adult by the way that they write? Just curious.

7/2/2008 #24
Lilium Lied

Yo, fellow teenager here. D: Am I the only one who gets mistaken for an adult by the way that they write? Just curious.

7/2/2008 #25

I don't think writing skill has much to do with age past a certain point . . . I know a few adult writers who are quite childish. It's all how much you work on it.

I wonder what that point is? I'm guessing, eleven-thirteen, perhaps?

7/2/2008 #26
Hard Cor

hey Leslie!!! oh I'm a Teen!!! go teens!!!

7/7/2008 #27
Crimson Dizzy

I'm a teen :D

7/8/2008 #28

I'm a teen- and proud of it XD

I'm extremely new and this is my first forum post, and I have a question. do you have to reply to a post in a topic, or is there a place where you can just post onto the topic? sorry if that doesn't make sense XD

7/9/2008 #29
Hard Cor

what kind of a topic. like the one on "are there any teens here?" if so just go to the top of the page of the anything forum and click on start a new topic.

7/9/2008 #30
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