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I might be leaving Fictionpress for a while in about 2 weeks!!!!! TTOTT *Spongebob cry* *sniffle* *sniffle* *cry* *sob* *hugs teddy bear until he gets really wet with tears* *throws him into dryer* *cry* *sob* *whine* *mope*
10/27/2006 #1
David Lovato
10/27/2006 #2
.....because that is the way that it is. And... let's just say that someone I know has been gone for a while and they're gonna come back and they're a big computer hog and we only have one computer and they hate me using the internet anyway because they're really over-protective of me! And life is poopy.
10/27/2006 #3
David Lovato
I'm sorry to hear that :/ I've gone through phases of little computer use before, too. I hate it, especially since I do most of my writing on here. I guess just try to get on whenever you have the chance... if you can't, nobody is going to blame you.
10/27/2006 #4
I know! I think I'm really old enough to use the internet. Jeez. But I'll try to convince the grumpy old ogre. Because lately, writing by hand has been hurting a lot because of the way I hold a pencil. I'm a lefty, too, so it's very sloppy, almost illegible to even me, and smudges easily. Yeah. I just hope I don't have to go, because I love all of you peoples!!!! *super double triple quadruple quintuple big huge-o ginormo glomp* And I need to give you a nickname. Arty? Art? Hmmmm... we must come up with something. You heard we named Bread Wheatie, right?
10/27/2006 #5
David Lovato
Yeah, I write right handed but I'm supposed to be a lefty. I do everything but write and play guitar left handed. I also hold pens in funny ways (can't stand pencils, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard) and my writing and drawing skill are on the level of about a third grader. And most times I get writer's block after five minutes of writing. We hope you don't have to go, too. Lol, I hadn't heard about the whole nickname thing. My username actually has nothing to do with art, it's named after a character in a fanfic I never finished. But Arty still sounds kinda cool to me.
10/27/2006 #6
Burnt Bread
2 weeks? Heh, well, you need a breather anyway. See if your feelings for fp have changed in a couple of days? It's not always a bad thing to take a rest, as enforced as it may be. If you're not on the internet, I suggest rock climing or hiking in the mountains - it's basically the same thing minus the keyboard. Ok, so they're totally different. I remember I was 12 when I started using chatrooms on the internet (mostly to fuel my star wars role play obsessions) adn back then, it was oldschool dialup with shockingly non-existant speed... Wyrd would know what i'm talking about ^_~. Back then the internet was a new and rebelious thing, and there wern't such things as blog mums and my spaces (or whatever it's called) and my parents were a bit iffy about it. But then they shouldn't have gotten me internet, should they? How old are you anyway, Ms Fen? Arter's actually a pretty cool name. It sounds weird the first few times reading it, but then it grows on ya.
10/27/2006 #7
Yes, I have become quite attached to Arter! But Arty I can call you as well. I can't rock-climb or hike in the mountains. I live in southern U.S., in the flattest part of it. So I'm pretty much screwed whatever I do. How old am I? Well, you and Arter can each take a guess and if you're right, I'll tell you. If not, it'll remain a mystery. ---Me (because I am lazy)
10/27/2006 #8
David Lovato
I was iffy about Arter at first, too. But it grew on me. Your age... I'll guess... 14. First number that popped into my head. Okay, so the first was twelve, but I dont' want to aim TOO low. 14 was second. I just broke so many grammar rules by writing out twelve but using numericals for fourteen, but I'm too lazy to fix it. Thus, I'll apparantly exert more effort in writing out why I didn't want to fix it than I would have if I had just gone back and fixed it.
10/27/2006 #9
Hahahaha twelve, that's funny. Well, I'll tell you if you're right or not after Bread guesses. I want to see his opinion.
10/27/2006 #10
And remember to explain why you thought what you did!
10/27/2006 #11
polka dots and addictions
we have limited internet time which sucks majorly, so whenever it runs out then i buckle down & write my stories (which arn't posted on here) until we get internet back. & I'm gonna guess 15. Just to be contriversal. no, i can't spell =/ & i cant explain why becuase i only have a hlaf memory of what this thread was about so i'll reply again in a minute =]
10/28/2006 #12
polka dots and addictions
& i kind of feel im butting in on a private convo here =/ sorry guys, i didn't read the whole thread properly. you're fifteen becuase you're young enough to do the whole spongebob crying thing but old enough to use words like "quintuple" whee.
10/28/2006 #13
It's fine. You're welcome to join the conversation. Acute observations. After Bread gets his guess I'll tell you who's right and who isn't.
10/28/2006 #14
Burnt Bread
From instinct, I would guess that you're no older than 14, but alas, also not younger than 12. My guess is 13 but 14 and 12 are equally possible. But fron deduction, you said in your last post that after i get my guess, you'll say who's right and who's wrong. Which means one of two things 1. someone's already got it right, 2. you're going to say we've all got it wrong. Why 13? Bread senses, i guess. The way your write, the frequency you post on forums, your attitude towards authority, your opinions about the world... I also spent alot of time with yr 7-9's at my old school coaching debating and organising productions and you have that early teen quality to your presentation. But if i'm wrong about you're 15 - 17, I won't be too surprised. My sister's 20 and she still has her moments... But then, you could also be 15 on the basis that you have a younger sister who writes and I can't seem to put her any younger than 12 either. Normally, siblings have around 1-3 years between them, so if she was 12, then you coul be anywhere between 13 and 15. So, if my guess wasn't 13, then it would be 15.
10/28/2006 #15
Well, I'll have you know that Locus guessed I was a junior in high school by the quality of my writing. Yeah. I'm 13. Gee, it sucks to be young. Most people guess from my intellect and vocabulary that I'm older. But you guys got to see a more immature side of me, I guess. I can't act grown up all the time. I was hoping you all would get it wrong, but I guess you ratted me out. I'm young, naive, hyper, and a Spongebob fanatic. Dang. Dang dang dang. I hate it when people know my age. They all judge me because I'm younger! You people should have gotten it wrong! Curse your Bread senses. Ahhhh, well. I guess the secret's out. Don't point a lot of people to this forum, okay? I don't like to tell everyone my age. Without brains (or a secret) Sakka-Fenikkusu
10/28/2006 #16
Burnt Bread
Dude, all this means is that you only have 2 years left to churn out a masterpiece like Paolini, so you'd better get a movin'! Do i sense a hint of bitterness there? From Ms Fen? Surely not. Everyone gets judged indiscriminately, not just young people. The older you get, the more people expect from you, which means the less chance you have of surprising them and meeting expectations. If it makes you feel better, Bread senses have occasionally been wrong. For example, Bread senses said that Wyrdwolf was a... girl. Your age changes nothing. I don't see you as inferior or anything. I spend alot of time with young people and love it. I don't think i'm better or more knowledgable. Often, I get shown up by these people. I perfer young to old, hyper to boring and naive to cynical. I cant say I like spongebob but one of my friends swear they'll tie me down on a chair and make me watch the movie one day. AND!!! Even thuogh I'm older, people often place me at 14-15 which is interesting. You say people normally figure you as older. Well, it's the oposite for me. People figure me as younger. I dont know what this means. Perhaps the springtime of my youth is still blooming strong. Huah! don't wast time moping, Bread. But if it helps you feel better, email me and I will tell you a mindblowing secret of my own so we're square.
10/28/2006 #17
David Lovato
As far as I know, people don't really figure me at any specific age. Never gotten any comments on that. Which is odd because of the timespan my work imples; some of my stories on here were written when I was 12, some just recently.
10/29/2006 #18
Woah! I just found this forum! Scandal! Naw, just kidding. You really shouldn't worry about your age, Fenfen. You can't worry about your age until you're 40. At least, thats what my mom says.
10/29/2006 #19

Paolini's a flipping genius. I don't think I'm a flipping genius, no matter HOW proud I am of my IQ. (That's 141, for the curious.)

*sigh* Yes, it is bitterness. Bitter Fenikkusu. Bitter, bitter, bitter. No longer hyper, no longer happy, just bitter. Bitter, bitter, bitter. Bitter as [someone]. Even more bitter than [someone]. Bitterness everywhere.

Wyrd? A girl? Well, it says on his profile... Aheh. Well, I'll tell you a secret on that e-mail, too.

Thank you for that. I guess I have a lot of stupid fears. Because I was talking about it to Locus and he/she pointed out, "Do I judge you because of your age?" And he/she doesn't. And neither do you. And I love you guys so much.

I think I got it from my parents. They'd always hang around adult friends with me nearby. I laughed at every joke the adults made, but they didn't laugh at one I made. It's an experience I kind of hate. I've made a vow to myself, laugh at 13-year-olds' jokes. 12-year-olds count too.

Yeah, people often think I'm older. My writing can be very macabre, and I often discuss a lot of quite mature topics even though I'm only thirteen. And I have a very high vocabulary. But I do have Spongebob moments. Me and my little brother are going to see the 24-hour marathon on the ninth. I might sit out the movie part, though. I didn't like the movie much.

I made Locus see Spongebob. As soon as I heard he/she hadn't seen it, I made him/her find the channel and see one. Though I doubt he/she (it?) will see any more. Because, duh, it was designed for children in between the ages of two and seven.

I think I probably would figure you as younger, too, honestly. But to me, that's a compliment. You have a kind of happy feel to everything you say that makes it feel youthful. You and I would get along great in real life, I think.

Locus, Your mom was a fruitcake. Not that that's a bad thing. Just... a fruitcake. No, really, my mom too. She can't even accept her age. She denies it whenever I tell it to her.

Without brains


10/29/2006 . Edited 12/14/2008 #20
Burnt Bread
Well, this just goes to prove that you can't win with age - you're either think you're too young, or too old. I don't like it when people grow up. They worry more and it takes the fun out of things. They get all serious about themselves too, and you can't try out your cool new insults on them - they just don't appriciate it. So it's wasted on them. ::sings a song:: forever young, I wanna be forever young... ::end song:: Yeah, it was before Wyrd had to spell it out on his profile... it was a little bit awkward. Adult jokes... arn't funny. But it's funny that adults think they're funny and I tend to laugh at that rather than the jokes. I get dragged out to social functions (cause my mother is a uni lecturer and a socialite) and honestly? They suck. Why would you want to stand around in polite conversation, sipping on mild alcohol and wearing expensive clothes when you could be doing useful things like laundry? I'd rather go to movies with friends, and camping, and get hyper on sugar and perform amazing feats I never thought I was capable of. I agree with Locus-mum. Below 40, you really have nothing to think about. I would even push the limit to 50's... Anyway, the point of the reply was to tell you, Ms Fen, to head towards this link Locus and I prepared for you and click on the picture. Bit secret revealed. Bread
10/29/2006 #21
It's well worth it. I giggled for minutes. Hours, even. Oh, and don't be too concerned. You have over a hundred posts in your forums. I have 7.
10/29/2006 #22
LOL LOL! Oh my gosh that is so awesome!!!! *honored* *so honored* *so totally honored* Thank you! I couldn't be happier! And to make it even better, I just got over my writer's block! Yay me! This is my day after all! Ack. That new window opened on my mom's eBay stuff. Gotta x it out or she'll kill me. *hum, hum* Yeah, I'd love to stay a kid forever. We can make our actually funny jokes, and they can pass around word of the silly little insults to conformity their kids made that are ohhhh soooo fuuunny. Hehe have you ever heard the one about the penguin that walks into a bar? Without brains or misery Sakka-Fenikkusu the delighted
10/29/2006 #23
Oop. Didn't see yours there, Locus. lol yeah, I cracked up! Yeah. Sorry about that. I keep on giving people little hints... *nudges Bread / Wolfie* to go there, but no one wiiiill... Speaking of that, Firefly Orain Xi-Wang could use some company on her forum, too... Aheh. Sorry. Not supposed to be advertising here. Another thing, Bread... I love your drawing style. It's excellent and it's got a little Bread edge to it. A... *super-spy coolness* crusty edge. Without brains or misery Sakka-Fenikkusu the bright, happy, and annoyingly giddy P. S. OOOOOHHHHH!!!! Spongebob's on!!!!
10/29/2006 #24
*Pries a glomping FenFen off leg* Haha, don't worry about it. People will come if they want to talk about Assassin's Saga. Otherwise, I think we've all established that these few forums are the place to be. Anyway..... *Scampers off*
10/29/2006 #25
Awwwwww maaaaaaan.... Don't run awaaaaaay.... TT.TT You're ruining my happy moment!
10/29/2006 #26
Burnt Bread
Happy Halloween everyone. Have fun but don't hurt y'selves. Bread, Dressed up as a Pirate.
10/31/2006 #27
I have The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Corpse Bride, and a bag of miniature Crunch bars. That is my Halloween. Being poor sucks. Happy Halloween, all! Sakka-Fenfen dressed up as a human being, considering wearing gothic makeup for personal amusement though she is really just wearing her pajama bottoms and a t-shirt with a phoenix on it as she types this and contemplates what color she will paint her nails and how good the crunch bars will be
10/31/2006 #28
David Lovato
Arter dressed up as a horror writer. So I basically just wore my own clothes :D Stayed home to hand out candy instead of going to a friend's house to watch scary movies. Not a single person showed up.
10/31/2006 #29
Well if it makes you any happier, the crunch bars melted and became gooky, the NBC didn't work, and I ate too much. ^_^
10/31/2006 #30
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