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Charming Dice
On the plus side: COLTS WON!

On the negative side: I DIDN'T BET ON THE GAME!

I just felt like making fun of Fen's other thread "Dilbert - O'Whiny: are you caring?".

1/22/2007 #1
I just felt like making fun of Fen's other thread "Dilbert - O'Whiny: are you caring?".

Lol. I am officially mocked.

1/22/2007 #2
Moko Emaki
Colts did kick the ass of the patriots though. Unlike other football games. The colts suck. But they're good enough to just plain suck.
1/22/2007 #3
THE COLTS WON!?!?!?!?!!??


*dies a slow and pain filled death with her last words: I don't know, Press the Button.*

1/22/2007 #4
Charming Dice
You think the Colts suck? Try watching the Browns. The Saints went from garbage to cool in one year, while the Browns went from garbage to sewage in the same span.
1/22/2007 #5
Royal Bliss
Dude that game was so fucking intense. I came home from the store during the start of the second half and the score was like 3 - 21 I thought New England was going to win for sure. I'm glad as fuck that they didn't though, I'm tired of hearing about them. Plus I know the Bears have a chance of kicking the Colts ass in the Superbowl :)

Browns weren't as bad as the Raiders this season...

By the way, if you think about it... the Colts had a pretty good season so they don't necessarily suck Moko. Maybe the actual animals suck because they're practically walking fetuses but the football team doesn't..

1/22/2007 . Edited 1/22/2007 #6
Moko Emaki
Lol have you ever seen the stereotypes that all those media-unknown teams are bad? Almost everyone believes this. It's so stupid. And yes. The Browns went from garbage to landfill to garbageball planet to burnt up crisp to the sun in the record time of one year. It really depends on the teamwork. If you have a coach who's a real hardass then you're not going to be going anywhere. If you've got a team of buff idiots and a good coach, you're still not going anywhere.
1/22/2007 #7
Charming Dice
I'm glad the Bears won. Somebody had to bring defense into the superbowl, and it sure wasn't going to be the Colts. The Saints wouldn't have stood a chance. If nothing else, we should see Rex Grossman throw a few great passes to either his recievers or the Colts cornerbacks.

Yeah, that game was intense. I watched it from the beginning. When it hit 21-6, I knew the Colts stood a chance, since the Patriots pass defense was starting to suck. I didn't think they'd win though. I thought Brady would do another of his annoying last minute drives to win.

1/22/2007 #8
Moko Emaki
Yeah ditto. I wasn't necessarily watching, I just checked up on it passively and you could see how nervous those guys got. Either they were nervous our relaxed. That's why the Patriots fucked up period.
1/22/2007 #9
Moko Emaki
All the guys in my family were watching this. Creepily enough, we all screamed "Go motherfucker, go!" in sync. It still haunts me to this day.
1/22/2007 #10
Charming Dice
Wow. Its haunted you for lest than 24 hours? I can see how big a problem it is.

"Go, motherfucker, go!" is a nice family quote. You should write that on the back of a family photo.

1/22/2007 #11
Yeh, it's better then my family's : You doe know where we from! We from Jamaica, PUH POW, PUH POW!!


1/22/2007 #12
Moko Emaki
Yeah like a picture of when you're frantically running to catch a train or something.

Hell, that's not a bad idea lol just take a picture of someone trying to catch a train or jogging and entitle it "Go, motherfucker, go!"

1/22/2007 #13
AHHHHHHH!!!! FOOTBALL!!!! *screams and runs away*
1/22/2007 #14
Royal Bliss
Damn did you see when Bush pointed at Brian Urlacher? I thought Urlacher was going to tear off his finger and like force feed it to him. Then the crowd would be cheering and shit and Urlacher would turn to them with his arms raised and be all like "Are you not entertained!" or some shit. That'd be intense.

Man, if the Bears lose the Superbowl people here would be wanting Rex Grossman's blood. We Chicagoans are not ones to fuck with. We're violent and we're still mad at Pittsburgh or whoever stole the #1 spot as the city with the most murders from us. Even though it sounds bad....

Fuck Brady. I think Payton Manning is going to fuck over the Colts during the big game, he kept fucking with his thumb like mid-way through the game last night. I don't think he'll hold out.

1/22/2007 #15
Manning chokes at big games...

Fuck Brady.

NOOOO!!! I love Tom Brady!!!

1/22/2007 #16
*runs back* *reads posts* AHHHHHH!!!! MORE FOOTBALL!!!!! *screams and runs away*
1/22/2007 #17
Royal Bliss
NOOOO!!! I love Tom Brady!!!

Haha you totally could've twisted my words up there, which I half expected someone to do but yeah...

1/22/2007 #18
Moko Emaki
Yeah Brady needs to go fuck himself.
1/22/2007 #19
Moko Emaki
Lol... I thought Urlacher was going to just get in there and kick the shit out of Bush. Maybe not cannibilize his finger, but certainly tear the whole arm off.
1/22/2007 #20
Charming Dice
I'm suprised somebody hasn't broken Bush's ankles yet. That would slow him down a bit.

Oh yeah, the Bears don't stand a chance. Manning may suck in the big game, but Grossman sucks every other game regardless. Bears have a weak secondary, so they'll have a hard time stopping the Colts passing attack, unless they double-team Harrison and Wayne, or play zone. Either way, the Colts can pass it to their tight-ends and running backs like they did all year long, or just run the ball. And teams with better runners than the Bears haven't been able to run the ball against the Colts in the playoffs. Without Tommie Harris at defensive tackle, the Bears run defense hasn't been the same either.

The only real chance I think the Bears have is if Manning chokes, Grossman turns into Brady for a day, and the Bears return man runs circles around everyone like he usually does.

1/22/2007 #21
Royal Bliss
Oh yeah, the Bears don't stand a chance.

*Cocks gun* What did you just say....

1/22/2007 #22
*Cocks gun* What did you just say....

Congratulations. You just made football remotely interesting.

1/22/2007 #23
Royal Bliss
Pfft. I make breathing interesting.
1/22/2007 #24
Charming Dice
Breathing is interesting when you can't do it.

Colts rule, Bears drool. (I've always wanted to say that at least once)

1/23/2007 #25
Hmm . . . I'm no pretty much nothing about Football, (soccer's my big sport - I'm going to the next world cup! ^__^) but I want to come in an cause more controversy!

Um, Go Jets?

Or were they kicked out allready? Or do they not play in this game? Or do I not know what I'm talking about anymore? ((Um, yes))

1/23/2007 #26
Moko Emaki
*Southern accent*

The Jets need to go to heyll.

*Resumed accent*

Heh, or did they?

1/23/2007 #27
Royal Bliss
Colts rule, Bears drool.

Wow Dice you really know how to cut straight to the core. OWWW

1/23/2007 #28
Moko Emaki
You're so enthusiastic. You're very dark, you know that?
1/23/2007 #29
I'm no pretty much nothing about Football

I know a lot about it... I just can't watch it. (It's my brother's fault - I swear!)

1/23/2007 #30
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